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Woolworths Baby Leaf Spinach 1/2 Price 120g $1.50 / 280g $2.50 @Woolworths


Package baby leaf spinach 1/2 price at Woolworths. No need to wait for after work discount.

120g $1.50
280g $2.50

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    What is afterwork discount ?

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      They reduce prices in the evening, after most people have gone home. Problem is your buying old produce.

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        That’s not true, prices are normally reduce in the afternoon/early evening.

        • Either way you're buying old produce. They mark down the salads that are close to the best before.

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    Not in all states

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    Not in Brisbane

  • +15

    …i cant be leaf that price!

  • Wasn’t discounted in Brisbane

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    Didn't have a tag in my Woolies, buy it all the time and didn't notice the discount. (Melb)

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    I get a big bag from spud shed for 1.99

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    I'm strong to the finish coz I eat my spinach.

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      I'd be interested to hear Popeye's opinion on this baby spinach though. Could he still give Bluto a beat down with baby spinach?

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    I find the Woolies "washed and ready to eat" spinach always wet and mushy compared to the Aldi "washed and ready to eat" which has a cheaper everyday price and is crispy fresh and not soaking wet mush. Is it just me?

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      In any case please wash your chosen spinach. Some harmful bacteria love a moist environment with fantastic growing conditions like light, a food source, and a non-perforated bag.

  • Spinach Is more expensive than 5* beef… no brainer

  • Great, now the vegans can stop eating my lawn…

  • Just in time for my new year's resolution diet!

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    Smoothie pro-tip: buy several 280g bags & freeze - when frozen, flatten the bag to save space in freezer & make it easier to pour in blender.

    • +1

      you can buy frozen spinich and it is orders of magnitude cheaper.

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    I dont see half price on woolies website

  • Where or when is this deal available?

    Not coming up at my Gold Coast locals or on your online link.

    70 upvotes, Other than old stock has anyone actually got it half price?

  • Just tried at Woolies Northland (VIC). Scanned for $5 and when I asked the attendant and showed him the online price of $2.50, I was simply told they don't match the online website price. Shame, missed out on marked down spinach by going for a full priced bag.

  • Not in Sydney

  • Full price at Boronia VIC

  • Full price gold coast

  • Big discounts in Subiaco,WA.

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    (Obligatory plastic comment)

  • -1

    you guys actually eat non-organic food?

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