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Milo 450g $1.40 (Was $10) + Shipping (Free over $60 Spend) @ Cotton On (Online only)

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You’ll have to buy a decent quantity of tins to soften the blow of the postage. Not sure of the expiry date if you are going to stockpile.

Thanks to Price Hipster for detecting the price drop.

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  • +16

    Mmm 43 tins to get free shipping.

    • +6

      You can get Diabetes with less.

      • +9

        4.5 health star ratings… . Can't be that bad. /s

        • Wow, I'm gonna be super healthy hehe.

        • +2

          15g sugar per 30g with skim milk…at least it has a tiny amount of protein right?

        • +10

          What a revolting pile of complete BS on the Nestle website. Literally half sugar and gets a 4.5 health star rating. Their product single handidly destroyed confidence in their BS.

          • +7

            @deelaroo: The health star rating is a testament to the corruption and wagyu steak dinner bribes by execs. Diet soda gets 2/5 stars. Cereal bars full of sugar gets 3 to 4.

            • +2

              @[Deactivated]: Yep, our tax dollars at work. It is corrupt to the gills. The whole health star ratings are designed to make people sick so they can be medicated and dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.

          • @deelaroo: You don't eat it by the spoon (well I sometimes do) it's got that rating cause of the vits and mins thats in it and you consume it one or two spoon fulls with a glass of milk/low fat milk.

            So it's not unhealthy like that. Sorta

    • -2

      Shot as in IV!? Mmm milo IV…

  • +75

    Why does Cotton On sell Milo?

    • Surprised it's not laxatives considering their target market

    • Looks like it was for Christmas with personalised name labels like Kmart does?

    • +1

      Next they’ll be selling automobiles

    • Yeah I did a double take when I first read it

  • +1

    Thanks OP,

    Ordered 43 tins, wonder if it will get delivered

    • +3

      By "it" you mean you in an ambo in a few weeks time?

      • A tin a fortnight for 86 weeks.

  • +2

    Cotton On started this personalised tin campaign back in April 2019 so I’m guessing they are just clearing stock as the campaign ends and should have decent shelf life.

    • Pretty sure they had this personalise Milo tin last Christmas? So the shelf life might not be as good

  • Code invalid?

    • Still adds for me, but I didn’t check out. Still cheap at $2 though.

      Try DFMTDV49KGF615 for 15% off instead?

      • Managed to checkout with code. If arrive will give some away to friends and family and donate some away too

  • +7

    Not sure what I just done, another crazy buy. Thanks OP….20 tins of Milo 450g $35.00

    • if you are crazy you should buy 43 tins instead of 20

      • 20 is the maximum you can buy.

        • Nope just keep adding them to cart can get 43

    • +1

      that is crazy, it will take you 25 years to get through that and now you have to store it.

  • Will all of them have SKYE on them?

    Or pray one of them says NGPriest?

    • +1

      I think they will be blank, but I was hoping for a photo of Milo Kerrigan

    • +2


      • I'm changing my name to "Sample Text" then, I'm sick of being "Not Sure".

  • +3

    Tempting to get 43 tins but I don’t have the balls

    • +8


  • +2

    good deal, grabbed 13 tubs for $25.20, will probably go through 5 or 6 tubs which would of cost me that almost that anyways (about $10 a kg). Dunno what I'll do with the rest, donate to the schools hot milo lunch maybe. Couldn't justify 43 tubs for the free shipping.

    • +1

      Sending some of mine to the local schools’ breakfast clubs.

  • +1

    I can't believe I just ordered 43 tins of Milo, lol. Lets see if they hold up the deal or come with some excuse. Gonna be giving away to lots of friends I guess. To get to 43, I had to select 20 and then open 23 more pages and add one at a time. Anyone else have to do that?Anyway it seems to work.

    • yeah I did it that way too

    • I just stayed on the product page and kept pressing "add to bag". was updated on the cart icon every time i pressed

  • Max for me was 20 @ $28 total + $7 postage = $35 .

    Max is 20 !

    • Just open up additional 23 pages of the deal and add the extra 1 at a time, worked for me…

    • Max is not 20! after you add 20, go back to item page and add more to cart no worries

      • +1

        You can re-press the “added” button to add another quickly.

        • I'm getting all kind of errors trying adding 1 at time I'll just stop with my 20 tins : (

          Hope they are not 1 mth expiry lol .

          • @profar: If it has 1 mth expiry you can always use the free return.

            • @pandadude: It's pretty much just sugar and it will be best before, should still be good for another few years, just the quality will deteriorate slightly until it's not good anymore.

  • Don’t forget ShopBack:
    8% for new customers
    6% for existing.

    Thanks op

    • +1

      The coupon likely will invalidate the Cashback

  • +18

    I've got 50% off staff discount so might have to order 60 of them just to snag that free shipping!

    • 🤣

  • Thanks OP, no idea why a clothing store is selling milo, buy 20 tins @ $1.75 each is a steal.

    • +1

      People get fatter eating the cheap milo, then need go and buy new clothes, then cotton on profits!

  • Yay got cashback!

    • Unfortunately, although it may have tracked, it is unlikely to end up being approved. But gl!

  • Free click and collect??

    • Online only offer

  • +1

    My biggest purchase from OzBargain so far. trying not think of the size of the box or where I will store it :)

    • Had to request it, but just got $6.20 through Shopback as well.

  • $10 for $21. No complaints here. Thanks.

    • +6

      I would complain if someone gave me $10 for $21…

    • $10 worth for $21? No thanks

  • I doubt they have so much stocks? lol they will be so busy sending cancellation email tomorrow

    • Bought into the frenzy and bought mine last night… woke up and wondered: how is this post not listed as Out of Stock yet?


    43 tins gang.
    Thanks OP

    • That just too real ,I couldnt handle it

  • +1

    God damn, I can't believe you motherf'ers ordering so much Milo. F*** it… I'm ordering a hundred tins of Milo too. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Awesome deal. 43 tins ordered. Thanks OP!

  • This is great. I teach at a boys' boarding high school and they are often walking around with a tin of Milo… they drink it "to bulk". I think I'll pass these on to the boarding houses.

    • +1

      they drink it "to bulk"

      The fact that these children are so brainwashed that they're drinking a sugary drink to gain muscle isn't great. In fact it's bad for their health.

      • They mix it with milk I'm sure. Milk is the key to all skinny kids who want to get yuge.
        Looks like they're clearing stock to make space for the new formula which uses 30% sugar of the original Milo

      • nothing wrong with a dirty bulk

  • I just ordered 3 plus a full priced shirt I'm going to return in store.
    Unsure of how I'd be able to handle 43 tins at my door lol

    Figured I wouldn't worry about coupon to save 80c so there's no reason to reject full price item.

    • Cashier: so why didn't you like the shirts?
      You: well..

      • +8

        .. you see, I don't think the shirt will fit me after consuming my 3 tins of milo

      • +1

        I was worried about the Milo staining it

    • Problem with this is when they cancel all the Milo orders and send you 3 shirts, you still need to go return the shirts ;)

      • +1

        It was only one yeah, but I ordered it to the post office. Cotton On is a 5 min walk away from it ahaha

        I'd be going straight past it to go to Coles etc.

        Was kinda hoping it would be out of stock by now…

  • Where is everyone entering in the 30% off code and is anyone getting it to work?
    Is it in the "Perks Voucher" code area?

  • +6

    Just going to chime in and say that Nestle has been responsible for some dogshit marketing practices in developing countries that have led to the death and malnutrition of infants…

    They're also responsible for buying out natural water resources of communities and forcing the township to buy their own water from them…

    And environmental damage in draining water from creeks.…

    I REFUSE to support them in any way.

    • +1

      Meanwhile Nestle stock is going to infinity and beyond!

      • +1

        it's a shame :(

  • not working

  • +3

    For everybody buying 43 cans please realise this is almost 20kg of milo… say you put one tablespoon of milo in each cup that is 15 grams so you are buying enough for 1333 cups of milo or 1 cup of milo every day for the next 3.6 years. The stuff will probably go rock hard and be inedible after 2 years.

    • +1

      Me, my partner and 2 kids have 2 spoons of it in each cup, so likely we'll knock through the 11 cans I bought in about 6 months or less.

    • +1

      If this actually does get delivered, i believe most of us are planning on sharing it around or donating :)

    • +1

      That is based on the assumption that people only consume 1 tablespoon per cup per person per day. There are a number of variables there to consider. Also, haven’t you heard of ‘Milo Dinosaur’?

    • Our family goes through about half a kilo a week. So would only last 40 weeks. :D

      • -2

        Keeping the diabetes industry in business I like it! And not just now but teaching your kids the same for their kids that’s iq 200 level.

        • +1

          Live to ride…
          Ride to eat.

          I'm a cyclist :)

          Sugar is a staple for me :P

  • This is so random from cotton on….

    • They own Typo, a giftware company…

  • This is good for the poor family out there, if the expiry is long I am happy to order 43tins and give to the needy.

  • What?!! Cotton On sells Milo?!

  • +4

    I am sure those hard working rural firefighters could do with some in their mess halls. Great for donations

  • EDIT : lol… I didn't put in the voucher code…

    Price went up to $2. (EDIT : doh!)

    Can still get 30 tins for $60 to qualify for free shipping.

    Works out to 13.5KG of milo, at a price of $4.44 per KG. Which is still a huge discount over woolworths/coles/amazon (when it has a flash deal on milo).

    The cheapest from retail stores is around $9.35 for 1KG.

    • Oh well, I might qualify for cashback because I didn't use the code. :)

  • Speaking of Milo, why don't they advertise on TV anymore? I remember their old ads which had kids on BMX bikes back in the 80s.

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