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Philips Fidelio X2HR Headphone - $178.07 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


This is the lowest price it has ever been (per camelcamelcamel). Even lower than the black friday deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      No, this is a pair of wired headphones designed for home listening. It priorities audio quality over bluetooth. The sound signature of this makes it great for movies though - wide soundstage as well as a fun shape.

      • How does the sound quality compare with the ATH-A900X, which also have an amazing sound stage and were available at a similar price recently? I got these to listen to my hi-res music collection and love them. The bass is not weak at all, but I wouldn't mind a bit more of the low rumble on some songs.

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          these are supposed to be more v-shaped, ATH are supposed to be bass anemic.

          i r8 the cheaper SHP9500S as well

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    Must resist… too late, purchased.

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    I bought these a few weeks ago for $205 and now that I've experienced them would happily pay more. $178 is ridiculous talk.

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    Why do wired headphones need a battery?

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        From Amazon description:

        Product Information
        Additional Information
        Batteries: 1 CR2 batteries required.

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          Well I guess you could use that as your reason for return if you're not happy with them ;)

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      They don't, that product description is wrong.

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    Is that AUD or USD?

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      Not sure why the downvotes with no explanation.

      It’s AUD. Fulfilled by US stock but ordered via AU Amazon page.

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    These have been on the wishlist for a long long time. That price is too good to pass up!

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    I have been using these for last 2 years almost daily. I'm strongly considering getting a back up pair at this price…

  • It looks so vintage

  • Any advice on any affordable Amp/DAC for these cans?

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      Got the ES100 from massdrop or Drop as they are known now for USD 89/- shipped and they work like a charm.

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      Really depends. Headphone DAC AMPs are a mixed bag in terms of utility.

      Sub $100 is tough. Below $200 you can get bargain models with flashy features and benefits like HRTF virtual 7.1 surround, etc. EQ dynamic profiles, and so on with exclusively named functions.

      I would recommend a microphone input model, but you have hundreds more choices without the aux/mic input.

      As an external sound card (sic), you can get the choice of OpAMP types in the mix as well.

      For PC, the Syba Sonic looks cheap, but it's capable. Hard to get in Australia though. Creative X3, Sennheiser GSX1000, and a few others can perform DAC for microphone and headphone.

      For any other setting, find a budget list range, and try a few options.

      Schitt has some good equipment as starter audiophile level DAC and amps, and it's a cool name. FIIO is popular, but I'd also check the current drop.com list for a bargain, and check the comments for similar category comparisons.

      Portable, the Creative SxFi DAC has a similar amp output to the Audioquest dragonfly black/ red, but I believe the price is better. USB-C powered amps will struggle for power, but are overly capable for 60-300 ohm headphones and earbud / IEMs.

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      JDS Labs Atom.

  • I received mine a week ago. They sound very good. For this price it's a no brainer.

  • Damnit too many headphones already!


    • impossible. You can never have too many headphones. There is not enough, and almost enough.

    • Hebe I have 2 of these and I bought a third one

      • Lol, why do you want 3 of them? I can understand maybe 2 of them, but surely you’re better off buying something else instead of a third pair?

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          because he has 6 ears, duh.

        • I already have the HD800 and DT770 Pro along with He400i and HD650 etc..

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            @Black Hole: Why 3 of the one headphone though?

            I understand a second pair as a backup (or one for the office), but what is the third pair for?

            No offence intended - just curious! :)

  • Any advice on clip on Microphone for these cans?

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      Depends on intended use, but for gaming I would agree with what Stinkychicken has said, the V-Moda Boom Pro.

      As the cord on the fidelio is removable, this mic simply plugs in and replaces it. It has a solid mute switch, is easy to adjust distance from mouth, and has adjustable volume via spin wheel.

      When I'm feeling naughty, I'll listen to music with this cable still attached for easy volume adjustment.

      EDIT: After reading the comments on this post, not much mention of the open nature of these headphones. Assuming not everyone is aware but these headphones are best suited for a quiet environment at home. There is a lot of sound leakage so if listening around others, you will disturb them. Great for gaming too. The end

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    These headphones are incredibly comfortable, sound good too. I pair mine with one of these - https://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-BoomPro-Microphone-Gaming-Comm... and use it as a headset.

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      how do you clean the dust magnet pads?

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        One of those sticky roller brush thingys works perfectly, couple of minutes and they are back to original condition.

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        You can also get replacement sheepskin leather pads for ~$40 on brainwavz, which don't have the lint/hair problem and isolate more bass.

        YMMV. There's a few replacement pads options out there.

    • Are these cooler to wear temperature wise compared to closed back?

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        Yes. You could wear them for 5 hours at a time.

        The downside is the leaking of audio, you and anyone else will hear a good fraction of the sound and make judgements upon your questionable taste in music.

        They're quite good for movies and games where the soundstage / stereo separation is required to get a sense of the room or environment.

    • I pair mine with one of these - https://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-BoomPro-Microphone-Gaming-Comm... and use it as a headset.

      Yeah but what kind of impedance does that presumably very cheap cable on the V-MODA mic have? The Fidelio's are well-known for their very low impedance and cheap cables definitely do alter the sound quality in my experience with my X1s and X2s (I went and bought 3rd-party, very low impedance cables for that very reason to the replace the factory cables, which surprisingly do have a pretty high impedance on them).

  • Could someone please comment how’s the quality of this compared to the Sennheiser HD 6XX from Massdrop? I always hear good things about both.

    • To me this one is better but the sennheiser is more comfortable.

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      To me the HD6XX is better but the X2HR looks nicer.

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      I have both, HD 6XX on PC and the Fidelio from PS4 and movies.
      Fidelio has more bass and wider sounds stage. The HD 6XX are more natural and have better sound quality (but not enough to be night and day).

      If your primary use is music I'd go for the HD 6xx, if it's movies /console I'd go with the Fidelio.

      You won't be disappointed either way though.

      • I know lots of people that rock Sennheisers for music, and the X2HRs for movies.

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      I believe the 6xx would have a more balanced/neutral frequency response, these have a more v shaped response with lot of bass for an open back design. 6xx for analytical listening, these for listening pleasure. Depends on what you prefer for music.

      get both if money's no issue
      Edit: don't do that

    • The build is very good. The metal tube headband is covered with genuine leather and the ear cups are also metal. When you pick it up you can feel the weight. I think that's why some people say they're heavy, but not so much so that they are uncomfortable to wear for me.

    • Thanks for the comments guys. I don’t even listen to music that often but always wanted something better than my Bose QC35 when it comes to sound quality. Couldn’t resist any further. Bought!

  • VS m50x?

    • open VS closed?

    • These have much wider soundstage

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      The M50Xs are hideously overpriced, have smaller drivers (45mm vs 50mm for the Fidelio X1/X2), a narrower frequency response range (15-28,000Hz vs 5 - 40,000Hz), higher impedance (38 Ohms vs 30 Ohms) and are much more uncomfortable and warm to wear (that sticky, faux-leather padding is rubbish and doesn't come close to the Fidelio's soft foam pads).

      The M50Xs are not open-back, so they will give a louder albeit much more compressed, muffled and muddy sound stage.

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    You can also get the similar SHP9500s for $131 delivered, which some prefer as the bass is less pronounced, but the X2s really are a step up…


    • They were around $97 in the few weeks after black Friday. I really should have bought them then

    • I have the SHP9500 as well. Soundwise, they're both very good, but the SHP9500 definitely sounds brighter because the drivers are closer to the ear but the bass seems to be the same. The build of the SHP9500 is inferior, and you can tell from the materials it uses, mainly plastic. And it's much lighter in weight

  • Can it be used for ps4 gaming? Is it supporting 7.1 sound?

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      7.1 headphones is just a marketing gimmick.

      It only makes sense if you have a 7.1 speaker setup.

      With 2 drivers it's just virtual 7.1 done in software. And if your headphones have 7 actual drivers they will sound even worse because each driver will be tiny.

      If you insist on virtual 7.1 get an amp like an Astro MixAmp or Turtle Beach and plug it into that.

    • You can get an amp/ sound card that has 7.1, but it's not going to do a lot. Creative X3, Sennheiser GSX1000 and a few others are recommended.

      The effect really only works well if the soundstage of the headphones is Quirky, but if you need it, it's better to get an Amp/sound card it would be more reliable.

      On PC, Download HeSuVi and try different virtual 7.1 audio profiles yourself, it emulates Dolby Headphones, Sennheiser GSX, and a few of the $2600 hardware 7.1 amps as well. You can also use HeSuVi as an EQ for your headphones if they're on the list, or tweak an existing/new profile.

  • Not exactly buy related, but does anyone know where we can get replacement pads for these cans?
    I've had mine for 2+ years and want to change them.

    The headphones are great though. I prefer the overall sound to my much more expensive Sennheiser HD700's.

    • You can get it from Amazon. They're between 14 USD and 18 USD

    • https://www.brainwavzaudio.com/collections/round-headphone-e...

      Also Amazon US and Ebay, etc. You can use similar pads for other headphones, it's a similar size, but then you have to gamble or risk the fitting.

      They will likely need a hole added for the audio plug through the material on one cup, a hole punch can work… Or a neat series of cuts.

  • Compared to V-Moda Wirless 2?

  • I have the previous model X2 (mainly just different pads). One of my favourite set of cans. Very easy to run as well. Doesn't really require a DAC. Runs fine off a phone.

    • Your pc and phone have a dac. A good dedicate dac improves the quality of sound by a big margine.

      • I read that as migraine.

  • $1 cheaper?

    • 34 cents cheaper.

  • Bought. Thanks OP. I plan to use these with my Dragonfly Red DAC on both my iPhone and Macbook. The difference between the standard built in headphone jack and the Dragonfly Red is obvious. In my experience, with headphones I've tried…the bass more tight and punchy, better separation between instruments, less veiled.

  • Anyone know where replacement pads that are leather or similar can be gotten from?

    Main reason I don't use my set is the material collects hair etc and looks gross.

  • Good price. I have a set of X2 already though.

  • +10

    Thank goodness it expired - I wasn't going to be able to resist much longer.

    • +1

      Same -_-

      • +3

        Likewise - went for a long run to get away from it! Just back and very happy others have snapped them up!

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          Our wallets are collectively relieved! haha what has ozbargain become…

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      I could not sleep last night and so I may as well buy it so I can get be to sleep.

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    Just so people are aware.
    The Fidelio X3's have been announced @ IFA 2019 (release date: January)
    - Picture 1, Picture 2
    - Video

    And apparently the SHP9600's (product name still yet to be confirmed) are on their way too.

    I think its very likely they will clear out the X2HR's & their price will dip below $150 soon enough.

    • Thanks for the heads up. The X2 is on back order atm, with Amazon saying it will be delivered end of Jan 2020. Will keep an eye on any price dropping of the X2, or get the X3 instead if reviews are positive and price is good.

      • +1

        Here are some other options I am currently looking at.

        Out of all of them I have only listened to Yamaha and they previously dropped to $142, I thought they could get cheaper and they went back up to $159.
        Then only after the price went back up I learned of a $20 discount code when signing up to newsletter for the first time. Could have got the Yamaha for $122 Delivered. Oh well.
        I am very keen on the AKG K245 open-back now, price is still to high though so waiting on an eBay code / or sale to see how cheap it gets before trying them out.
        Rane was just released recently so there is little info about it out there, and it is still unavailable to try in stores locally.
        (Solid company though, have used their mixers -built to last and solid as a rock. The logo is burnt into my memory.)

        I am interested now in the Fidelio X3 (open-back) also.

    • The Fidelio X3's have been announced @ IFA 2019 (release date: January)

      Thanks for the heads up, but I have to say, compared to the X1s and X2s (I have both); the design for the X3s looks rather cheapened with a lot less sturdy metal and leather. I also really dislike the double-sided cable they've gone with.

      • The adjustments to the new design likely reflect what the market desires.

        Since the Fidelio X3 shown was at an "event" there is a chance they used a prototype or early model and small changes may still happen for the final design / release.

    • Found the Fidelio X3 Promo video posted a week ago (which shows very little in terms of specifications).

      And another video with a French guy talking about it.
      Translation would be nice.

      Edit: specifications here @ Philips UK.

  • +1

    Just received my X2HRs from this deal.

    These are fun and engaging. Nice thump in the bass though not too muddy. Highs and mids sound clear and not harsh.

    Comparing to a mate's Sennheiser HD 650s I borrowed, the HD 650s sound more forward and likely technically more accurate. The X2HRs with a wider soundstage and seem to go deeper. I listen to a wide range of music so these suit nicely.

    If you missed out this time, get on the next deal for these!

  • I've received my X2HRs today. Not sure if it's just my own one, but testing with my iPhone X using the lightning to 3.5mm adapter, it's been pretty underwhelming so far. Compared to the Bose QC35 (v1) via Bluetooth, I don't see much improvement at all.

    Given the raves here and around the internet about this, I expected a noticeably if not significantly better sound quality compared to the Bose QC35, just like I did when comparing the Edifier R1700BT against the Yamaha YHT-1840B (the Yamaha is pretty good for movies but the Edifier is clearly better when it comes to music). I'm waiting for the FIIO E10K, also from Amazon, to do some more 'serious' testing with the Philips before deciding whether I'll keep it or not.

    • +1

      using the lightning to 3.5mm adapter

      I would hazard a guess that this is your issue - from what I understand, that adapter is not terribly good! (Never actually heard one myself - not an iPhone user!)

      I suggest trying them from a better amp, if you can! The E10K should do the trick! Good luck! :)

      • +1

        lightning to 3.5mm adapter

        I second this, tried it out once, put it away for good.

        I think the X2HR is marketed as portable & efficient though, so I would expect them to at least sound decent with a portable device.
        And the X2HR @ $178 makes it seem silly to spend the same amount or more on a portable USB DAC.

        • Thanks caprimulgus and margejsimpson for your comments. I've received the E10K today and put it to the test straight away. I'm pleased to see the clear difference between of the X2HRs + E10K vs. the X2HRs + the lightnight 3.5mm adapter or the Bose QC35 immediately.

          I'm still a bit disappointed given I cannot use the X2HRs with my iPhone to its full potential, but at least I'm happy with its quality. I've originally bought the E10K for a different purpose but I guess I'll now need it whenever I use the X2HRs.

          PS: I bought the E10K for ~$118 so it's not too bad I think. I also hope I can still reuse it when I decide to upgrade to better headphones in the future.

          • @GreenRomeo: you can probably use a Bluetooth Adapter with the X2HR, but iOS has poor compatibility with audio standards, AAC is quite typically the best quality standard and it's rather limited with Bluetooth.

            First, i'd switch your standard iphone headphone lightning cable. It's going to be a bottleneck for impedance and quality. Impedance is a huge change for headphones, not just volume, but also impact and intensity. There are lots of random/cheap 3rd party options, but check what the DAC actually is, because you will likely need a higher impedance to get that BASS response and a wider soundstage, but also louder/softer vocals.

            You would be going from 32 ohm to 60-150 ohm for USB voltage DACs, and 60-150-300-600 ohm options for powered USB Amps.

            second, is the V-Moda SpeakEasy DAC/AMP Lightning Cable, which allows you to have an in-line microphone for calls. The VMODA Boom Pro is what I use on PC to turn the X2 into a headset, so it's perfect for the Lightning cable, as you can use it for calls, pause/play etc.

            Third, is the FiiO i1 Headphone DAC/Amp, but you need a cable as well.

            Fourth, is to use a USB-C or USB-A DAC Amp with the USB "Camera Adapter" from Apple, and you can choose any USB DAC like the Soundblaster X-Fi or the Audioquest Dragonfly Black (kind of expensive, but it's an ESS Sabre DAC chipset).

            If you're looking for quality and are somewhat desperate, you can get an MQA compatible DAC for Apple, but it would have diminishing returns on the regular headphone cable, you need a USB DAC and the USB connection, which is a third cable, i.e.