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ATuMan LS-1S Rechargable Laser Rangefinder $12.86 US (~$18.60 AU) Delivered @ Banggood


This deal is back and thanks to a better exchange rate it's now cheaper than before!

  • Apply the coupon BG2455 at checkout

It's a laser rangefinder that can measure up to 40m with an accuracy of +/-2mm, comes with a built-in rechargable battery, has an aluminium build, and won a 2019 German iF Design Award.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate and should stack with cashback.

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  • I bought it from the last deal and found it really easy to use. Now one thing that might not be apparent is that it is really, really tiny. From the picture you'd imagine it's something huge, but it is smaller than the palm of your hand. If you are after something handy and easy to carry around, that would be a plus I suppose.

    • The 4th image is quite accurate. I have both this and the LS-1 for small DIY projects and they're good.

    • Yeah I got the LS-P which I think is the same size and thought the same thing when I got it, wasn't expecting it to be stick of gum sized.

      Haven't used much yet but seems pretty decent. Was about 2.5mm out which can be corrected in the calibration settings (though only by whole mm's so I guess is left 0.5mm out which can't complain about for a ~$20 gadget.)

  • Does this use USB Type C?

  • Why is does it come as $19.63 for me? Not sure on how to use this site.

    • Why is does it come as $19.63 for me? Not sure on how to use this site.

      Apply the coupon BG2455 at checkout

      • Remove shipping insurance at checkout if covered by payment schemes such as PayPal.
      • Possibly foreign exchange fluctuations.
  • OK so this might seem silly but for those who’ve owned this — does it emit a laser dot? As it’s secondary task after it’s done measuring will be to entertain my cat..

  • so tempted to buy one…

  • I need reasons to buy this.

    Someone convince me

    • Get accurate bed dimensions for when you will be selling your bed.

      I was impressed by this kind of technology when a blinds salesmans came to provide a quote for roller shutters. Impress the next salesman with this.

      • I literally just came down to my PC from upstairs where I was measuring for beds!

    • The Jones family next door!

  • So this thing measures from the base and not the laser?

  • It’s telling me “This coupon only applies to specific products.“ am I doing something wrong?

  • Just bought one. Not really sure why? Thanks OP !

  • Warning, either I need to calibrate this or this doesn't measure accurately, it is random and is off 100% of the time.

  • +1 vote

    Sadly BG2455 does not seem to work. I also get the 'This coupon only applies to specific products" warning. BTW Bunnings sell Bosch rangefinders for about $39, which isn't much more than the $29 for this uh, alternative brand, once you include the Banggood postage and if this coupon has expired.

    Of course, its max range is 20 metres, so may be inadequate for manhood measuring for some. Prob ok for making sure your new sofa fits though.

    • You've got the exact one linked in the deal from CN warehouse and logged in? As it still works for me.

  • Bought, dunno why

  • Bought, dunno why

  • I’ll grab one. It’ll be good fun to measure the internal dimensions of your house and 3D print the layout for LEGO mini figs to play in.

    • Apparently there is a Bosh model that takes measurements and bluetooths them to an app that makes plans up for you automatically

  • Is this only good for measuring a point in the distance? I.e. distance to wall. Can it be used to measure say the width of a table accurately?

    • Would have to put something like a book at the end of the table for laser to bounce back.

    • You can’t with this EDM device alone (you have to also use a calculator) but more expensive ones usually have a plus/minus feature where you would for example measure from the further side of a table to a wall, then subtract the distance between the table and the wall on the closer side. You can also use a sticky note to create a surface to shoot the laser at.

  • Thanks OP, bought.

  • Thanks OP, got one. Sounds like a good replacement for a tape measure from time to time.

  • handy for construction? thinking of gift….

  • This one came up cheaper for me and seems to have a few more features anyone own one?

    • Tips: Please aim the laser at the human eye to avoid injury

      If you insist!

      Out of stock anyway.

    • Is this one better?

      • Yes it seems to have more features, i bought it because for me it was coming up a few dollars cheaper then the one in the OP's deal.

  • always check the price of an item on Ebay before ordering from Bangood - years ago they were a very good online seller before they became extremely Greedy.

  • So is this good value? or just shows more that Ozbargains voting system needs to change.. people are justing buying to be part of it.. more waste?

  • I use one of these for work at least once a week, tape measures can be impossible sometimes - if the awards and reviews are true, it looks like a good unit, maybe better than the other cheapie I have (which I got as I found the pro expensive units no better)…. for that price it's worth a shot..

  • 100+ up-votes. I am buying one

  • Edit - my bad - I had US$ set - sorry.

    Nearly the same price at Gearbest $18.99 + $1.75 postage.

  • Is this any good for measuring the distance to the next hole

  • Do not *need one..
    Still bought one..
    Always check with a real tape measure for important stuff…

  • With accuracy of +-2mm and distance of 40m its more a tape measure than rangefinder.

    Rangefinders are more like +- 1meter and distance of 600m

  • Still don't need one but I've always wanted one, and can't resist a good deal. Bought. :-)
    Forgot about PayPal insurance and forgot to uncheck insurance. $0.50 extra. Oh well.

  • Pointed it at the moon and it said 384,400 km. Seems too far.

  • EDIT: Nevermind, saw it stated on the ordering page as "Shipping time:7-25 business days".. still, given there's no tracking it's a little worrisome!

    First time ordering from Banggood on 27 December — how long is the expected shipment? Even though I paid the extra 50c for 'insurance' I figured it'd have tracking but I haven't heard a peep other than 'it'll ship'!?

  • I got mine delivered yest. Amazing little piece of device I must say!