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[eBay Plus] Viofo A119 V3 Quad HD $112.65 Delivered @ Apus eBay


For eBay Plus members, Pluto100 gives $10 off and stacks with $30 off at Apus Express.

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  • Anyone able to comment on their satisfaction with these? Do they survive in the Australian sun etc.

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      pretty satisfied with the A119 V2, not sure about the V3s (should be better?). surviving well during a hot day where my Haribo Sweet & Sour Bears melted into 1 big gummy ball.

      • How dare you wasted the gummy bear

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          He didn't say he didn't still eat it….

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            @tonydav: @tonydav: Well, technically the gummi bears did get wasted. A gummi ball in its place.

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        Sorry for your loss!

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      I've installed x2 118, a 119 and a 129. All excellent and still going strong after 3 years for the older ones.

    • I had an a119s but that only lasted about 18 months.

      I bought the blackview 750s deal recently but was considering using 2 of these.

      • I too have 119s and it's still in service after 3 and a half years. Did had an issue last month and the support team provided a fix quickly.

    • I've had a A119 since May 2016 with no issues, in QLD.

    • I have an a119s and it's been pretty good so far. I'll buy it again if I have to.

    • I have A119S, still working but the sticky stuff just fall off after 1 year.

    • @obit11 have you seen its review?
      V3 is so far one the best cheap and great dash cam out there.
      V3 has some improvements if compared with the old models, and since it uses capacitors instead of battery, there is no heat problem coming from itself other than the sun.

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      Still rocking the original A119 from 2016/2017, it's survived all the summers so far, but not without it's issues:
      - GPS mount pins fail intermittently so now power is connected directly to the camera, this issue was fixed from v2 onwards.
      - All the button logos have cracked and faded from the heat, but still work fine (including the REC button light) and I think was addressed from V2 onwards.
      - Lens assembly loosened over time from the heat causing the footage to be shaky, DIY fixed by wedging some paper in the gap.
      - Screen has started to flicker in extreme heat (40C+ and sitting outside), but doesn't affect the recordings luckily.

      Other than that, it has been great for the price. Given mine is the original one it had quite a few initial QC issues, but I wouldn't expect any of these issues to be present in the V3 (or V2 for that matter).

  • anyone know any deals for the CPL filter?

    • From what you know, do you think one of these maybe necessary and should it be factored into the cost?

  • How to get ' $30 off at Apus Express'?

    • its automatic when purchasing.

      • what is Pluto?

        • $10 off over $100 for Ebay plus members.

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          Well, it's not a planet

  • Can someone give feedback on the camera angle if I wanted to mount this to the back window of my ute? The glass is perpendicular to the road.

    • It's adjustable, so it will work to a 90 degree angle.

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    this or the xiaomi 70mai dash cam pro for ~$88aud?

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      Viofo has 140 angle while Xiaomi has only 130, yes it does make difference
      Viofo is a well know dash cam so I would check both reviews to see which one is better.

      Due to its price, you can have 2 Viofo, one for the front and another for the rear.
      With that said, you can have both in 140 angle, high video quality, parking mode and so there is no hit and run. The problem of dash cams with rear camera is that usually the rear camera is sh1t, only 720p and so on.


      I was tossing up between this one and the 70mai as well, ended up going with the A119v3 and no regrets so far - the difference in quality seems night and day.
      The A119v3 has a proper buffered parking mode as well (can hardwire to the fusebox and save before+after a parked hit & run). Usually this was only available in the expensive Korean brands (Blackvue, Thinkware).

  • I'm so confused. It says it supports parking mode but also say continuous power through the hard wire kit.
    Does that mean there's no battery inside and it has to be hard wired to the card for parking mode?

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      Yes, no battery inside. Needs to be hardwired for parking mode or plug it into a usb powerbank if you want to just record while car is off.

      • I wonder how much power it will consume from my car battery. Will it last for like about 1 week?


        • Why would you want it to run for a week?

          • @Arthur Dunger: My concern is my car's battery, not the dashcam.
            I don't use my car in daily commuting. Usually using it during the weekend, and occasionally during the week. If I forget to unplug the cable on Sunday, it might be the whole week having the dashcam running on my car's battery, and would flatten it.

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              @Averell: Then just plug it into your lighter socket and it will turn off when you turn the accessories off.

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              @Averell: If you set up the hardware kit properly, it will turn off the dashcam when the car battery hits a certain voltage so it wont go flat.

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      The battery or capacitor in this case is only to allow the dashcam to close the current file and shut down. It only runs it for a few seconds.

      It does not run the dash cam while the car is parked, hence the need for a hard wire kit. The current kit has a selectable voltage cutout so it doesn't run the car battery completely flat.

  • does this have the same usb power connector (at the viofo end) as the a119 v2?

    • the v3 body is exactly the same as the v2 and AFAIK all if Viofo and most dash cams run Mini USB power connectors

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    Finally figured out after reading the comments, this is a dash cam.
    There's no mention of this in the description!

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      Also noted in product tags - Automotive / Dash Camera / VIOFO

      • Same. I'll know for future reference of course but dash cam should probably be in the description.

      • I guess I'll have to start reading product tags from now on. Sorry my fault!

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    Does this have a reversing/rear view camera?

    • No rear camera, though there's two dual-channel versions of this - Viofo A129 and 129 Duo.

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    Found a Hardwire kit for $16.90. not too bad. (Search "Topgear Viofo Dash Cam/Video Record/phone HardWire Kit" on eBay).

    • The one from Viofo mentions this feature "With ACC detection feature, dash cam will switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle engine off, and switch back to normal recording after vehicle engine on". Not sure this cheap one can also do the same

      • Yeah. It has 3 wires. The power wire which runs park mode and the ignition wire which runs the driving mode. It detects when the ignition wire stops and switches to park mode.

    • How about this?

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        That won't do park. Doesn't have the ignition cord.

  • Anyone recommend an SD card for this? I have a spare Samsung Evo Plus lying around but heard they're not great for dash cams.

    • The Samsung’s are better than Sandisk for viofo dashcams. Do a google search I’m pretty sure viofo say so themselves.
      I found out the hard way when my sandisk extreme was corrupting footage.

    • Samsung Pro Endurance is the gold standard if you can afford it, otherwise from what I've seen the Evo Plus is about on par with a Sandisk High Endurance (doesn't say much for Sandisk).
      I got this cam in the last deal a couple of months ago with a 64gb Pro Endurance, I think the card only cost around $30.

      • Thank you, @Turffe. Bought Endurance 64gb based on your recommendation along with the cam. Any idea how long 64gb would record videos for?

    I really enjoyed this dashcam until the heat destroyed it. I cannot get it to work anymore. It turns on and off every 2 seconds I have reached out to Viofo regarding warranty and have had no response.

  • Can someone please recommend a double sided adhesive as I need to reposition my camera. Thanks.

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      3M branded is good. i use it for everything. car, home, etc.

  • I have been trying to find the Terms and Conditions for the $30 off Apus Express. Can anyone confirm if it is multiple use? So I could buy this dashcam in one transaction,and their Kingston 256GB SD card in a separate one?

    • +1

      Seem to work for more than 1 transaction for me. I purchased the 256GB sd a few weeks ago and it still let's me get $30 off this when I get to the last stage of checkout.

      • Thanks. I can confirm it works for two consecutive transactions.

        A shame they don't have a faster card available on this deal.

  • Could anyone suggest a solution for motorcycle dashcam. Am using gopro for front camera however battery only last for 2 hours and there is no rotation auto-erase funtion to recycle sdcard space.

    • I have a GoPro on top of my helmet lol
      The problem with motorcycle is that the camera has to be waterproof or have a case.
      You cannot have the camera mounted in the motorcycle due to the vibrations.

      GoPro if I am not wrong allows you to have a bigger battery attached to the camera. It might depends of the model and it might be a DIY project.
      The easiest and cheapest solution since you already have the camera is to have more than one battery and at least 64GB memory card.

      Anything more than that you will need to spend with those mount to remove the vibration which are not cheap at all and wire the camera to the motorcycle's battery.

    • I have a FDR-X1000 as it lies flush to the side of the helmet, to me the Gopro's have the wrong shape unless mounted to your chin. New version is now FDR-X3000

  • 2.0 inch HD LCD Display?

    Better buy a dual/triple camera with built in battery

  • The best video I've seem about this dash cam. It's night quality is crazy

  • Is this easy to install by yourself or do you need to get a professional? Never owned a dash cam before

    • If you are powering it from the cig lighter in your car, easy to do yourself.

      If you are powering it from a hardwire kit to car fuse box, it's more involved but if you're comfortable with crimping/soldering wires then its fairly straightforward and no harder to do than a head unit install. If no electrical experience at all then just get an installer to do it.

      • Thanks mate, appreciate the heads up, can I just head to Supercheap auto or Repco or something for the installation? How much would it cost?

        • Autobarn does it from previous posts here, not sure about SCA or Repco.

          From memory they're about $100 for a single dashcam but it depends on the individual store.

  • Hi guys, is this one with GPS?

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      Line 6 of the listing has the answer

      • Thanks bro, but in Accessories does not say (all the way down). I just ask for sure, placed order anyway. :D

        • +1

          I just ordered one, if they screw us then will report to Ebay. Or just return for free via Ebay Plus

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            @Quarn: I bought the 4x the non-GPS from these guys in the previous deal since it was $20 cheaper and they still sent them all with GPS anyway.

            • @Turffe: Thanks for the info, feel better about purchase now.

  • Thanks OP. Perfect timingfor me. Ordered one after a month of reasearch nd buying another brand, had finalized this.

  • QQ everyone - does anyone know whether there's a decent dashcam that has built in battery so that i can park mode without hard wiring, and ideally doesn't break the bank either?

    if there isn't one then i'm going in for this viofo! :)

    thanks all.

    • Dash cams used in Australia typically don't have batteries as they tend to fail quickly due to the heat

      • oh yeah, that's a good point. thanks for the advice.

  • I haven’t done much research yet but looking to buy a dash cam. Is this the best dash cam in market for this price range? When is this offer expiring? What’s the best suitable memory card for this dash cam and what size should I order? Please help guys. Thanks

    • +2

      1/ Yes, it is the best for this price range for now. (This is the best price I have ever seen.)
      2/ Dont know
      3/ Card with "Endurance" is the best.
      4/ If you drive a lot, 128Gb is recommended.

      • Thanks. No just private use mainly driving to and from station and average use on weekend. Will SanDisk High Endurance 64GB will be okay? Or should I really push for 128gb

        • Yeah, 64gb is enough bro. But if you dont mind, take 128Gb. I will use 64gb for dash cam and 128gb for security cameras. Cheers

  • Thank you, OP. Was thinking of getting one for a while. Also bought Samsung Endurance 64gb based one one of the recommendations above. Cheers.

  • Be careful. At this time the eBay Plus is not showing on the listing so it's plus postage of $14.95.
    I wanted to look at it (despite the possible GPS listing "anomaly") but it looks as though the horse has already bolted unfortunately.

    • Just got my ebay vouchers, jumped to the link to buy it, and saw that $14.95 postage fee. I have always thought that eBay Plus is from eBay :(

  • On the search page, the item still shows as Ebay Plus eligible, but when viewing the item listing it's not.

    Looks like they've turned off for some reason. Really disappointed :(

  • Yeah they have added $15 shipping fee now just when I was ready to purchase :( Have messaged seller

    • Let us know what they say, or if they change it back to free shipping.

      • +1

        Will do

      • +2

        Had a chat with eBay rep as well and he said seller has changed the listing which made the item ineligible for eBay Plus. Also noticed that shipping fee has been added for this item with other sellers too although it shoes eBay Plus when you search for the item. Huh. Disappointing

  • Update: Free shipping is back now, but looks like the $30 off offer is gone. :(

    • yeah that's the case now :(

  • i need one that records the cabin/passengers also

    • That would be the Viofo A129 Duo IR

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