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[NSW, BF] 4 Free Twilight Tickets for RFS and Interstate/OS Firefighters to Luna Park Sydney


Luna Park Sydney is saying a big thank you to the many men and women currently fighting fires across the state. A invitation has gone out to RFS members as well as our interstate brothers and sisters as well as overseas visiting fire fighters to get 4 free twilight tickets to Luna Park Sydney.

Valid from:
From 20th December 2019 - 27th January 2020, we would like to offer all volunteer fire fighters from NSW RFS, International and Interstate, four (4) Twilight Saver Tickets, free of charge, to join us in park and experience unlimited rides with your families.
With extended opening hours across Summer, Twilight Saver tickets (unlimited rides from 6pm) will allow volunteer fire personnel to recoup and spend some quality time and fun with your families after work and late into Sydney’s summer evenings.
There is a limited number of tickets to manage crowding and ensure access for as many NSW RFS, International and Interstate personnel as possible.
Please check the Luna Park Sydney Opening Hours before you visit, as opening days and times change.

How to redeem:
NSW RFS, International, Interstate personnel and volunteers must collect their tickets from the Luna Park Sydney ticket box. Staff ID / Volunteer ID must be presented validating your association at time of ticket collection. Tickets are only valid on the day of collection and all guests must be present at time of collection.

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  • +6 votes

    Nice gesture.

    Wonder if the offer is available for volunteers from other emergency services like SES, St Johns, etc. I know that staff and volunteers from Vic SES and St Johns have been deployed to the NSW fire support operations. Volunteers from other states and services would have been contributing to the NSW fire ops too.

    Although, looking at the predictions of extreme fire season I doubt if many would be taking much time off.

  • The government should also give them a free trip to Hawaii

    • +9 votes

      Nah, those are reserved for those that don’t play with hoses, and generally do SFA all year round.

      • hiding behind your kids and excusing youself of all responsibility whilst other families kids lose their dad is about as gutless as u can get - scummo

        • And then have that family pay for that trip in taxpayers money

        • Genuine question - why?

          I despise the man (and party…) and can't wait to see them gone, but I'm struggling to see how his location has any impact whatsoever on the firefighters or the fires?

          To me this just seems like people wanting to be angry because they have an irrational hatred of politicians, but there's a good chance I'm missing something!

          • @callum9999: It's not specifically his location i.e. he could be in Perth, or Canberra, or Brisbane and that wouldn't matter.

            But it's that he's the leader of our country, and the country has a declared state of emergency in one state, so in any emergency situation you expect the leadership to be on hand to allocate resources, organise assistance and be on hand to deal with matters. Not going away on holiday as though everything's fine and they're not needed.

            He compounded that with the way he did it, knowing it wasn't good, and snuck off without any announcement. Calls to various departments couldn't even locate who was in charge i.e. him, or if he had a delegate. Calls were just bounced off between departments.

            Of course, when you have a leader who doesn't have a solution, nor even anything that helps and wants to avoid the topic, from his side better to stay away and hide rather than not having any answers as was the case again on his return.

            • @odysseus: Can you give a single example of something that he would need to be in Australia to do?

              Otherwise, your entire post can be replaced with the word "optics". He didn't need to be here, it wouldn't have changed anything if he was, you just wanted him to be here. Understandable as a knee-jerk reaction, but certainly not rational.

              • @callum9999: You ignored what I wrote. I already said the location wasn't the issue hence your question "something that he would need to be in Australia to do?" is already answered - nothing.

                However, your conclusion that makes it optics is incorrect.

                The point as I already said is availability. When you are on holiday, you are not working, by definition. Sure, he can answer a few phone calls, catch up on news. But he's not on the job. He's not spending a lot of time on the issue - by the fact he wasn't available until he actually pseudo apologised and said he'd return.

                • @odysseus: I did read what you wrote. Not only did you NOT rule out location (you said "not specifically"), you then said he should be "on hand". You seem to be guessing that he wasn't on hand solely because he was in Hawaii (it's completely normal for Prime Ministers from every country to continue working while on holiday - unless you have evidence he wasn't?).

                  Why on Earth would the Prime Minister be "spending a lot of time on the issue" anyway? I'm not aware of him having any specialist training in bushfire management. I think you have an incredibly distorted view on what a Prime Minister actually does…

                  I'll repeat the question you refused to answer. Can you give a single example of something that he would need to be physically at work to do?

                  • @callum9999: He could approve a one off (or continuing) payment to volunteer firefighters for one thing. Many have already been on call out for months, not getting paid from their regular jobs. He could admit the government's approach to climate change is absolutely abysmal for another, announce some actual action and stop hiding behind "we only contribute 2% of emissions" and become leaders again on the world stage.
                    It's not just optics. It's rank hypocrisy. Scott Morris on slammed Christine Nixon for going to a pub for dinner during the Black Saturday bushfire. He criticised Julia Gillard (while she was PM) for taking leave after her father died. He set the standard, and he has come nowhere near living up to it.

                  • @callum9999: Ok, if you read it then you clearly did not understand it. And if you don't understand that the question has already been answered - twice - and continue to repeat it, then it's also evident you're only here to argue instead of have any form of discussion. Not least as you are attempting to escalate with false allegations and emotive terms like "refused to answer."

                  • @callum9999: besides defending the indefensible it would seem that you believe the current comparatively well paid prime minister of Australia was doing more to defend our country in America than all the unpaid volunteers putting their lives on the line in Australia trying to contain virtual hellfire. On top of that upon his return he seems still unable to work out that rising temperatures- and they're going to rise a lot more very quickly - have nothing to do with things being drier. I find the refusal to accept steadily rising temps, with a resulting greatly increased fire risk to be similar to the notion of innocently throwing burning matches around petrol pumps whilst people are filling their cars.