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[PS4] Dualshock 4 Sunset Orange $59.95 Delivered @ Sony


Dualshock 4 Sunset Orange $59.95 Delivered @ Sony online store.

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  • Probably worth buying if you're on the fence. Not as good as $44 on Amazon recently but stock has dried up of this limited edition and discontinued colour.

    EB no longer have stock. Wouldn't expect it to go on sale ever again.

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      Worth to ring Jbhifi as for unknown reason they keep some colours over the cashiers. I got the orange for $49 from jbhifi parramatta not the one in westfield.


      • When was this mate? I'm gonna head into that store tomorrow, might as well check!

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    • Have to agree. I managed to score mine at EB when they had the $25 trade in and my old controller had creep. Struggled to find one and score 1 of the last ones in Vic with a bit of driving around.

      On that, orange is my favourite colour and they've nailed it on this controller. I equally love the navy blue. Odd combo but it complements it quite well in this arrangement.

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    Every other color for $49 on Amazon

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      It's $92 on Amazon and not available at Big W. This is a limited edition colour.

  • Do not forget 5% cashback from shopback.

  • The colour looks a lot better in person, sort of has a matte like finish to it

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    I got one from ebgames using the trade in deal they had for black friday. I took my original ps4 control I had from when it came out and got the orange for $25

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      Not sure why your getting negged, I did the same.

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        Probably from somebody that missed the deal

        • Boomers.

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    Got this one during Black Friday sales, absolutely love it.

  • picked this one up for the $25 trade in offer at EB on black friday. really dig the color!

  • Thanks OP! Missed the EB deal so will get this one 😁

  • You think Amazon will match this tomorrow to follow JB’s DualShock promo?

    • Amazon does not have any in stock anymore.

      • Bummer. Missed out on the Black Friday deal so I guess an extra $15 to grab it now is worth it considering they’re becoming increasingly rare to find stocked.

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    Pretty sure I got one of these (in white) several years ago for about $50.

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      That's white which is 2nd most popular color (tone) and never out of stock. This is a limited edition and it way cooler, I know cause I've got both!

      • Actually black the coolest and even better $20 cheaper than this lol .

        • I got it for $50 a year ago, so no not $20 cheaper…

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    just bought one from hardly normal for 48 dollars click and collect!!

    • Me too. Thanks!

      • thanks for the heads up! my sunset orange at home recently stopped working (wont charge or turn on). EB quoted $39 for repair and 3 month warranty. Decided to get a new one for $48 from harvey.. cheers!

  • Just got an email saying they can't fulfil the order as not enough in stock. Giving me an option to choose another colour or refund. That sucks!

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