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ASUS RT-AC68U Wireless Gigabit Router 2 Pack $239 (Was $429) + Postage or C&C @ Scorptec


2 pack of the famous ac68u for cheapest price ever!

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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  • If anyone in Melbourne wants to split, please PM me

  • Crazy how long these have stayed relevant. I bought my first one in early 2014. Second one in 2016 for the other end of the house. Both still work today and are still quick as hell with an equally quick client.

  • Anyone want to split in SA

  • are these NBN FTTC ready?

  • Wonder if Officeworks will price beat these? :p

  • Do these support aimesh? I would have thought it would be mentioned? Some US models are crippled to not provide aimesh so checking if these are as well.

  • Had trouble connecting to AusieBB with these using the WAN port. Kept getting DHCP error messages on the interface and wouldn't establish a conection. Had to configure dual wan and use one of the LAN ports instead to make it work.

    • I read about that last year, I thought ABB fixed it

      • Been using one on Aussie for 2.5 years, and can confirm it's mostly fixed. It does still happen from time-to-time, presumably Aussie have a major outage somewhere else, and an entire node comes back online, swamping their DHCP servers. Occurs perhaps once every couple of weeks, rather than the several times a day that would occur about 12 months ago.

        The issue isn't really on Aussie's end though. These routers are great except their DHCP client; it's awful, like really horrendously moronic. It's not spec compliant and whoever implemented it is beyond clueless. Rather than implementing exponential back-off, it just tries to obtain a DHCP lease a fixed amount of times (10 attempts I think) then gives up indefinitely. There's an "Aggressive Mode", which sounds great, except it just makes it retry faster, and therefore give up faster. Even better, the DHCP client will try to obtain a new lease well before the old lease expires (which isn't necessarily bad), except again, if it fails, it just deems your current connection to be invalid and it stops routing new TCP connections. However, packets corresponding to existing TCP connections will continue to be routed and function correctly, as on Aussie's end the IP lease is still valid. This can lead to some seriously confusing situations whereby you've got an on-going Skype call working just fine, but otherwise seemingly have no Internet, as you can't load a single web page.

        It's truly a special kind of incompetence that led to this behaviour.

        I've actually been meaning to fix this in the Merlin firmware for the last couple of years, but it occurs so rarely now it's just not worth the effort.

        • Interesting thanks for the explanation. It happened to me persistently a week ago when I was setting up a friend's router. The minute i changed to the lan port it worked.
          Just to confirm does this happen on the wan port only or do you think they'll experience similar issues from time to time on the LAN ports as well?

  • I will be moving from ADSL to Telstra NBN at the end of this month, is this router good for Telstra NBN?

  • Our of curiosity, how are people using two units in the same network? In an extender config? Or mesh?

    • Asus routers come with the Aimesh function so you can mesh them even with different models.

  • Anyone wants to go halves in Perth?

    • I’m keen! Let me know if it’s still available!

    • I put an order for the dual pack last night. Total cost is $262 ($239 + $23 shipping to Perth). PM me if anyone is interested in split (pick up at Perth CBD).

  • Is it worth paying over $100 more for the NetGear Orbi RBK50 instead of buying this Asus ?

    • Yep, if you can afford it.

    • Orbi if you want a mesh system. The Asus Aimesh is great way to reuse old Asus routers to extend their life and your network coversge, if you are adding a new Asus router as your main router. If starting from scratch I think you would be better off with a set dedicated mesh routers (orbi etc).

  • The AC68U is a good router. I bought mine 6 years ago and it's still working great. Still fast enough for movie and music streaming.

  • Any deals for DSL model?

  • This product is not currently in stock at Scorptec, but can be ordered in just for you once your order payment is confirmed. This generally takes between 1-3 business days provided our supplier has stock.

    • It was in stock when posted. This will be their possible get out clause not to fulfill all orders after that.

  • I’d be keen to split as I already have one

  • Anyone in Canberra want to split?

  • Anyone in Brisbane want to split?

  • I did not see any comments which mentioned about $10 Cashback for this model before 31-Dec-2019 (http://www.asuspromotion.net/anz/2019cashback/)

  • Anyone in Melbourne near Chadstone want to split?

  • got a 2 pack picking up at macquarie park nsw. PM if you want to split.

  • Hmmm.. This or a 88U?
    My townhouse sucks for wifi coverage so the AIMesh is very appealing…
    I've got an 8 year old Netgear wifi/router so this surely is better than that old thing.

    Bugger it. Bought it. Thanks for posting the deal OP.

    Might try the Merlin firmware on it. (Hopefully that isn't too much of a PITA to setup).

  • Stay away from this router, it has Broadcom chipset, it has internet dropout problems. I have a modem and router of this version, both have same problems. I bought a Tp-link deco m5 cheaper ($170 set of 2), which works much better, IMO.

  • Expired now but there is also the RT-AC67U 2 pack for the same price https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Networking-Wireless/Rout...
    Which has a few small differences but is pretty much the same but newer, see here: https://whrl.pl/RfeBlG

    Also here which has cheaper shipping for me https://www.budgetpc.com.au/rt-ac67u-asus-rt-ac67u-aimesh-ac...

  • (SA) Anyone want to sell/go halves in either the 68U or 67U (from this deal)?

    I'm in 5070

  • Don't theses guys communicate? Have not heard a thing since placing my order.

  • Anyone else in Melbourne have a spare to go halves?

  • Anyone else in Melbourne has spare 67/68? Looking for 1 too

  • finally showed up yesterday!!

    had pretty much forgotten about them