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Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 $355.50 + Delivery (with Bonus $125 Gift Card) @ Big W (Online Only)


Update 10:07AM 26/12/2019

Unfortunately the $39.50 price reduction on check out is no longer available and hence I have marked this deal as expired. The Chromebook C340-11 is back up to $395 + delivery with the bonus $125 gift card. Using the same logic as below with the $7.90 delivery, 5% discounted eGift cards, this comes to $382.76 before the $125 bonus gift card (assuming it's worth 1:1) thus making the net outlay $257.76. Still the cheapest you can get it for I believe.

Original Post

Been on the lookout for a cheap Chromebook to both explore what it's all about, and to have a cheap computing device which I can chuck around when I don't want to carry my more expensive computing hardware around. Even better if it's a 2-in-1 so I can use the various form factors.


The Lenovo C340 Chromebook with the Celeron N4000 processor seems to have some decent reviews online (TL;DR it's a decent budget 2-in-1 Chromebook but has thick bezels and a HD rather than FHD IPS touchscreen). Whilst Big W does not list the exact specifications, Lenovo Australia only lists one specification (but two colours) of the Chromebook C340-11 with the following specifications:

  • 11.6" HD (1366x768) IPS 250 nits Glossy (10-point Multi-touch) display
  • Intel® Celeron® N4000 (2C / 2T, 1.1 / 2.6GHz, 4MB)
  • Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • 64GB eMMC
  • 720p webcam
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560, 11ac, 2x2 + Bluetooth™ 4.2
  • Up to 10 hours battery (3-cell (42Wh), integrated)
Big W price

Big W currently has it listed (online only) for $395 (save $154) with "BONUS $125 BIG W egift Card to be emailed within 48 hours of product being shipped. Online Only. Ends 27.12.2019"

Upon check out, the price drops to $355.50 with the $125 gift card (making the effective price $230.50). As it is online only, you will need to add delivery which was $7.90 for me in Sydney.

Note: if you have access to discounted Woolworths/BigW Wish eGift cards (eg Cashrewards, Suncorp Benefits, etc) then you can reduce the price even further by about 5%. In my case, the outlay was $345.23, and net of the gift card, is $220.23, making this quite a bit cheaper than the last cheapest deal at $299.25.

Price Comparison

Most other online stores seem to have this model for circa $400 including Lenovo $399, TGG $399, TGG Commercial $399, Officeworks $397 and Bing Lee $399


For those looking for the cheapest (but maybe not as great value IMO) Chromebook from Lenovo and are willing to forego the 2-in-1/touch screen of the C340, the Lenovo 100e Chromebook is also available at Big W for $325 with a $100 egift card but there does not appear to be any further reductions upon checking out (previously $296.10 with the same $100 egift card).

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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    Please write the price first and then the gift card thingy…Thanks

    • +5 votes

      I kept changing my mind how best to present the price with gift card without the two pluses becoming confusing after looking at previous deals, but I've tweaked it again to put the price first. Maybe this is one for the deal submission title guides to help clarify the best order for consistency!


    Is $355.5 just the price without GST? (395 * 0.9)


    Will this do for school byo device?


    Good security device if you use it for online banking and nothing else.

  • +3 votes

    Upvoted for in-depth write-up, thank you!


    tempted only because i have woolworth egiftcard worth $200ish (bought at 5% off)


    mine doesnt reduce at cart:

    Item Sub total: $395.00
    Delivery: $7.90
    Total: $402.90


    Bad news guys, just tried it again this morning after the comments above and it doesn't reduce anymore.

    I saved a PDF of what it said at 2am when I ordered - directly below the Bonus $125 line, it says "- you have saved $39.50".

    Hopefully some OzBargainers out there were also able to get the deal. I'll mark as expired.

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    Throw in a decent MicroSD (currently on sale for $25.20) and you're set. If you're feeling adventurous, it does some flavours of Linux too…

    For the price, it's actually a pretty good deal… The thing that would concern me a "tad" is the H1 security chip in there, but it's all good :)


      That’s what I figured. I even have an old 128gb card which I bought during a previous sale sitting unused so am thinking this will be a good fit.

      Out of interest what can you use the memory card for? Are there any limitations on using microSD?


    Got one. Thanks for the tip OP

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    Have the older model big brother S330 ( same chassis as newer S340 and C330 to C340 but Intel chip and now 2 x usb C ports )

    and really like it. Saw the screen on this and pretty decent for the price, similar to an over $1000 rrp Lenovo Thinkpad e100 5th gen

    I have. Love the usb C charging ( even a Kogan $19 10000mAh usb C PD 18w power bank can charge this ), long battery life and

    easy updates like any Chromebook. Pretty thin and light too.

  • +2 votes

    Interestingly the C340 is now featured prominently on the front page of bigw.com.au in the giant banners but it's no longer available to be added to cart! Maybe it's sold out already even back at the $395 price point (with free $125 gift card).

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    This laptop is amazing for the price, got this for my partner and personally love these features:
    - USB-C port on each side means I can plug the charger in either side, sooo convenient
    - Boots up and ready to go in seconds
    - Charges up super fast, was down to about 30% and I swear it was back to 100% in about an hour
    - Flipping the screen 360 into tablet mode - never had a 2-in-1 before. Very easy to use and rotates fast

    Liked it so much I went back and used the $125.00 credit to get another one lol


      I see they are back in stock now @ Big W but no longer with bonus $125 credit.

      Did you get your second one with the bonus $125 credit, or were you happy to pay the normal price of $395 now which is still decent price for this nice unit with the improved two instead of one usb C port for the similar superseded model which sold mostly for $498 @ Officework.

      For anyone wanting this now, might be able to get Officeworks to Price Beat this for extra 5% off making it around $377.

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        I actually got it from the Goodguys both times.

        The first time I showed them the BigW deal and they agreed to offer the same deal with a $125.00 Goodguys store credit instead. This seemed like a good deal to me, as I would be able to return it to an actual store if I had any issues down the road (as opposed to dealing with BigW online). They also matched it to the $395.00 price.

        To sum it up:
        - $395.00 purchase price
        - $125.00 Goodguys store credit

        Played with it all night whilst setting it up for my partner and was very impressed. Decided to try and get the same deal the next day, even though the BigW $125.00 voucher was now gone on their webpage. I think they must have checked the BigW page and saw that the deal was over, the salesman said they could not give me the same deal. I asked if they could do anything and he said the best they could do was lower the price to $387.00. I took the deal.

        To sum up the second deal:
        - $387.00 purchase price
        - Minus my $125.00 store credit
        - Final purchase price was $262.00

        I was slightly bummed I didn't get another $125.00 store credit, but that was offset by the fact I got another one for $262.00. Overall, very happy with how it all worked out :-)

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          Thanks for reply. So two of these for $328.50 each, not bad. This price might not return for a while, maybe not until end of life clearance. These are good little versatile machines, I already liked the well reviewed S330 & c330, and now this has been improved on, minus taking out the micro sd slot.

          I have had an S330 for 5 months which has a 14" mat TN panel not as nice as in the C330/C340 with it's IPS screen and slightly weaker sound, but I needed that bigger screen for my eyes.

          Would like one of these for travelling if it comes up again on sale, got to love dual USB C PD both suitable for charging either side. The touchscreen might be good to use for some uses or games lol.

          I can charge mine with many different PD power banks I have, even the low cost $19 10000mAh model, also from a car charger with USB C PD which comes in very handy indeed.

          Enjoy your new tech.

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            @ozhunter68: Hey man, it does actually have a micro SD card reader built in.


              @Arcticfox: That's great news then. Some manufacturers have stopped including these and did not see it listed in specs ( saw smething in picture that thought was a micro sd slot ), so thought Lenovo let go of that too now on these models.

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    My C340 arrived this morning (30 December). Been playing with it for a few hours and am most impressed so far!

    • +1 vote

      Wish egift card just arrived too. Nice.

      • +1 vote

        You know the model before this which is for the most part pretty similar had really great reviews for the lower below $500 market and does most things of Chromebooks double the price.

        Like I mentioned earlier, because I needed a 14" screen rather than smaller, I was tempted with the smaller brother C330 as it had brighter IPS touchsreen 2 in 1 and slightly better sound too.

        Will definitely look out for another deal on this as I could see myself using this as a handy traveler.

        • +1 vote

          I'm still legit impressed with this whole thing. For the price, it's amazing what it can do. The bezels are a bit thick and resolution is a bit low, but in practice I don't mind and the battery is great. Using it at a cafe and not really needing to worry about it so much because it's thick/strong is a great feeling. Even connected to the internet tethering on my Xiaomi phone (surprisingly as I thought instant tethering wasn't supported on anything other than those listed).

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    I find it interesting that the moment the deal is finished (ie the gift card promotion is gone) and back up to $395, it's suddenly available for pick up. I know it was definitely available for pick up in some of those stores as I physically went there during the boxing day week and saw them in the glass cabinets! I guess this was their way to avoid confusion arising from the gift card promotion which was online only.

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