[BF] Mobile Phone Fees Waived for Volunteer Firefighters for Dec/Jan @ Vodafone


Same as the Telstra and Optus offerings. Vodafone has matched it and is offering volunteer firefighters to waives their mobile phone fees for December 2019 and January 2020.

From Vodafone:

To be attributed to Ben McIntosh, Vodafone Chief Commercial Officer:

Like all Australians we are devastated to see the effects of the continuing bush fires.

To show our gratitude to the brave volunteer firefighters who have given their time and risked their lives to protect communities, homes and animals across Australia, we are putting in place a range of measures to ensure that they have the support they need.

For a start, Vodafone will waive any mobile network usage charges for all volunteer firefighters during December and January.

To be eligible for a credit on their December 2019 and January 2020 bills, our national and state-based volunteer customers can simply call 1300 650 410 or visit a local Vodafone store and quote their official volunteer ID number and a credit for service charges will be applied to their Vodafone account.

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  • +8 votes

    Good to see more companies are getting on-board

  • +21 votes

    What Vodafone reception in the bush

    • +4 votes

      Zero to none reception with Voda, good intention Vodafone, nice tries.

      • +6 votes

        This unnecessary cynicism is just a bad reflection on the OzBargain community.

        Indulging the premise that there is no Vodafone reception in the bush, the volunteer firefighters likely come from areas which do and will be having their fees for this time waived easing their financial burden

    • +2 votes

      I am with Lebara, which uses Vodafone network. I was at Swan Reach near Bairnsdale, and travelled from Melbourne. I was pleasantly surprised that I never had any network issues for the duration of my deployment.

      • +1 vote

        At times, you would have been roaming on the Optus 3G network.

        Voda has very limited coverage in most areas regional areas.

        When i was with Voda driving to Philip Island, use to roam onto the Optus 3G netwrok in some spots.

        Below is for Mallacoota, as an example…..

        Base Stations in and around Mallacoota

        Quote from the Vodafone website…..

        Coverage Checker

        Our 4G network is our best ever and now covers over 22 million Australians. Use our coverage checker to see the network coverage in your area. Our coverage checker only shows the coverage of the Vodafone network. In selected areas of rural and regional Australia, we have arrangements with other providers so that our customers may be able to access their 3G network, but we do not guarantee future availability of those coverage areas. We’re building 177 new mobile towers in regional Australia; 74 of which are part the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program.


      That might be the idea…figherfighters cant access the network so Voda are covering the time they can't use it because there is no reception

  • +11 votes

    Unfortunately, doesn't cover the mobile payment plan or accessory payment plan fee unlike the others, just the network plan fees.

    • +1 vote

      Wow sneaky! Didn’t immediately pick up on the wording above but it does appear you’re correct


      Damn, Vodafone at this time of crisis, they're still a dodgy sneaky bunch.

      • +3 votes

        I don’t understand how offering to waive some fees is seen as dodgy, or sneaky. Are they obligated to waive everything?

        I know we’re in crisis and we should all help, but the expectations of some just seems not right.

        • +7 votes

          If other companies are waiving the whole amount and voda come out saying me too, you expect it to be the same as the other companies.


            @azza10: Why do they have to match the more generous offers of others?

            I know some people donate more to the CFA than me, I know some that donate less. Should all that donate less than the highest donator be shamed?

            Telstra earns a larger profit than voda, so I would assume they would be more generous.

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              Why do they have to match the more generous offers of others?

              Well it's all PR and marketing ploys at this point. Voda is the last one to the table and has brought a subpar offer. It leaves a bad taste in people's mouths.

              Telstra earns a larger profit than voda, so I would assume they would be more generous.

              Hmmmm I wonder why. Maybe it's because they actually come out with things like this first, have reception in the bush and don't rely on other people's networks to try and save their own deadspots?

              • -2 votes

                @pennypincher98: @pennypincher98:

                Hmmmm I wonder why. Maybe it's because they actually come out with things like this first, have reception in the bush and don't rely on other people's networks to try and save their own deadspots?

                The only way Telstra manages to make money in rural areas is that no one competes with them. Both companies know that if they competed in low population density areas they would both lose - it's not like the mobile phone market magically grows if another carrier moves in. If anything it would hurt Telstra profits and prices for both companies would go up.

                Vodafone operates in a different price and market segment to Telstra - with Telstra frequently costing 50% more. You're comparing a Lexus with a Corolla.



                  You're comparing a Lexus with a Corolla.

                  No, that would be like comparing Telstra and Boost.
                  Lexus and Toyota are the same company.

                  Vodafone operates in a different price and market segment to Telstra

                  I mean last time I looked at Voda's prices, they weren't exactly that much different. And yes Vodafone has probably come quite a way in 5+ years but at the same time, it's just going to make people wonder about staying if they feel they are missing out.

              • +1 vote


                Hmmmm I wonder why.

                Coz they charge more, and earn more, premium product, premium price.


                  @cloudy: I just looked and wow all the plans are so expensive these days.

                  I used a Galaxy S10 4G 128GB over a 24 month contract as the basis of the tests
                  Optus - $69/mth for 10GB ($30 + $39) or $79/mth for 60GB (unlimited intl calls/text)
                  Telstra - $80/mth for 15GB ($30 + $50)
                  Vodafone - $79.70/mth for 7GB ($40 $23.50 + $56.20)

                  Vodafone came out the worst value.
                  Note this isn't including JB/HN offers like a bonus $500 gift card, Optus Perks/Telstra Plus, reception comparisons or anything.

                  Is it any wonder why Telstra and Optus are so much bigger?


                    @pennypincher98: As much as you are the centre of your world, its probably better to look overall. There's no better place to look then Telstra's own marketing that they have had for years and years, which is "the best mobile network".

                    They don't market themselves as the cheapest, or best value.

                    Most people BYO phones, second most common user buys with a Apple phone. Samsung s10 I'm sure are common (in particular your world).

                    I see
                    - Telstra $60 60GB BYO
                    - Voda $50 60GB BYO
                    - Telstra $80 100GB BYO
                    - Voda $60 100GB BYO

                    I choose those plans as they are directly comparable on a GB basis.

                    I could use a $ basis, but that just leads to the similar conclusion Voda gives more Data per $.

                    Ofocurse they are slightly different as always to try to differentiate themselves, ie: Telstra recently moved to no lock in, and Voda has no data cap (throttle if you reach your cap)

                    But mostly, $ and Data are the main drivers of user choice, and on that Voda is cheaper, Telstra is 10-20% more expensive.


                      @cloudy: I picked the S10 as I believed that Android phones have a higher market share than iPhones (or at least more popular on Ozbargain) and Samsung is the most popular android brand.
                      That's not exactly "my world".

                      I notice how you've excluded Optus.

                      JB have chosen to do Telstra deals and HN/TGG have chosen to do Optus deals. Coles (Flybuys) also have Optus deals too. Vodafone has nothing.

                      Also, if you're going on SIM only plans why just compare Telstra and Voda? If you wanted the Telstra network, get Boost. Similarly, if you wanted the Voda network go Kogan.

                      Of those I know on a SIM only plan (which is a more and more popular way) none of them are actually on Telstra or Voda, but on cheaper alternatives.

    • -2 votes

      They are covering the fact these people probably can't access their network. It's a bit marketing a bit nice. Firefighters can still use their phones on wifi or to take pics. They can still use their phones as a device for calendars etc. Voda is covering the costs of not being able to access the network…but the decision some have made to get phones with additional costs.

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    We need more genuine corporate responsibility in this country, not lip service in time of crisis….note Aussie Instagramer/Comedienne girl Celeste Barber has raised around $20 million already and is heading for $25 million.Go girl!


      No, we need a properly funded government so we can put a stop to the incessant begging for handouts. There's no valid reason why a crucial public service should EVER be reliant on donations.

  • -2 votes

    To be honest, optus and vodafone dont have much coverage to the country. Only Telstra get reception…. their contribution is very low compare to telstra

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