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[VIC] Crest Curved Power Board with 3x USB-A 1X USB-C Fast Charging Ports Now $10 @ Bunnings Highpoint


Updated post of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/502807
USB Fast Charge Power Board 3.5A Max USB output, 5V output. 3x USB-A, 1x USB-C fast charge. Maximum Total Load 10A 2400W

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    FYI I saw this in Chatswood (NSW) as well for same price


    Saw this at Oxley QLD. Better option for me, since it has multiple outlets.


    I came for this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/510182 but they had been snapped up already!

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    does come back when throw it


    What grade is the USB-C?



      • 4 Socket Powerboard
      • 3 High Speed USB-A Ports
      • 1 High Speed USB-C Port
      • Master On/Off Switch
      • Surge & Overload Protection
      • Easy Grip Right Angle Plug
      • Non-Slip Pads


      • Voltage: 240V a.c. 50Hz
      • Maximum Current: 10 A
      • Maximum Power: 2400W
      • USB Maximum Output: 5V d.c. 3.5 A
      • Surge Protection: 175 Joules
      • Designed & Tested to Australian Standards
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    I bought 4 of these a few weeks ago because they were 'fast charge'. They are not, so I returned them.

    I tested them all at various times and they only drew 0.9A (singular port testing, as well as all in use). It turns out 1 port = 0.9 regardless if one or all ports are in use, or one or more powerpoints are in use.

    I used various fast charge Android Tablets and phones, 2 Xiaomi fast charge phones, adapters, and a USB current tester. They all produced the same 'normal' charge outcome. No fast charge in sight. I even bought a 3.5A HPM 'fast charge' and that produced 1.3A. It's shocking that companies can get away with false advertising.

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      When I attach my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 via the USB-C port (USB-C to USB-C cable) it shows as Fast Charging. When I use a USB-A to USB-C cable (which came with the Tab power charger) and obviously plug it into one of the 3 USB-A ports then it only says Charging. So, there is Fast Charging definitely with the USB-C port. Same when I plug in my Moto G6 +, it says TurboPower connected when using the USB-C to USB-C cable plugged into the USB-C port.

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        Sadly, for me, no fast charge on any ports, with different cables used as well.

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        I think the devices can interpret "fast charging" poorly.

        I also have a car charger that I know can only do 5v 2a max
        when i plug in my phone it also says "charging quickly"

        i think ive never actually seen it actually go to the 5v 2a max; 1.5a is probably the highest ive ever seen it as the charger has a lcd on it.

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          "I think the devices can interpret "fast charging" poorly.

          Yes, I'm not sure the devices ended up charging that much faster, certainly not as quickly as they would have done with the devices' own power chargers but for $10 I'm not complaining too much.

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      technically its not false advertising

      the difference is
      1) fast charge

      2) qualcomm (TM) fast charge

      if it never specifically states (2) then how can you expect it to be the qualcomm fast charge 2/3/4 9/12/20v versions

      the difference in "1) fast charge" and regular charge can be argued as 5v 2a which is the max at 5v and anything below which is not fast charge.

      If you say that it only draws a max of 0.9a then ok in this case its not even "1) fast charge" but I do think also that 5v 2a is a theoretical maximum and doesnt always hit this mark.

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    I picked up 2 (probably the last) for $5 each at Mentone, Vic. Can confirm they are not super-fast-charge-whatever. I'll probably keep them at this price point but I am dissapointed.

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