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PROMAX BARS 20 Grams of Protien and 18 Vitamins 7 Flavours to Choose from ONLY $1.49 Each + Ship


Promax bars taste Great, Suppliment a snack, Aid in Weight loss, Great for Body builders.

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  • How do they help prevent muscle loss?

    • I imagine because you're eating these which are protein-rich rather than eating a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps, therefore compared to other foods teamed with a decent exercise regime, you are reducing your chances of losing weight merely through losing muscle? It's a very strange way of putting it though, I'll give you that.

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    Somtimes when Restricting calorie intake in order to loose weight, Consumed Protien and Amino Acid is not enough to sustain current lean muscle mass, By Increasing your protien intake it reduces Muscle Catabolisim.

    More lean Muscle you have, the more calories burnt to sustain them, The less , Well reduction in calorie consumption.

  • If you'd like to see the nutritional info…

  • They seem to be pretty high in carbs for those wanting to go on high protein diets to lose weight.
    This could throw off people wanting to stick to certain macros

    Do you have anything with less carbs?

  • You should mention that the minimum order is $20 ("I'm sorry but the minimum amount per order is $20.00 or above."
    AND Shipping is $8-$15 ontop (or free pickup at Broadmeadows store in Melb)
    Melb: $8
    Sydney: $10.30
    NSW Rural: $12.80
    Bris: $10.70
    Perth: $15.25

    These are great prices, but these details should be mentioned..

  • Also, as a clearance store. What is the expiry date on these bars?


      Great Question, All stock sold on NQR online is in date, These bars are next year Best Before, On each one in the product details it states at the bottom of each of our products what the date is.

  • I buy these instore. Our 18 year old son loves them for when he works out at the gym. He likes the Rocky Road flavour best. Great buy!!

  • Prices seem pretty good, but Soy Protein makes it a no from me.

  • They are cheaper here

    "Aid in Weight loss". Terrible advice. They are very high in sugar. Should only be taken if you are trying to gain weight.

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    I luv to parmp iunn! Get to da chopper!