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Levante Tango 14000BTU 4.1kw Portable Air Conditioner w/ Remote $449 (Was $889) + Delivery @ Catch


$449 Levante Tango 14000BTU 4.1kw Portable Air Conditioner w/ Remote Was $889

Real nice, buying clothes and these in the Winter saves so much money.
Discount of $450.

Cannot find it cheaper elsewhere.

Portable cooling at your fingertips! This high-powered, non-invasive air conditioner features a self-evaporative system, powerful airflow, highly mobile castor wheels, LED control panel, auto-swing, sleep mode, unique Follow Me mode and a complete installation kit to send hot air outside and cool you down right away! Beating the heat this summer has never been easier.


Levante appliances
Design: Tango 14
Colour: White
Power: N/A
Room airflow: N/A
Cooling capacity: 4.1Kw 14,000 BTU
Omni-directional castors
LED panel
Self-evaporative system
Sleep mode
Washable filter
Follow Me mode
Remote and installation kit included
Self-diagnosis & auto-protection
Sleep timer
Dimensions (approx. cm): 44 x 83 x 36 (W x H x D)
Weight (approx.): 29.2kg
Country of origin: N/A
Please note: This item will be charged and posted individually.

Please note: This item can only be shipped to a postal address, NOT a P.O box. Please ensure your address details, complete with contact number, are updated in your account.

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    The reviews are concerning

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      Catch is concerning

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        But it follows you in Follow Me mode. It's like a good doggo.

  • What is the average lowest temperature that portable units can achieve compared to fixed units like split air con?

    • Probably heavily reliant on ambient temperature. Also, you would have big differences between units, especially say a single hose vs dual hose one.

      Personally, if I had to buy a portable AC, it would have to be a dual hose model.

      • +1

        I think that for some unknown reason, dual hose models aren't sold anymore in Australia… What a shame as they actually seem like a good idea.

        As to lowest temperature. Well, a few of mine have the setting to attempt to go down to 18… but, because they exhaust hot air to the outside, the negative air pressure brings in outside hot air and it will never get nice and chilled & warm up the rest of the rooms in the process.

        I'm with the poster below, they do the job instead of feeling like a boiling lobster.

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      I used to use a portable when renting.
      It was either, sleep in the Australian heat, which is near impossible for me or get a portable and buy ear plugs but be able to sleep.
      On very hot days, above 35, it’ll cool a room or at least make it bearable.

    • Portables are best considered as a spot cooler, in which case, they'll blow just as cold as a split.

      They'll use more power to do it though, as you don't get the benefits of cooling the entire room any where near as fast as a split or window unit.

      Given this, if you only want it to spot cool you in the lounge room while watching TV, or in bed while sleeping … or other activities … there's really no need to buy a big powerful unit, unless it is an inverter unit, which I doubt this is, or they'd add it to the list.

    • Had the kogan portable aircon, probably 3-5 deg drop on a really hot day (30deg). Due to the way they work, compressor is constantly on, not very efficient.

      Wasnt until I modded the thing to have an intake hose go out the window, then it could get within 1-2 deg of what you actually set it to on a really hot day. Compressor would actually turn off then. But condensation from morning dew always filled the tank up with water

      • Could you share how you get the mod done? Any pic to show how it looks like?

        I really want to do the same but i dont really know how, the body of the machine has rounded corner and also i dont really know which area to cover.

        Thanks a lot

        • +1

          I used a big cardboard box, coated with duct tape and trimmed it so it fit around the intake grilles. Lots of duct tape to seal around it and to cover grilles.

          Ebay sells aircon duct window kits. I believe I used a 10cm diameter flexible duct. Screwed it on existing window mount and used silicone to seal it.

          It was a quick fix and hot air never entered the room anymore. Just got to remove it for cold mornings, 2 or 3 cold mornings were enough to fill the condensation tank to full, then you'd have to strip it down to empty.

          • @krisspy: Thanks! Do you mean you need to cover the all the grilles at the bottom half of the unit with the big cardboard box?

            • @calviny: Yeah cover as much as you can with the box, basically a baffle for the intake. Then just duct tape anything that's not sucking air from the box/duct.

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    These things are amazing for giving you a small amount of cooling directly in front of it, in return for a big electricity bill and increased humidity in every other location in your house.

    Terrible, terrible products. If you buy one, save yourself some money and just throw them directly in the bin. It'll save you the energy costs of running it before realising how useless they are.

  • For a small studio room I'm renting in, think this is great. I'm just worried I need to leave the glass window open to place the air duct, and this will let flies in.

    Anyone got experience?

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      The manufacturer guarantees 6-8 blowflies per hour

    • The window fitting is adjustable so can extend for larger windows and allows you to close a sliding window up against it. I have used this exact model for the past 5 years but only turn it on when Brisbane heat becomes unbearable at night - it will increase your electricity bill considerably. I did some research when I first bought it as I had heard that the heat exchange was not worth it. I found out that if you cover the outlet pipe with bubble wrap it keeps the heat in the pipe and exhausts a higher percentage out the window. I was sceptical but tried it and the difference was amazing… It was now efficient enough to reduce my large bedroom from above 30 to 24 degrees within 15 minutes and keep it cool all night - so much so that I have to turn it off in the early hours of the morning as it’s too cold. Before I put a split system in the lounge/dining, I did use it a few times in there and it would manage to turn a 35 degree day into 28 but would never get down to 24. As for noise, yes they are all loud, but I like white noise when I sleep so it was never an issue for me.

  • No experience with portables but you could try something simple like cutting out some cardboard in the right shape.

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    The issue is with the heat/smoke outside, this requires you to leave a window open. After living with portables for a few years, this year we bit the bullet and got a split installed! No regrets!

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