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Philips All-in-One Cooker HD2237/72 $139.30 (Was $199) @ Big W / Amazon AU


The Phillips All in One Rice Cooker (HD2237) has dropped in price at Big W. Was $199, Now $139.30

It is the updated version of the HD2137.

Main Difference between HD 2137 and 2237:
The 2237 has a ceramic coated pot and improved heating times with higher power (1300 Watts).

Also available on Amazon.com.au @ $139.30
Edit: Amazon price increased to $189

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  • Has been around this price 1-2 months ago, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/HD2237%20type%3Aozb...

  • Bought the HD2137 6 months ago - hasn't missed a beat. My only criticism is that the menu is a bit clunky to understand.

    • Do you have to manually release the pressure valve?

      • You do unless you can wait.

      • As Xiangtan said, yes - but you can always just wait for things to cool down/slowly release pressure.
        It's a toggle on the top, it's fairly robust and not something you're likely to accidentally hit.

        • I already have a cook4me but I was wanting a slow-cooker, would you say the other functions work well (baking, slow cook etc)?

          My husband is the type of person who forgets to turn off the stove, oven, tap. Hope he doesn't blow up the kitchen if I do get one lol

          • @MeesusEff: I've found the slow cook function excellent and the baking decent (oven is better but still works well).

            Slow cooked meals won't dry out or lose liquid either since you will completely seal the lid.

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    for the ebay plus members, can save another $10 with the PLUTO100 code from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/510052

    then purchase from ebay

    • 5% big w gift card. Ebay plus is still better if you are a member.

    • bigW eBay has already sold out

  • How much and Where can you buy the replacement rubber seal?

    • +1

      I assume that like others it uses silicone.
      I don't expect to ever need mine replacing, though I'm not a heavy user.
      In ten years, will you be able to get parts for any brand?
      Or are they a standard size?

    • We have Tefal pressure cooker that we probably only use a couple of times a month and the seal needs replacing every few years. Since the Phillips is a multicooker, we'd be using it a lot more often not just for the pressure cooking side. However, I imagine the seal will get worn down quicker regardless of which cooking mode you use it for.

    • +2

      You can purchase from official website. I think it was about $20-25 delivered. If you use about twice a week you may need to replace it every 2-3 years. Otherwise I love this product

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      In true OZB fashion, you can get them from AliExpress:

      If you would rather eBay:

      If you are paranoid about OEM replacements, can get from Philips:

      Due to the seals taking on odors, we have a system where red seals are for red meat, white seals for white meat, blue seals for fish and black for everything else (all from various AliExpress vendors - haven't had a problem with fit or longevity on any of them)


      • Thank you for the links. Just what I'm looking for, the generic seal for our Tefal. Cheers

      • Can't figure how to select the colour at AliExpress

      • Did you purchase the 22.5cm?

    • I've owned mine for two years and I'm pretty sure the silicone seal does need replacing already. It falls off the aluminium circular inner lid really easily. Often the only way to get it to seal properly is to press firmly down on the lid once steam starts shooting out the main pressure valve. Works well otherwise.

      • Mine does exactly the same. I've emailed support to see if they can send me a seal for free, but if not, it's not too expensive.

        Nothing worse than taking off the lid and the seal falls right into the food…

        I've only had mine for 3 months too.

        • Geez 3 months? That's rough. Surely if it's within warranty they can oblige. Pretty sure mine's out of warranty so I'll have to fork out for the replacement. Thankfully it only works out to $23 after shipping - https://www.parts.philips.com.au/household-products/kitchen-...

          Still.. if I were in your position I'd be demanding a free replacement!

  • can this cook congee?

    • Yes. Takes 20 mins

      • I didn't see it has congee in the setting, or you cooked as soup?

        • It mentions congee in the recipe book included.

  • Contemplating on this or Tefal Multicooker CY505 for a gift for family member also from Big W.
    I dont cook much but I can't tell if the Tefal might be more worth it for $10 extra i.e $149?
    Would appreciate input from the gurus!

    • Just Google it mate.
      Philips is clearly the winner, 85 reviews with 4.8 overall stars vs 16 reviews with 3.7 overall stars.

      • Yeah I pretty much bought this based purely on reviews. Very positive here, same with Amazon and ProductReview.

  • Got this at the higher price, no regrets. Thing is seriously amazing!

  • What does this do that a $20 kmart rice cooker can't if only eating 1-2 cups of rice? I.e. what extra stuff can it cook?

    • This isn’t a rice cooker

      Is a pressure cooker and a slow cooker (but you can cook rice in it - probably not as well as a rice cooker though)

      • Pressure cookers can cook rice just fine.

        • A good rice cooker will cook rice better than a good pressure cooker

          • -1

            @flashi007: Lol cmon that is a total myth. I've been eating rice all my life and it tastes fine cooked with a pressure cooker. Brown or white. Maybe you didnt follow the instructions.

            • @ippy: Your right I have one but if u want rice done at its best use a tiger

            • @ippy: This machine has a rice setting. It doesn't include instructions which makes it a bit hot and miss when calculating rice/water ratios. The previous model had specific rice/water levels marked on the inner bowl.

              I've noticed that it also takes ages to build up pressure when cooking rice. On some occasions it ends up taking three times longer than my rice cooker because of this.

              • @whichtyler: Can't say that's been my experience. Maybe you didn't seal properly.

                My parents' tiger literally takes 40mins to cook white rice which is beyond ridiculous. Brown takes close to an hour.

                My pressure cooker (Sunbeam Aviva) has always cooked rice properly. It came with instructions and the bowl is clearly marked. Came with a rice cup too (which was of a different size to your standard rice cup). Just think it's irresponsible for people to pander incorrect information.

                Can't fully recommend the Aviva, although it is very good for a first foray into pressure cooking. The settings are too simple. But it did work very well.

        • I do absorption method all the time in a saucepan. Normally fill water to a thumb thickness above the rice line. But if you're doing a ton of rice then you might need more. It'll just disappear quicker. Then you top it up with more water. After the 10min cooking time, turn off the heat and let sit to rest for 5min. It won't stick to the bottom then.

  • +2

    Long time user of a Phillip's all in one. Fantastic devices which I use to pressure and slow cook all the time. Can't recommend these enough. Look past it being a fantastic rice cooker. Bargain.

  • +2

    I got the instant pot for stainless steel inner pot, makes a huge difference

    • Me too. I don't buy anything that has non-stick coating.

      • This one also has a stainless steel pot.

        *available for additional purchase. My bad

    • please explain difference how?

    • Waiting for the Instant Pot to go on special because of the stainless steel material.

      • Keep your eyes peeled. I got the 5.7L for $179 on boxing day. All three sizes have been on sale on various days since launching Dec 12.

    • I'd go for stainless if anything because anodized/non-stick stuff inevitably starts scratching/flaking eventually, even if you're careful with it and only use appropriate utensils. Can take up to a few years but always seems to sooner or later…

  • Didn't know it was so convenient till I got one! Curries, stews, soups done in half the time

  • +1

    Got this super cheap a few years back in Target - about $110 and use it heaps. The non-stick is ceramic so don't worry as much as Teflon - I scratched mine accidentally but just carry on using it.

    • +1

      That's when I got mine. It was $104 from Target.

  • Bought this years ago, I replaced the non-scratch inner pot with the stainless steel one
    I think the Instant Pot version (everywhere on YouTube) comes with stainless steel pot by default.

    • why replace it? what is the difference?

      • I tend to use my metal spoon to dig around the food cooked in it. The non-scratch coating is carcinogenic.

        • +1

          Apparently it's ceramic, hence no Teflon, hence no carcinogenic?

    • You are thinking of the previous 2137. This 2237 has a ceramic (non Teflon) inner pot which is also an accessory for the Instant Pot.

  • I have the 2237, paid around $150 for it, I'd get this model over the cheaper one.

    Having more power is always a benefit.

  • Philips All-in-One Cooker

    Does it do Nachos ?

    • +2

      This model is nacho everyday appliance…

      • taco very much for the quick reply…

        • +1

          Said no Juan ever…

  • I can vouch for this cooker. I use it daily. Awesome.
    So easy to use.
    Buy the stainless steel inner pot, so much easier to clean.

    • Does Philips make a ss pot or is is aftermarket?

      Where did you get yours?

      • I bought a S/S pot for my 2237 on-line from Philips.

        Good Guys also sell them.

        My only complaint with the 2237 concerns the LCD display. Very small font size and quite fuzzy.

        • Nahhhhh

      • Amazon. Search for stainless steel pot for the cooker.

    • Don't understand this comment, 2237 comes with a ceramic pot (i.e. aluminium with "ceramic" non stick coating) which should be much easier to clean than stainless and more durable than Teflon. Never felt that it could be easier to clean and nothing sticks at all on mine.

      A ceramic pot is also offered as an accessory for the Instant Pot which many people switch to.

      Are you sure you're not comparing to the previous model with a regular non-stick pot?

      • No. I don’t see professional kitchens using ceramic pots?
        There is a reason they use stainless steel…
        Not sure where you are getting the idea that ceramic is better than stainless steel.

  • Most of the components dish washer safe? Can't seem to find it…

  • Thanks!

    Just ordered to replace my 4yr old 2137 which was awesome except for the coating which scratched if you were careless so this new model should be perfect!!👍

  • Amazon price is actually $189.

  • Is there a huge difference between these two? was considering this https://www.target.com.au/p/crock-pot-express-crock-multi-co...

  • I just got one from The Good Guys. Price matched quick and easy. No questions.

    First time with a multi cooker…

  • Just bought an Instant Pot from Amazon when they were on sale and they beat the Phillips all in one hands down. I have the Phillips all in one and it takes far too long to come to pressure and it doesn't sautés either like the Instant Pot does which is why I replaced it with the Instant Pot.

    • Instant pot is very similar to crockpot express multi cooker right? I am not sure if I should get the crockpot or this one

  • Is it suitable to cook sushi rice with vinegar added?

  • Big W price is back up to $199. Deal has expired

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