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Zaap TV IPTV - Arabic/Turkish/Greek/African LIVE TV Free Based IPTV - Now $415!! Was RRP $500!!


ZAAPTV HD209N IPTV - FREE Arabic/Turkish/Greek/African IPTV SERVICE

This device is a once off payment! Purchase the device and access all these channels for free! NO MONTHLY PAYMENT EVER!!!

Special Intro Price - $415 for a limited time! RRP $500!!!

The superb ZaapTV HD209N IPTV set top box is the second generation in ultimate entertainment machines from ZAAPTV, currently providing over 149+ Arabic, 35+ Turkish, 44+ Greek and 5+ African TV channels in HD quality with dozens of new channels being added all the time. IPTV channels are delivered over the internet and the image broadcast in HD quality. Simply connect the Zaap TV set top box to your internet router using the supplied ethernet cable are you are all set. Zaap TV also includes hundreds of Arabic, Greek and Turkish radio stations plus over 500 Greek video on demand (VOD) titles. Video Search (Google Video ™, YouTube ™, Veoh ™), Playon ™, MediaHome Network and Popular Websites

ZAAPTV provide only Free To Air (FTA) international live channels. Popular TV channels from Europe, Middle East and East Africa direct to your TV only connected to a ZAAPTV receiver.

Arabic TV Channels

ZAAPTV provide over 149+ Free To Air (FTA) channels from the Middle East region. Channels that are in high quality from internet. The Arabic channels on ZAAPTV receiver is what every Arabic speaker has been waiting for outside Middle East. The Arabic ZAAPTV receiver´s channels will please the entire family with many different feeds of channels to give you maximum choices.

Turkish TV Channels

ZAAPTV provide over 35+ Free To Air (FTA) channels from Turkey. Channels that are in high quality from internet. The Turkish ZAAPTV receiver´s channels will please the entire family with many different feeds of channels to give you maximum choices. The ZAAPTV receiver offer news, talk shows, new movies, classics movies, comedy, drama, series, and sports.

Greek TV Channels

ZAAPTV provide over 44+ Free To Air (FTA) channels from Greece. Channels that are in high quality from internet. The Greek channels on ZAAPTV receiver is what every Greek speaker has been waiting for outside Greece. The Greek ZAAPTV receiver´s channels will please the entire family with many different feeds of channels to give you maximum choices. The ZAAPTV receiver offer news, talk shows, new movies, classics movies, comedy, drama, series, and sports.

East Africa TV Channels

ZAAPTV provide over 5+ Free To Air (FTA) channels from East Africa. Channels that are in high quality from internet. The East Africa channels on ZAAPTV receiver is what every East Africa´n speaker has been waiting for outside East Africa.

HD209N is the second generation of ZAAPTV IPTV receivers


ZAAPTV HD209N is the ultimate entertainment machine. The device delivers video content via broadband to television set without the use of a satellite dish or a personal computer.


Access to Live TV and Live Radio directly on your TV.
149+ Arabic Live Channels, 44+ Greek Live Channels.
35+ Turkish Live Channels, 5+ East Africa Live Channels.
Watch YouTube videos by categories.
Share media contents from a computer.
Play personal content stored on any PC on the Local Area Network.
Play personal content directly from the USB memory.
Wired or wireless Internet connectivity.
Bookmark a library of your favorite channels and videos.

Video/Audio Specification:

Video Format: WMV, VC1, Sorrenson Flash, H.264, MPEG1-4, V6, JPEG.
Audio Format: WMA 9.0/9.1/9.2, WMA Pro/Lossless, LPCM, MP3, MPEG4 AAC, Vorbis.
Container Format: ASF, FLV, MP4, MPEG-2 PS, DVD VOB, AVI, MOV, Xvid, FLV, Matroska.
Supported TV Standard: NTSC/PAL.
Video Resolution: 480i, 480p, 720p, 720i, 1080p, 1080i.

Ports and Interfaces:

Video Interface: HDMI, Analog RCA video/stereo audio.
Network Interface: 10/100BASE-T Ethernet.
Optical Interface: SPDIF.
Other Ports: 3 X USB 2.0 ports. (for wireless adapter, flash storage/hard drive)


Size: 3.6" x 5.1" x 1"/9.2 cm x 13 cm x 2.5 cm.


ZAAPTV HD209N, Remote Control with 2 AAA Batteries,
220 V Power Adapter, Audio/Video Cable,
10/100 Ethernet Cable, Quick Start Guide.

Language Menu:

English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese.


CE, FC, RoHS compliant.

12 Months Warranty


High Internet Speed Connection (Min. 3 Mbps+ ADSL/+2 or Cable internet connection).
50GB - 80GB per bandwidth per month based on normal heavy family usage.

Added Notes:

  • IPTV Servers are streaming from the USA and Europe. Not in Australia.
  • This device has been available around the world since 2007 onwards. Many reviews and youtube videos available.
  • Remember, this is the newest Zaaptv HD209N HD version of the device not the standard definition device as others sell.
  • I am a Store Representative and will answer any question, my email is [email protected]

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  • You're back

    • -3 votes

      Yes, Because I believe alot of OZbargain users would enjoy our new free based IPTV device. I hope we can put the past behind us and start fresh.

      Thank you.

  • Do you have agreements with all of those TV stations? Do they know what you're doing?

    Those tv stations are for those countries only and they dont have broadcasting rights for many programs for outside of their borders and definitely not for Australia.

    • -1 vote

      I am just a reseller of this product, I can only provide you details as stated on there official website.

      "ZAAPTV™ is not responsible for the content and does not guarantee nor claims any rights to the content. ZAAPTV™ is providing the streams of all the channels as they are available on the internet. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ZAAPTV™ contains several links to third-party streaming providers. ZAAPTV™ provides these links as a convenience and does not endorse the companies or contents of any such links. ZAAPTV™ has no control over, is not responsible for, and makes no representation and warranty and disclaims all liability with respect to, any such streaming link."

      If you would like anymore information, I would request that you contact Zaaptv in Europe directly about this.

      We offer 24/7 email support
      Email Support: [email protected]
      Phone Support USA: 888-922-7886
      Phone Support Europe: 0046 8 551 19 599 option "5"


      Thank you for your question,

      • +1 vote

        so the answer to Sharp's questions would both be - No.

        • -3 votes

          I never said that, all I'm saying is that this product is provided via Zaaptv and its best to speak to them about this. I dont have all of the answers.

          Thank you,

  • nice deal mate. I know the wife will love this and it's HD. Always hated the shit SD quality of the dish we got.

    Can you just tell us the difference in channels between the 2 packages, that is the one with the monthly fees and this one so the wife won't bite me if I missed something she wants to watch?

    I could probably work it out but it would take me an hour and I am thinking you may have already compiled that list.




      Firstly, I would like to thank you for your great question.

      There are main differences between Zaaptv and our Middle East IPTV.

      Firstly the ME-IPTV box gives you access to more then 450+ live TV IPTV channels from over 8 languages. Zaaptv provides you with only 233 IPTV channels from 4 languages. Our main company in Europe has full control over the servers and has been doing so since 2008. Because we have full control we have the ability to provide you with more channels and better quality/sound. Example, ME-IPTV has 258 Arabic Channels while Zaaptv has 149 Arabic Channels.

      This would be one of the main differences, now it all depends on which channels you are looking for. The ME-IPTV box does have mostly all of the popular channels from all the languages it can provide. However, Zaaptv is still limited but is always growing to add more channels. Remember Zaaptv is free based no monthly account fees and it largely growing popular due to this fact.

      Our full channel lists for both our ME-IPTV and Zaaptv services are available here:


      If you have anymore questions please email me at: [email protected]

      Kind Regards,

  • How is this a bargain?

  • isn't this the stuff you can get free via satellite?
    I assume they just get it via satellite and stream it?

    • No. You cant see european/middle eastern sats from Australia.


      No, the free to air channels via satellite in Australia are limited to a few state own channels not privately funded channels, usually provides better quality material. The channels are streamed in real time via satellite and sent to IPTV servers in Europe and the US which you can access via the Zaaptv set top box.

      Thank you for your question

  • It's not free..got tricked :(



      I'm sorry for the misconfusion but by 'free' I meant that there were no monthly fees ever regarding access to all the channels.

      Thank you

  • there's heaps of free IPTV channels out there

    asia has heaps and so does EU

    think is this is a $50 box with $450 worth of custom programming in it

    the box itself is no more complicated than a $30 Kogan stb

  • It isn't free and it is a risk forking out $415 upfront. What happens if they go bust in a month? No thanks…


      No, The channels provided are free without any monthly access fees as stated in the description if you read it completely. Secondly, this product has been available around the world and is heavily popular well since 2007 without any issues. You can find many great reviews on websites, youtube and even the facebook pages. Users around the world have always praised this product.

      • "Users around the world have always praised this product."

        Praised or "Prayed"?? a typo maybe??

        Anyway, here is a link to available FREE TV channels via satellite, including some ethnic ones


          its praised as it is clearly written above.

          Secondly, the so called FREE TV Channels via satellite "LBC Australia & Arabic Network of Australia" are controlled by UBI World TV and are only available for a limited time to get more users to subscribe to there company. These channels will be removed shortly. Call UBI World TV if you don't believe me. Other then that, all of the other channels are Australian based local channels which you can access throughout Australia. I'm providing channels for the ethnic background personals living in Australia.

          Thank you,

        • Note that the FTA sat tv and "VAST" or "Aurora" is available and provided for folks that cannot or do not have access to typical terrestrial TV. ie: "TV blackspots", outback regions etc.


    So basically you can already stream these channels free over the Net, but this box allows you to plug it into your TV?

    Seems like a bulky, very expensive Boxee/XBMC with pre-programmed shortcuts to channels.

    • -1 vote

      Inregards to the Zaaptv product yes, the channels are not in our control so that's what we mean by free over the net. With the ATN IPTV box our main company in Europe has full control over the channels and provides the infrastructure and real time streaming iptv technology needed to do so but that is a monthly subscription based IPTV service.

      However, Zaaptv is an excellent device that is used and loved by alot of people around the world.

      Thank you,

  • How much Internet data monthly allowance do you need to watch these channels, say 7 hours a day.

    • -1 vote

      Firstly, thank you for your question.

      Zaaptv uses about 1 GB every 3-4 Hours. We recommanded you have about 60 - 80 gb bandwidth per month set aside for the device.

      Thank you,

  • You can get a laptop and just plug it into your TV to stream these channels at this price >.>

    • yeah problem with that is you can't get the IP or DNS of the servers that stream out the channels

      eg. i've done some of the Asian and EU boxes and they pull a list of servers off some site somewhere and you get the stream

      unless you can get a list of servers/IPs/ports etc. you can't do this on a laptop

      that's the magic

      • -1 vote

        Exactly! Finally someone that understands this technology and how it works! :D

        Fellator, you think your smart by trying to beat the system but the people behind this product are not idiots when it comes to blocking people like you thinking they can do everything for free.

        Unless you can find all 233+ channels in Arabic, Greek, Turkish and African in HD quality streaming without any issue as Zaaptv has right now, your idea wont work. I hope people that are voting against this post for whatever idiotic goal they think they can achieve figure this out too.

        Prove me wrong otherwise remove your comment and stop misreading readers. A word to all the voters on this deal who keep putting negative vote based on these silly, stupid and childish reasons, please stop and go find something else to do with your lives. There are others here that are after a good bargain and not just here to mess around.

        I would like to thank everyone for there support emails, messages and of course all of the Bargain users who have made orders today!


        • Wow Thamir you are really a great salesman. I must say that I am sold on your product, if not for the anything but your charming approach to sales.

  • You can buy it from the USA http://www.getzaaptv.com/products/1-ZAAPTV-IPTV-Reciever-HD2... for $369 US ($355 AUD) which is the standard price (not on sale) then have it shipped here for $21 through MyUSA. Plug adapter will set you back about $4 from Crazy Clarks so all up $380 which is $25 less then what Rep is selling to you on SALE!

    • -1 vote


      Seriously, when I saw this comment I cant stop laughing at the level and trouble someone would go to save on 25 dollars?

      You do know once you purchase it from the US you don't get Australian support from us, you don't get warranty support from Australia. We are not legally reasonable to provide you any of that since you decided to purchase from the US retailer. Also know if you need to return or fix your device under warranty, shipping charges will all be on you for to and back from the US? so whats that an extra 100 bucks? They wont use MyUSA to send your product back thats for sure….

      Ohh and one final thing, have you called Zaaptv USA? they never pick up the phone. They only handle claims via email. Think Im lying call them up and see if they pick up :)

      But people please dont tell me stop you, if you would like to do all this to save 25 dollars, go for it :)

  • The only reason I registered to ozbargain today is to neg this deal… :)

    just discovered I can't do it before a month..!

    Anyways, your prices are overpriced. there is no good deal for zaaptv or even the other atn product.

    just for the information, the atn receiver you sell for $550 is sold for $270 usd on other websites (add another $105 usd for 3 months subscription + shipping), still way cheaper. SAME product

    • -1 vote

      Once again your misinformed.

      Firstly our ATN product isn't the same as the one you get from Europe. The whole device has our menus, logos and design like we have them set out. We control a fiber optic line from Europe the Australia which is designed for Australian & New Zealand customers that purchase the device from us directly. If you purchase the device from Europe and are found to be on our line we will automatically kick you out, what will happen? your image will be very choppy and distorted. We have full system access to see if anyone just recently purchased the device from Europe and are bring it to Australia. Our head office in Europe will usually automatically cancel your orders if you choose Australia or New Zealand as your shipping country.

      As for the price, we are subject to different pricing, legal requirements, overheads and other taxes (import and GST) which we must include by law. Each country selling this device has to comply with these rules.

      Still don't believe me? sure thing call up ATN directly and ask for the owner. Hes a good friend of mine, he will tell you the same story.

      We have spent thousand of dollars on our systems and plans, all we are doing is protecting our system. At the end of the day we have the legal contract to supply Australia & New Zealand no one else does for ATN products.

  • 1gb usage every 3-4hrs does not sound like HD quality…

  • This is Ozbargains….we love the lowest price, no matter how much work it takes. You will not find one person on this site that spends without shopping and looking for a better deal. Its not that we are cheap, I am a corporate lawyer (and I can tell you how much your understanding of the law is wrong - but you can pay $450 an hour for that advice another time) and make more money then I would like you or the government to know. But its the deal my Arab Friend, the deal that makes it or breaks it here.

    So why not match it Thamir? Make it a special discount for Ozbargainers, a further $25 off and you will make a few friends, I will even buy one.

    BTW - I assume shipping is free as there is no mention in the title as to shipping costs.

  • Sent an email with questions about the unit last friday, still no reply. Wonder if this is something I should expect if I were to purchase.

    • -1 vote

      Hi Vlahka,

      I'm sorry for the delay in replies back to your email. We have had some Email issues with regards to settings. The problem has just been fixed by our host and we will response to all email enquirers including your's within the hour.

      We are sorry for the delay.



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