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Xiaomi Mi M365 PRO Electric Scooter Portable Folding Design $733.32 Delivered @ PB TECH


Hey Everyone, PB Tech having sale for Xiaomi M365 Pro, $733.32 For the scooter

Note, if you don't check out via credit card, additional PayPal fee of $10 will be charged

Humm (buy now pay later) option available however requires $20 surcharge

1 Per Customer Limit

Fast and free 2-4 Business Day Shipping

ENDS 9PM on 31st of December 2019

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  • Price in title???

  • Don't forget price in the title.

  • Price (and store) in title, please

  • Great a scooter you can't drive anywhere in public in most states

  • Why not allowed on the road ?

    • Depends on the state. QLD has an exemption for these sorts of vehicles, whilst other states consider them unregistered motor vehicles and thus illegal for use on public roads.

      • ACT is legalising them too. The other states are hold-outs at this point.

        • I believe that legislation passed the Assembly just before Christmas, and these are now legal in the ACT(as long as you don’t go over 25Km/h on a cycle path, or 10Km/h on a footpath).

  • Why additional paypal fee?

  • Thanks OP for posting the deal. I ordered on Sunday. Delivery was supposed to be 2-4 business days, and the email confirmation said I would receive an email once the goods are shipped. By my count there have now been 3 business days and it doesn't appear the goods have shipped. Has anyone else who ordered received the scooter yet or any information from pbtech? I have sent them a message as well.

    • Hey Andy, I had the same issue with these guys, turns out they don’t even ship to Australia! What a muck around. I should have read their company reviews before ordering, only negative things heard from other customers. After a week of waiting, I was advised that the airlines will not allow them to ship this scooter to Australia, what did they say to you?

      • Hi Checho, they said that customs had deemed it as dangerous goods and they can't send it by air. They were unable to give an ETA and said they may have to cancel the order. Their website still says:
        Delivery: Order now and it ships tomorrow
        Estimated Delivery Times
        NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD - Within 2-4 working days
        SA, WA, TAS, NT - Within 4-8 working days

        Not good. :(

        • Yep! Really sorry Andy, apparently this is how they do business! I received a refund, if you by any chance get The scooter delivered, do let me know! Again, I didn’t know, just saw a good deal online. PS, - they also sell on Kogan.com.au under the name ‘Big Red Tech’, but they don’t ship via Kogan either, I tried, so avoid there. In general just avoid unless you live in New Zealand I guess. Hope you find a good deal!! On eBay they’re about $800 at the moment which isn’t bad but $730 was definitely better haha

          • @Checho: I asked for a refund - they responded quickly saying they have refunded me and said it may take a couple of days to come through to my credit card. I will post back here once I receive it.

            There are other good deals around, for example https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/510955.

          • @Checho: Hi Checho, sorry about the delay with the update. I did receive the refund - it came through on 17 January after a few emails back and forth with PB Tech. While the staff I dealt with were all nice and tried to help, I would have reservations about recommending them. The refund should not have taken so long, and the scooters should have been pulled from the AU site as soon as they realised they couldn't ship them.

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