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18.4% off Storewide (Some Exclusions) @ digiDIRECT


Get 1918.4% Off Storewide.
Use coupon code GOODBYE2019 for a further 4% off already discounted 15% off pricing. 2019 minutes only. Must end midnight New Years Eve.

Terms: https://www.digidirect.com.au/terms

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    Is it just online or in store as well?

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    Title should be 4% off already discounted 15% or something similar as this is different to 19% off

    • +5

      I was excited to get 19% off the store until I realised this… ah well

      • +3

        tbf their banner says "19% off"

        edit: just tried with a Sony A7iii and the price is correct (19% off RRP)… well can't wait for used prices to push down after this.

  • -1

    I bought something yesterday so this is a little bit annoying lol

    • -1

      Yeah same here.

    • Why not send them a polite message and ask if they can refund the difference? I had the same thing happen with a different seller. Bought a camera body from Videopro on the 20th, they dropped the price by $200 on the 24th, and happily refunded the difference when I asked if they could assist. Companies worth their salt will do this. While not required by law, it fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty.

      • Yeah, I picked up something at the start of December during one of their 15% off sale days, and the store rep assured me that if it was cheaper on boxing day, he would refund the difference to me.

        • +2

          That's pretty crazy, but good on them. It would be totally reasonable for them fo fall back on pre-xmas vs post-xmas sales not being entirely comparable. ie - you can't buy gifts on boxing day to give on xmas day. Retail is getting pretty desperate, which is great for us in the short-term, but not so much for the economy long term.

  • Any price protection? Just bought lens worth of 5000+ 1 week ago…

    • Which lens?

      • SEL2470GM & SEL70200GM

        • Nice, I was tempted by the new sigma 24-70 2.8. Less than half the price of the GM

          • @qvinto: I just bought the Sigma. Just picked it up

          • @qvinto: It is now ridiculously cheap. Something like $1,250 or so. Ouch my budget!

    • +3

      28 degrees?

    • +3

      I brought 7k equipment last week as well. I just chat the customer service.

      They don't do price protection. But you have 14 days exchange, so you can exchange to store credit and reorder.

      • +1

        Did you successfully exchange it to the store credit? I can’t find their T&C that states the 14 days exchange condition. Just bought several items last sale and feeling kinda annoyed, I thought I already got the best price.

        • Curious on this too, I tried customer service chat and got told that I couldn't do that. But it might depend on the rep too.

        • -3

          Same here. Only found a rep said the exchange policy is on a case by case basis, other reps just refused. Considering posting a negative review on social media to push them.

    • Ring the company and ask maybe?

      • Unfortunately not… T_T

      • Tried the customer service chat and got refused as well :(

        • So frustrating!

  • Code now working with gopro

    • Didn't work for me just now.

      • +1

        The code is working for me with the HERO7, but you only get 4% (around $17.88) off the original price and bringing it down to $429.22.

        It's kind-of a bargain, but not quite the 18.4/19% that would have been hoped for.

  • +3

    Lots of exclusions from store wide sale. Was wanting to nab a DJI Mavic Mini drone but excluded from discount.

    • +3

      Yeh false advertising. I was one of the lucky ones to get the Mavic Mini on the last sale.

      • +3

        digiDirect is notorious for this and it affects the products I would buy the most. While this sale has the products I want on sale, several past ones labeled as '15% off everything' have been quite clearly misleading. I'd accept some exclusions but not when they aren't even listed in a prominent manner or at all in some cases. Whoever is writing up these ads needs a talking to. I've been screenshotting and saving pages from past sales/ads to provide proof to the authorities. If they don't stop with the misleading ads I'll send it through.

        • I don't think that digiDirect will do anything about it unless they are called out by the ACCC. As you correctly point out, they have a history of making such claims.

  • +6

    I think the slow down in the camera industry is getting serious. Not seen these sorts of sales in the past

    • +3

      Mainly thanks to every smartphone in the last 5 years having a pretty decent camera already, regular people don't need these fancy DSLR cameras anymore.

      Hobbyists and professionals are where this market lies now

  • +12

    Storewide but excluding Mavic Mini. This is not considered storewide.

    • +9

      Looking at the HUGE list of exclusions there's no way they can call this "storewide" !!!

    • +7

      I did a search on some of the Peak Design products and half of them are not even discounted. Either I’m stupid and I don’t know what sitewide means or these guys are trying to bait advertise.

      • +5

        Agree. This isn’t a storewide sale.

    • +3

      Storewide but there are exclusions….hrm… no thanks.

  • Doesn't appear to be working for camera bags?

    • +1

      Update : At the start of my post, the code was NOT working for a Peak Design camera bag I was looking at.

      90 minutes later, the coupon applies to the bag. However, this is only a 4% discount. The bag in question is NOT discounted, and has no active promotions against it. As per the promo banner of the sale, the full 19% discount should apply to it.

      I like Digi Direct as a store, but this is a pretty poorly executed sale. The banner on the main page still says 19% sitewide? This sale should be listed as 4% off selected items only. If I didn't like this store, I would have negged this deal.

  • +2

    Hero8 >> The coupon code "GOODBYE2019" is not valid.

    • +1

      It's excluded. Promotion is not storewide and has a HUGE list of exclusions.

  • good price for the tamron 28-75. Spicy but I think i'll put it off a little longer

  • +2

    Might as well just call it, "up to 19% off". I get the feeling that customers have become all too familiar with "up to XX% off sales", and now they're just changing the language a little.

  • +2

    Wow, was just about to buy a lens yesterday! Thank you so much.

    FujiFilm XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR Lens for $1299 after 15% off, and now $1247.66 with a further 4% off.
    Then a $250 Cashback from Fujifilm.

    Cheaper than buying second hand on ebay! Plus I get a TRS refund too.

    • I'm glad you got a good price. The stuff I'm looking at isn't cheaper at this store even with 19% off.

      How do you plan to deal with the TRS being > $900? Just take your chances?

      • +1

        Yes, take chances or give it to a mate, and its also at an amount where customs generally CBF calculating the duties again if you do declare it (They need to take into account depreciation of the time you were away).

  • +1

    Don't forget you can price match at Chatswood, Castle Hill and Parramatta Sony stores and use instore CR for an additional $50 off the total price via CR. I'm still in front despite this extra 4% but it would have been nice to get the 35mm F1.8 for $870.

  • +2

    *storewide may or may not include storewide

    • +3

      only 19% of the store

  • +7

    GOODBYE2019 = 19% off.

    Cannot wait to say goodbye to 2099.

    • +2

      It will probably be 9% off then

    • everything cost 99% of the RRP

  • +1

    18.4% just doesn't have the same ring about it. How about 20% off for 2020?

  • does not apply to everything

  • +7

    since when is storewide not storewide

  • Just ordered a light for Gopro and will pick it up tomorrow. Great price though. :)

  • Ah now we know, to aim for 18.4% or better :D

    I bought a lens in November, 15% off became $1700, friendly salesperson was able to reduce $70 more to get me to buy instead of walking out. It was exactly 18.4%.

    It's a great deal, B&H is selling at the same price, but in US dollar. :D

  • +2

    Not storewide as per original posting

    • +2

      It feels very "Bait'n'Switch"

      • It's crappy for digidirect to call it a storewide discount, but it definitely isn't even close to being bait and switch.

  • +1

    What are the bargains?

    • +1

      Tamron 28-75 for Sony is a bargain. Everything else is subjective

      • +1

        Sigma 24-70mm for Sony is an even better bargain

  • +9

    Let’s not look a horse gift in the mouth. This is a decent discount on the items that I looked at, not the fake 20% discounts on EBay throughout the year (really 3-5% after the jackings). Granted that there are exclusions, no doubt either the margins are not there or the demand is greater than supply. +1 from me.
    E.g. Sony E 16-70mm F4 Carl Zeiss ZA OSS Lens

    • +3

      I agree, it might be a wrong titled but certainly doesn't deserve a neg, a 15% storewide is already a great deal for most items, plus additional 4% is the cheapest I've seen at DigiDirect (and any other store in Aus).
      My eye is on the 5DMk4 & Grip.

  • +2

    This is not storewide sale with so many exclusions on their T&Cs. False marketing!

  • +1

    Most prices look already inflated.
    Eg. Canon EOS R already $2198.10 @ Amazon -https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07K1MNNHK?pf_rd_p=d6df8f50-50c9-43f1-980f-106d5c4127a5&pf_rd_r=VJF9VAPQHY2NWV7DKYGR

  • +1

    Negging this "19% off storewide" as it is neither 19% or even close to storewide. Deal may have been updated but website advertising hasn't.

  • +2

    I don't care what other neg because some items are excluded. The 5DMkIV & grip is 19% off, bringing it down to $3295.82 is a steal. Cheapest you can get any where in Aus. Time for an upgrade I guess…

  • +1

    Looking for a GoPro and its excluded. Way too many exclusions to be allowed to use the term "storewide"

  • +2

    Website is trash, cant even filter by mount type because they have not tagged most items in the system.

  • +1

    Good prices, just put in price protection claims for a few items (lots of items cheapest I've seen for local stock e.g. Tamron 28-75, sony Fe 85 1.8, peak design dual capture clip).

    • I claimed some pp yesterday. I have to take screenshots again for another claim.

  • +3

    Although there might be some things not included, I'm definitely giving this a "positive" because nearly all the big-ticket items are included. This is going to save considerable dollars for those OzBargain readers looking to buy lenses or camera bodies. Thanks to DD for posting this on OzB.

  • +1

    If the digidirect marketing team were honest (eg. storewide), and they could do basic maths (eg 19% vs 15% + 4%) from the outset, they would be praised for the stuff that is cheap…instead of stupidly (and imo, unnecessarily) shooting themselves in the foot.

  • +4

    I'm sure the digidirect guys read this thread: guys, I have had great experiences with you guys in the past and been well looked after so this isn't a hatchet job. But the huge amount of exclusions means you really can't call this storewide. Yes, storewide sales do often have exclusions, but it's usually a small number - not such a massive list of high profile items.

    The discounts on some of your top stuff is appreciated, but rather than look dodgy, better to just call it a general sale. You'll get the same amount of traffic and not blow your goodwill.

  • Is pickup not available? When I try to select store it doesnt seem to accept anything?

  • Some stores not accepting pick up like Sydney CBD?

    That Sigma 24-70 2.8 is really tempting. It's a cut above the Tamron

    • Not quite, The Tamron 24-70 2.8 G2 is my choice of weapon.

      • All the reviews have mentioned the Sigma is quite a bit better in terms of autofocus, distortion, sharpness, focus breathing and the more useful wider end. It's comparable to the GM (although the GM is a bit better)
        It is more heavier and larger though than the Tamron (and a few hundred dollars more)

        edit: Sigma bought! It will go nicely with the Samyang 85 1.4 prime I have so I'll utilise this 2 lens combo.

        • I'm sure you can't go wrong with either Sigma Art or Tamron G2. Having used the Tamron for the past 2 years, it serves me well with nearly 100 weddings & events without an issue.
          I'm interested with the Samyang 85mm for my Sony A7 as a hobby lens though. Let me know how you go with it.

    • Overall, it is also a cut above the GM according to the most comprehensive review of the Sigma to date:


  • +4

    Exclusion lists like this should be prevented from being posted as site wide.

    • +1

      Actually posting them too, since digging them up requires guessing which link on the linked page actually contains the exclusions…

  • +1

    Just tested on their website for a camera I'm looking at and it offered the full 19%, not 18.4%!

    • It appears so. I tested a few items, they are all legitimately 19% off.

      • +1

        Yeah it looks like they have changed it, I added something to my cart this morning and it is showing an extra ~$20 off since then.

  • To be fair the majority of the items indeed has a discount including some very recent releases (e.g e-m5 III). Wording could be improved, but still a deal worth publishing.

  • +1

    I just picked up my Sigma 24-70 2.8 Sony mount from Digidirect in store. Was true 19%. Happy camper

  • Storewide for a very narrow definition of what is part of the store.

    I use Digidirect for being reliable and local with local warranty but I have had some great bargains over the years but their customer service has always been…patchy.

    • +3

      Their customer service is not so great. Every order of mine either had items missing or never arrived until I had to call & follow up to find out they had no stock.

      • I have had friendly service in their Sydney store in person. And I have also had gruff grunting answers on the phone. Like I said. Patchy.

  • Interested to know when the Mavic minis will ship from the last sale..

    I desperately need mine, as my spark is cooked.

  • Can anyone manage to get the store clicked on their website when ordering for pickup? I can't seem to work out how, I've tried two different browsers.. Thanks

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