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[eBay Plus] Spend $100-$499 Save $10, Spend $500-$999 Save $50, Spend $1000+ Save $100, on Eligible Items @ eBay


Tiered discount on purchase of eligible items for eBay Plus Members. Maximum 5 uses per membership.

OP: (Eligible Items) Works at pretty much all retailers Sony, TGG, Bing Lee, Myer, Microsoft, Powerlandau, Big W, Appliance Online, House, TGG, Shaver Shop, Chemist Warehouse, Lego, 2XU, Allphones,Baby Bunting, City Beach,Dan Murphy's, Dell, EB Games, First Choice Liquor, Kathmandu, KitchenAid, Onsport, Strandbags, Styletread, Surfstitch etc.. & some private listings/Auctions

Terms and conditions

Spend Save
$100-$499 $10
$500-$999 $50
$1000+ $100

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  • +18 votes

    Waiting for 20% off deals.

  • +1 vote

    Waiting for gift card deals

  • +5 votes

    Depending on how much you spend, you might only get a 2% discount.

  • +18 votes

    Waiting for ebay to ditch 'ebay plus' as a product.

  • +18 votes

    This is horse excrement eBay.
    If I walk in to any other random store and ask for 50 bucks off for 900 dollars item I can get it without even trying.

  • +26 votes

    This is the trifecta of useless discounts

    • Discount between 2% and 10%
    • Restricted to eBay Plus members
    • "Eligible items" only with no rhyme or reason to what constitutes an "eligible item"

    Stop giving them this publicity! They're not earning it!

    • -9 votes

      your comment is actually a trifecta of bs.. sad place OzBargain at times, never ending eBay whinging but everyone continues to shop there cause reality is when discount codes are offered & stacked on top of a sale item you end up "at times" with incredible prices that you cant get in-store, but ozbargainers as always over expecting what they are entitled to, is eBay perfect by far no, but it's definitely the number 1 place you price check first before buying elsewhere

      ebay plus been countless offers to have the membership practically free & even if one paid, it pays itself off quite easily, the discount is covered by eBay not the retailer so I assume you would rather nothing, eligible items can be used at all major stores myer, tgg, bing lee, big w, sony, chemist warehouse, dell, microsoft, appliance central, videopro etc..

      the whole point of these discounts is to wait to stack it on top of a sale items, instead ozbargainers have this expectation everything on eBay should be the cheapest in Australia & coupon codes should be 99% off, reality is eBay has the best prices on electrical items by far "when promo codes are offered & stacked with sale items", dont like it shop elsewhere nobody is forcing you to look on ebay.. its weird & sad the constant whinging going on about eBay, now neg my comment away as the truth hurts

      • +12 votes

        Dude, I would like to make it clear that I have no beef with you or your post - our community thrives on its members, so I am still thankful for your post!

        That being said, my neg and beef are aimed squarely at eBay here and I stand firm that this code is near useless given the conditions attached. The biggest bugbear is the undefined "eligible items" clause which, contrary to what you state above, does not include all major stores - instead eBay cherry picks items seemingly at random to be "eligible" for this discount, which is at best 10% off, forcing us to dig even deeper than usual to find the actual good deals (which I will acknowledge though that some people have managed to find).

        eBay has had good codes - the regular 20% selected seller ones for example still yield good deals even after price jacking and their scope is clearly defined (i.e. all items sold by sellers A, B, C, etc). But this is not a good code, and I feel like we should not be supporting this practice as it seems like they are just doing this for marketing rather than providing a good deal for anyone.

        To phrase it another way - if a store advertised "between 2 and 10% off selected items" and could not even pin point what items were being discounted (or heck, not even what categories of items or sellers), would we consider that a good deal?

        • +3 votes

          toomuchdogfur all good I know your comment is not targeted at me personally & sorry I was probably a little shitty with my reply, but no offence the comments by many against eBay at times I shake my head, yes they should state which stores, but a quick search shows almost all major stores are eligible, as for the way the discount is described personally I have no issue with it as its easier to calculate the discount in your head assume a item is $341 immediately you would think $10 off, if they said 2%-10% many would be confused

          And here is a prime example as how these codes benefit everyone more than you think, today someone posts JB deal,then immediately someone does a quick search on eBay stacks it with code & price is the cheapest by fairly significant amount: JB Deal vs Appliance Central eBay deal

          • +4 votes

            @RogueWolf: Cheers!

            I've had a closer look at the code and I concede that I was wrong about the eligible items part - it seems that it does apply to a few defined sellers, though for some reason they haven't listed them in the T&Cs (but they are listed on the specific deal page). And you're right that there are some deals that the community is finding with these codes.

            I've revoked my neg on the grounds that I was wrong about the main issue with this code. Might be worthwhile to put in the eligible sellers in the OP to clarify it to everyone too:

            • 2XU
            • Allphones
            • Appliances Online
            • Baby Bunting
            • City Beach
            • Dan Murphy's
            • Dell
            • EB Games
            • First Choice Liquor
            • Kathmandu
            • KitchenAid
            • Microsoft
            • Myer
            • Onsport
            • Strandbags
            • Styletread
            • Surfstitch
            • +1 vote

              @toomuchdogfur: no probs, I did actually go to list a number of stores after I posted the deal but as a mod changed something on the deal & I cant edit the post anymore as it comes up with a error, have reported it a while ago so waiting for mods to add it to description

  • +2 votes

    [eBay Plus] Spend 10-20 No-Brainer Upvotes Save 0 Upvote Comments on Eligible Membership @ Ozbargain

  • +1 vote

    Now I prefer spend $0 save 100% on eBay AU site wide for unlimited time/transactions. C'mon eBay, you could do better.

  • +3 votes

    Seeing as there's a ton of sellers charging $15 postage for items that would cost $2-3 to deliver, does this mean that Feebay is using the fees on other items to subsidise Ebay Plus postage?

    • +4 votes

      Or giving incentive to sellers to charge stupid shipping rates to make plus less useless than it already is…

  • +1 vote

    This sale is wack, hoping for another 20% off so I can buy a pram i've been eyeballing. Anyone familiar with ebay can guesstimate when their next 20% off will be?

  • +1 vote

    This company is on crack.

    My chinese grocer offers better discounts.

  • +1 vote

    Been a drought on codes I'm happy :)

    Been stuck at AMZ too long .

  • +2 votes

    There are deals if you take the effort to look for them. They won't be handed to you on a silver platter ;-) This is a genuine 5% deal as EBay funds the discount whereas the 20% off codes is smoke and mirror, the sellers have to fund a big chunk so naturally they have to compensate by jacking up prices. Here is an example on a rarely discounted item, iPhone pro Max 256GB:


    what happened to the $200 of $2000+ ??


      Don't think you need to be an Einstein to figure out a lot of the time lower spends are used to stop mainly Apple abuse and its not just here eg max of 5 gift cards achieves similar goal at Catch .


    Using this code, If anyone can find a cheaper price on a Panasonic 4.2 kW air con delivered ($1028) I would like to see it.



    Tempe Tyres included.


    Found MX Master 3 for $120 after coupon: ebay link

    Have been looking for a while after the $109 deals leading up to Christmas

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