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Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner $299.95 Delivered @ Xiaomi Australia


Not sure what is the difference between this "Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner" to "Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Dreame V9". But buying at local shop in Mi au website is easy to manage the warranty or any issues. Combine with cash rewards it will be effectively $270.

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  • Compared to Dyson is this good?

    • From the comments I've seen it's good but it's not as good as a dyson, but price wise it's good.

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    Wish Xiaomi followed some naming convention or revision control for their products! It's getting bloody so confusing!

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    so I've got both and I may add my 2 cents

    regarding the naming

    so the company which makes the dreame v9 is a company affiliated with xiaomi, I.e. was originally financially supported by xiaomi as a startup. so therefore it is in the xiaomi ecosystem, but not actually made by xiaomi themselves. (well at least not officially recognised as a xiaomi branded product) I don't believe it has any mi branding on it.

    this vacuum is made by xiaomi themselves, so therefore it has the mi branding on it and can be bought on the xiaomi website.

    regarding differences between the machines

    so I initially bought the v9 and liked it so i bought the xiaomi for my parents as it was touted as the newer version. according to marketing materials, the xiaomi is 20% stronger than the dreame.

    personally I prefer the dreame because it comes with a full dock and the power modes are an actual switch with 3 levels of suction. the xiaomi merely comes with a slot to fix to the wall and you still need to physically plug it in to charge. the switch for suction is also just a button that you need to press every time you pull the trigger to vacuum.

    suction wise, I can't really tell the difference. the xiaomi does feel a little more balanced in the hand though.

    the xiaomi also gets taken apart easier and more completely for cleaning. for example the clear plastic bin can be removed on the xiaomi and not the dreame.

    • Some how i liked V9 from the looks of it. Thanks for your explanation. Will wait for a better price on V9.

      • same here, I prefer the looks of the v9 as well. oh and the v9 has 3 levels of suction vs only 2 for the xiaomi.

        btw, compared to my friends old dyson v6, there's definitely more suction and longer battery and the dock will automatically charge the dreame when you place it on the dock.

    • Thanks I was trying to find info on this model. I bought the V9 from Toby's deals because I couldn't find any info on this model. Figures that this deal comes along after I make my purchase.

      I believe the suction power should be stronger on the V9 if the specs are anything to go by 120AW vs 100AW.

      • For V9 from Toby deals, what is the warranty and are they good if any issues with it?

      • from memory, I think it was the dreame with 100aw and the xiaomi with 120 aw although I may be wrong.

        the physical switch on the v9 is definitely leaps and bounds ahead of the xiaomi's max button which needs to be pressed every time you release the trigger

    • Do either just let you press once to turn on suction, or do they need to be held down?

      • they both need to be held down

    • Thanks for the insight!

      According to https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iyvohKpkzoI, the dock charges Mi Handheld automatically when docked. Maybe they have updated the dock?

      I don't own either products, I am leaning towards xiaomi one because I like the simplicity look and it can be easily taken apart for cleaning. Although Dreame seems to have a nicer dock and it has a lot of good reviews online.

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        when i ordered the xiaomi, there was no dock, just a clip to be fixed to the wall. subsequent research told me that in order to get the dock it was an extra 100rmb from the xiaomi website. the dreame on the other hand came with the dock in the package.

  • Let's just say mum is proud of me for buying this

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