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Nvidia Shield TV with Controller and Remote $248 @ Harvey Norman ($239 if Price Match with Shoppingexpress.com.au)


* Limit of 2 per customer.

Versatile and convenient to use, the Nvidia Shield TV with Controller and Remote lets you access streaming services, watch shows through TV apps or free over-the-air broadcasts, and stream games from your GeForce-powered PC* to your TV for an exciting and immersive entertainment experience. Powered by a Nvidia Tegra X1 processor with a 256-core GPU and 3GB RAM, it provides optimum performance to let you smoothly switch between apps and quickly access content.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Is this the 2019 model?

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      No. Just look at the remote.

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      Nope. It would say "Pro" and has the Tegra X1+ processor.

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        And unfortunately every review I've seen suggests no noticeable performance improvement despite that. The Shield is having the same problem their top end GPU line has, lack of competition. 4 years and a 3rd release later and it's still basically the same thing.

    • Cheers, quick Google search may have answered my question. Thanks

      • No confirmation of Australia yet…. mind you, they didn't confirm the 2019 model at all and it was on shelves overseas…

        Such a balls up release.

    • +1

      I just checked with HN via chat and they are happy to price match with Shoppingexpress price.

      • Did u get a link?
        Live chat not price matching for me.
        Or (longshot) if anyone would pm me their order number?

        • Live chat wouldn't price match for me either.
          They claimed it was 'under market value'.

  • Dick Smith - Kogan have it for the same price ($248) if that helps anyone.

  • Contacted Nvidea - new Pro model due for release late Jan in AU.

    • Benchmarks showed it’s not a true 20% increase, so not much point

  • If you already have a PS4/XBOX1 controller, should you buy the Shield alone to save money or the included controller in this deal is better supported?

  • Can the Shield record OTA TV?

    • Yep.

      You can use a HDHomeRun to record directly to the Shield using Plex or the HDHomerun app, or a Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD USB tuner to record directly to the Shield using Plex.

  • Any advantage to getting the 2019 model over this?

    I know with the old model the remote is a little dodgy but reviews show no different in performance between old and new. Also this comes with game Controller

    • +1

      The new Shield has:

      • Dolby Vision and Atmos (for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ etc)
      • AI upscaling
      • New remote (Motion-activated, backlit buttons, user-customisable button, IR control for your TV, built-in lost remote locator, uses AAA batteries, dedicated Netflix button)
      • Faster SoC
      • New "Match content frame rate" feature
      • Plex has been updated to include Dolby Vision (can already passthrough Atmos), and can use the AI upscaling too

      Saying that, the 2015 / 2017 Shields should be getting the "Match content frame rate" feature (which is nice, but it can already do auto frame rate matching using the Refresh Rate tool below), and Dolby Vision on some apps (it's coming to Disney+, but won't be available on Netflix AFAIK):


  • The advantages of the new (2019) model that i'm aware of are better up-scaling to 4K (But not system wide, only select apps) and support for Dolby Vision HDR and ATMOS Decode (I need pass-though anyway)
    It does have a slightly faster processor as well, but seeing that gain (At least at the moment) is very subtitle.
    More info here:

    For me, i don't have any but will pick up the 2019 model once out, or import (~$335 AUD)

    • $287aud from amazon atm if you have prime.

      • link?

          • @DisabledUser222687: Are you saying if i get prime shipping and GST is free from the US?
            (I currently don't have Prime AU)

            • @nfenech: Shit, I forgot about GST.

              • @DisabledUser222687: All good. But to confirm, shipping would be free form the US with Prime? Might have to look into that depending on what price it's released here for might still be a good deal.

                • @nfenech: Looks like $16 shipping with $30 GST. Not sure whether to pull the trigger.

                • +1

                  @nfenech: And yes, I have Amazon AU prime, which seemed to make no difference

                  • +2

                    @a22andrew: Thanks for checking.

                    I'm going to hold out to the end of Jan to see what the price in is AU before ordering from US.
                    And it's out of stock ATM anyway, so i'd be waiting regardless.

  • I was super keen to get the 2019 model, and I snagged the Sony 85” 85g during the GG 20% deal; Is there much point In still getting the shield, as the majority of the features advertised on the shield, are part of the TV?

    • Can you use a controller on the Sony TV and play roms on emulator apps?
      If you can’t, you’ll need this nvidia box.

  • I have two Nivida shield controller
    All of them developed same issue after few months of use.
    They all move by themselves without me controlling it. One of the controller I was lucky enough to get it replaced, but after one year the same issue happened again
    I have given up on these controllers. Please consider it twice before buying such controller.

  • I'm thinking to buy the old model when the new model is released here. Does anyone know what sort of price reductions to expect?

    I have to say, the controller issues mentioned above are rather disconcerting. Found this, not an isolated case:


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