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JB Hi-Fi - 15% off All HP and Compaq Computers


JB Hi-FI are having 15% off all HP and Compaq computers. Great time to pick up either a cheap Compaq or something decent like a HP from the DV6 or DV7 range.

For example:

HP Pavilion DV6-4023TX - $787 in their catalogue, reduced to $668.95.

Less 5% for OW Price Match = $635.50.


EDIT: Included OW Link.

Mod: From sickllama

$337 Compaq 14" Notebook/ 1.66GHz Dual Core / 320gb / 2gb FREE SHIPPING

It is a full sized laptop, perfect for most users, and only $337 with free shipping!

Here are the specs;

Compaq CQ43-102AU 14" Notebook
14" Laptop with AMD Dual-Core E-350 1.66GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Wi-Fi, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium

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  • OW have the HP model? Do you know where we can find stock? Thanks a million.

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    This is getting ridiculous, makes you wonder what the margin on these HP notebooks was to start with.

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      You get what you paid at the end of the day, they dont last very long. But for this price I think it is ok.

      • buy extended warranty !

        • If you buy extended warranty, its all the way around. Or is it not?

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          Even with extended warranty, be prepared to spend a fair bit of time without your laptop if something goes wrong. HP Aust have a history of not only jerking the customer around, they make the service agents & warranty suppliers the meat in the sandwich whilst they stall with authorising repairs & parts!

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          Had a Compaq lid latch break within the first month, making it impossible to open. Took more than 6 months of constant runarounds to repair under warranty.

          Suffered overheating, battery, various physical breakages since. Putting up with these issues is preferable to dealing with their warranty.

      • Somewhat true, I had a mess around with one of the HP models in Officeworks and I was not a fan of the touchpad it came with.

        • The HP dv6-4000 (IMO) is the best good looking 'windows' laptop out there.

  • Yes it is good looking. the "Outside" is really good. But it is the "Inside" that doesnt last very long. HP does have overheating/battery issues.

  • Which of these HP's can play bluray….It is not clear -in the specs the drive is some sort of multi-combo drive which does not say anything about bluray but in the description it discusses enjoy HD and bluray movies…..

    • DV6-6025 will have blue-ray combo I think.
      check it out

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    Just created this account now to thank Zivko for helping me save, hopefully someday I hope to help somebody else save too :). OW chadstone had a few of the DV6-4023TX in stock. Right clicking using the touchpad is not something to write home about on this model, but at this price and the specs I am not complaining!

  • Seems like a great price - might need to go get one of these - many thanks for posting

    What type of RAM would I need to look for to upgrade to 8GB?

    • normal notebook ram now I would say. the 1333 Mhz. Just tell them u want the notebook ram. Most of them are the same now I would say. just depend on the brand. 4GB is more than enough isn't it?!
      I run WOW on 4GB and no lag.

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    The $337 netbook looks great for our daughter, thanks.

  • I have been looking at the DV6-6026TX for $1272. Tried the local OW for price matching but no luck. They suggested price matching it via their online store but I had a look at the site and couldnt see where you would do this. Anyone price matched at OW via their online store?

    • I was looking at the DV6-6024TX ,$1192, difference in the Bluray player isn't it.. I will check to see if OW can do price matching online..

      • Is 1192 the discounted price after 15%?
        I got exactly the same one for $908. From JB too.

        • do you have a receipt for this ?

          This one has got the ATI 6770M video card on it…

        • yes…i do have receipt for it. check my post in ozbargain.
          u will find link with receipt.

        • i got the DV6-6024TX for $850 @ DSE a couple of weeks ago.. i added their 2 year extended warranty too.. so all up it was 999.95

          receipt is in this thread http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/49746

    • Ok I found this on their website..

      What items are excluded from the LPG?
      Non identical products and services (inclusive of non identical warranties)
      Package deals i.e. printer and computer bundles
      Cash back offers
      Contract Pricing
      What about online stores?
      Identical products are price matched against online stores but as with any other kind of store, the item must be currently in stock. When price matching online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery. If the identical product can be purchased and delivered via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%.

      For further information please visit your local Officeworks store and they will be able to assist you with your query.

      ^ The Lowest Price Guarantee can only be redeemed in store, by fax or by calling 1300 OFFICE (633 423)

      • Thanks Bernsy. Rang the number you listed & price matched for $1208.

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    Shame they aren't selling this: http://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers/hp/pavilion-15-inch-noteb... for the same price as Dick Smith and OW. $999 and 15% off would've made it a sweet deal!

    Any ideas if I can get jibi to price match OW AND take 15% off?

  • Hi everyone, please be aware there are two variants of this model hardware. This one mentioned has the 6570M graphics (Class 2 graphics) and the other is the 6770M (Class 1 graphics) which Centrecom has is now for $999. (Unfortunately it was $100 cheaper 2 weeks ago from them). Also consider the amount of RAM and HDD space. However it is an excellent price. Cheers

  • I just bought HP DV4-3030TX for $899

    Not too sure with all these different classes of HP which one is better.

  • Hello seijai.
    The HP dv4 is in my opinion the current fastest 14' mainstream laptop that is currently out in the market for a decent price. It has a core i7 2620M (dual core however the fastest dual core cpu out in the market for a laptop) and a ATI 6750M 1G GDDR5 graphics that will reach you 11K 3D Marks 06 (The one you see advertised here with the ATI 6570M won't even keep up!!!! … yes and even with the quad core cpu!). It only weighs 2.2K and the only laptop currently is faster (and not by much i must say is the Alienware M14X .. with a starting hefty price tag of $1799.
    I hope this helps.

    • So i guess I got a bargain : )

      Thanks for the info, cheers

  • We got the DV6 6026 laptop (i7 2ghz/ 8gb/ 750gb/ 15.6" screen/6670/blu ray/usb 3.0)

    went to clive peters - they had it for 1198, JB beat it for 1169 (better than the 15% off deal) and gave a half price laptop case. if anyone needs receipts let me know. you could probably take it to officeworks if you wanted.

    not bad i think

  • Thank OP - grabbed one of these at Officeworks. $635 is a great price for an i7 w/ 4GB of RAM - not planning on gaming so the 1GB 6570 graphics shouldn't be an issue.

    When I travel at the end of the month, I'll get 10% back via TRS bringing it down to $570!

    Thanks again

  • I almost bought the set but put off as it runs pretty hot.

  • Hi donkuok,

    You have to realize that any laptop that has decent grunt, such as a quad core cpu and dedicated graphics is going work harder to dissipate heat.Therefore is going to run hot. Many people combat this by purchasing a laptop cooler pad. This is not mandatory however it does assist in heat management. If you want a laptop to run cool then an intel graphics on board the cpu is a better solution even for battery life.
    Currently these laptops are the best bang for buck and HP has been quite aggressive in the pricing recently, maybe due to the previous model (dv6-4xxxTX) chassis didn't have a dedicated number-pad to rival their opponents and to claim back a bit of market share

  • Picked up 4023tx today from officeworks, $635.
    It works well and seems to be an ok device.
    Quirks/ave. features:
    Sound is nothing special or very loud, viewing angles not massive, no keypad, slightly weird widely-spaced but compact keyboard layout.

  • Just got the DV4-3029TX for $703.80. Around 8% of the 15% sale price of $762.45……


    Compared to officeworks @ $1184 (not on sale admittedly)


    14" with 6750M card, USB 3, 640gb HD(5400rpm) & Sandy bridge I5.
    I thought about the I7 15" for $635 @ officeworks, but this is a better overall package in my opinion. The Sandy bridge I5's are fairly strong so the I7 was probably overkill for me.

    Decrappified it last night, adding another stick of ram today.
    Lets hope the new CoolSense Technology actually does something!