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Caltex $5 Cashback for $40 Spend - CommBank App Rewards


Found this on CommBank app. Not sure if targeted. I accessed on the app via What's New, then Take me to awards. Make sure you activate first.

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  • Got it. I hadn't got other good rewards so never bother to check. Thanks for sharing.

    Edit - Mine is for $50 spend not $40. Forgot to mention earlier.
    Now to see if CashRewards is running their Caltex promotion.

  • Not in mine, probably targeetted

  • targetted, not in mine

  • Must be targeted. I got it but with a $50 spend

  • Thanks, never realised there was a rewards section within the app. My offer is different - spend $50 or more 2 times to receive the $5 cashback

    • Mine says that too.
      Im confused.

      Does it mean you can use it twice or you have to spend $50 x2 to get $5 once?

      • It's not very clear. Could be wrong but I'm going to assume it's one cashback of $5. Otherwise surely it would be described as a "$10 cashback when you spend $50 or more 2 times"?

        So confusing… or it means you can get $5 cashback on two occasions when you spend over $50?

        • So what do you think the "two times" refers to?

          Its as confusing as hell

        • Means you have to spend $50 twice to get the $5.
          During Christmas i got $15 cashback at Myer when I spent $150x2. I bought two sunnies so i just made two seperate transactions and i was just credited the $15.

          • @than89: If it is twice ($100 total) to get the $5 isn't worth the trouble, as can instead do the 5% off wish cards and go to Woolworths Caltex without having to worry about spend amount.

            edit: don't know how to remove the @ tag in my comment, but my comment in general on the topic (not directed at user)

  • got it thx

  • Great! It is here!

  • TARGETED because im under 21 years old… SMH
    neg this

    • Don't be alarmed; I am well over 21, have held Commonwealth bank accounts since primary school and have an Australian home address, and I don't qualify either. Seems to more relate to "eligible" cards.

  • Thanks Op. Got it on my partners phone, but not mine and we have a joint account.

  • I got nothing, cos I don't have eligible card :(

  • "Eligible Debit or Credit Mastercard"?

  • Does buying fuel count?

  • Not sure if cheaper or just use the 7 eleven ozbargain GPS method.

  • I haven't got the $5 from Dec yet, not sure how slow is CommBank. Unlike AMEX there is no email confirmation that offer was been used (redeemded), so its sort of draw of luck like cashback.

    • I got a notification that offer has been used, when I clicked in the app under activity it said claimed and the credit will be processed in 14 days. You are right the notification is not instant like Amex. So basically you cant fill petrol, only star mart and the foodary it seems

  • got my cashback today!

  • Can someone tell me where to find the rewards section in the app pls

  • More info here, other offers also available

  • Can someone confirm? Is it only at Starmart or does fuel/petrol count?

  • Mine is $5 for $50 spend.

  • Mine is 50 for two times lol

  • How do you find the participating locations? It just takes me to a link with all the Caltex location in Australia on a map.

    • The promotion is via commonwealth bank so wherever you are using the eligible and enabled card for the transaction at Caltex and above the minimum spend it will count.

  • holy cow - just filled my tank today . I should check ozb more frequently.

  • I have been with CBA for more than 13 years and they have not rolled out CommBank Rewards to me yet…

    Went to CBA opposite to QVB, customer service said my phone is too old that might be why I dont see CommBank Rewards in Products and offers in the CommonBank App. That is completely BS to me and I told her I will find out.

    Called CBA customer service, the reasonable answer was that CommBank Rewards program just started not long ago, have not yet rolled out to me so I have to wait for it.

    That's how big company treat their loyal customer nowadays, disappointed, I stopped using their diamond credit card immediately…

  • Does Caltex sell gift cards? Anyone tried using the offer to purchase GC?

  • All I've got is an average Menulog deal.

    It'll be interesting to see how seriously CBA take this. Regardless, it's always nice to have some more competition in this space!

  • Can you get gift cards or something from Caltex? I ride a bike so a tank for me is $15 at most

  • Yes, definitely targeted. Have current Streamline and Visa accounts but apparently I don't qualify. Nothing to show in the "What's New" tab for me.

    "We'll show you rewards if you have an eligible card, are over 21 and have an Australian home address."

    I have had Commonwealth accounts since I started primary school, well over 21 and live in Australia.

  • I got a silly $10 off $100 Menulog.

  • I got the $100 myer to get $15 back promo at the same time as caltex

    Just got a msg saying $15 will be credited soon

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