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Huawei IDEOS X1 U8180 Android 2.2 Black Unlocked $105.00 + Free Delivery


** Huawei IDEOS X1 U8180 Android 2.2 Black **

Special price - $105 + Free Express Shipping

  • Unlocked
  • 3G and Yes G Compatible
  • Adroid 2.2
  • 2.8 "Touch Screen
  • Limited Stock

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  • -2

    not really a bargain, you can get it $79 from Virgin and buy unlock code online.

    • +1

      That's a different model. U8150 != U8180.

      • yeah, just realised this is X1, but spec wise it is same as U8150 so it's cheaper to buy U8150 instead. The only different is the casing but $105 for X1 is not bad.

        • -1

          No, the real difference is that this is NextG compatible and the Virgin one is not!

          EDIT: Err yeah.. I totally read YesG as NextG obviously!

        • +3

          Mate… neither one is NextG compatible. They are only YesG compatible.

  • +1

    The difference between U8150 (IDEOS) and U8180 - hardware wise is minimal. U8150 (IDEOS) has a directional pad (which may come in handy for a small phone). U8180 does have a slightly customised Android 2.2. U8150 does not have multi-touch support (not sure about U8180 - though custom firmware hack can enable dual touch for U8150).

    Compared to Apple devices, the two phones mentioned are slower than iPhone 3G (basically, they are not even iPhone 3G if you like). Hence the discounted price. This phone is Optus's counter offer to Telstra SmartTouch.

    • The X1 has multitouch, just tried it :D can pinch zoom in and out.

  • speaking of the Telstra smartTouch, you can buy it for 80 bucks if you also get $20 call credit at the post office, that's gotta be the cheapest android phone ever!

    • +2

      nope there's a Huawei on Boost Prepaid for $49 at DSE
      Although their page is now showing an error…

      • ah you mean the Huawei U8300? i stand corrected! i thought it sold out, last 2 DSE shops i went to had no stock

        • +1

          Could well be why the DSE page now shows an error.. (the link I supplied is a bit of a backdoor)

      • +2

        You can still get the Huawei U8300 direct from the optus website for $49 (in white only however)


        Also, the Huawei X1 is also cheaper on optus website, for $89.10


        All with free online delivery too

        Edit: But of course they're both locked to Optus/Boost

    • But isnt that phone resistive and runs android 2.1? Vs this X1 which is capacitive and running 2.2 ?

  • Not commenting on the price, but QVGA gives a poor android experience…

    • HUAWEI SONIC looks pretty good, if UniqueMobile can make a deal on that model, I would be really interested…..

  • yeah try looking for cheap huawei sonic
    couldn't find one…… other than 188
    p500 is good but sadly only 3.2 inch
    ram is doubled of sonic

    surely sonic can be cheaper?

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