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Boost Prepaid Sim | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data - $135 Delivered @ Boost Mobile (New Customers)


Ozbargain's favourite sim is on sale at Boost Mobile until 27/01/2020.

A cheaper option for eBay Plus members is to get it for $128.49 delivered from this link using code PUNNET

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    Don't forget to get it price matched at Office Works for a further 5% off, if they have any in stock!

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      Nice! Don't know why you got downvoted :|

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      Got $300 sim starter kit for $228 yesterday price matched from office works. I think that deal expired yesterday . Now on Telstra prepaid max - changing to Optus then back to boost as Telstra customers cannot transfer the number to boost with sim prepaid kit. Telstra customers need to order special sim kit from boost and port in . While you do this you cannot use the discounted sim starter kit

      • Are you sure that Telstra prepaid customers are not able to port to Boost?

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          They can, how as stated above yBoost need to provide you with a blank SIM card.

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            @rickb: To port in your existing number from Telstra to boost, you need to order blank sim from boost. However you won't be able to use the discounted deal as the discounted deal only comes with new sim starter kit and new number. You will need to port out from telstra to other telcos and then back to boost (This way you can keep the existing number and use the discounted deal).
            Done online chat with boost to confirm this.

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              @NPB: I’m convinced the whole “blank SIM” thing is to make it harder to port from Telstra prepaid.

              Over the weekend past I ported from Telstra prepaid to Boost without using the blank SIM.

              I bought the Boost $150 SIM, then called up to get the blank SIM, then called up again to port.

              When I read the blank SIM serial number to the operator he said they’ve been sending out expired SIM cards (based on the serial number I gave him) and it wouldn’t work. He said he can just port my number over to the $150 SIM, and I can just throw the blank SIM away.

              Took a few hours for the port to take effect but was all good and I threw the blank SIM out.


              • @purpleturtle: How long did it take to receive blank SIMs once you order them to Boost on phone? Do they charge anything?

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                @purpleturtle: Can confirm. Exact same situation here!

              • @purpleturtle: My mother in law is on Telstra prepaid. I made her get boost and then found out that it’s going to be a hassle for her to port. I rang up to see how she got on. No blank sim was required. She said it all worked fine.

              • @purpleturtle: I literally just switched from telstra to boost. I bought this order called them up and they switched it over. 2 hours later it was activated.

                I didn't need to organise another sim

                • @gammatsunami: They are getting more easier than used to be .

            • @NPB: What's the recharge voucher price (with the same inclusions) then? It's not too bad if it's $150 and you buy from Coles with Coles egift card bought at 5% off.. so basically you pay $142.50 instead of $150.

            • @NPB: Just spoke to a Boost agent. He told me that they are currently authorised to allow a port from Telstra to Boost using the Pre-Paid starter kit. I'm about to go down the rabbit hole.Wish me luck.

            • @NPB: Boost just processed the port from my Telstra Prepaid service to the BLANK SIM card.

              They manually transferred the $300 credit (20% discount from earlier deal) from the prepaid STARTER SIM card to the BLANK SIM.

              There's a bit of minor stuffing around but it appears to work.

              • @rickb: That's good news . I will try my luck then.

                Thank you

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                @rickb: I rang boost customer care to order a blank sim card and explained that i was transferring from telstra to boost. She asked me the reason, asked my details and she pulled over my telstra account. She said instead of ordering a blank sim card and waste it, she will rather activate my sim starter kit and transfer the existing number to boost. New sim starter kit is activated since the mobile number i requested to port in is with my wife and is at work, i wil have to call them and provide the refernce number so they can deactivate the telstra sim and transfer the number to new sim.

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                  @NPB: The port I did was for my son. He's currently out somewhere with no service until he comes home and I insert the blank sim card into his phone.

                  Good to know that you don't have to go down the blank SIM card path It's an overhead no one should have to go through.

              • @rickb: Had you already purchased the $240 promo during the deal or did you manage to acquire the 20% off after the fact?

                Just curious as I missed out myself!

        • They can, but generally not entitled to any of the special "port-in" promo's.
          Also goes both ways, porting from Boost into Telstra you won't usually get any of the promo bonuses.

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        You were on Prepaid max and now changing to Boost, why are you doing this? Will you lose the prepaid max plan at Telstra?

        • Telstra no longer support calls to Nepal (unlimited). I use to call my parents who don't use social media, viber or messenger. Since Telstra no longer support this, changing to boost which gives 3600 minutes calls for a year. Telstra has agreed to credit the remaining balance in my broad band account plus some extra credit for inconvenience.

        • Isn't Telstra Prepaid Max more expensive than this Boost plan anyway?

          • @virhlpool: Yes it is, but it is 100% Telstra and you can use esim

      • thanks for the condense information which explained everything that was needed

      • When I ported from Telstra to Boost (via special "blank sim"), the Boost customer service person moved my starter kit credit over to the blank sim.

        The whole process is an annoying hassle but it did work.

        • Had to go through the same.
          I did not get cashrewards as a result, unfortunately. All the fuzzing around meant I didn't activate the "starter kit" they sent.

      • Bought this deal back in Dec but just ported from Telstra post paid. Called Boost and they have access to change my postpaid to prepaid first then ported across to boost. No needing any blank sim only caveat it took about 24 hours for number to come across. Ie the new sim was activated first with the generic number on pack.

    • Officeworks will not price match ebay. At least not in my experience. :-(

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        Luckily the original deal isn't on eBay.

    • My local Officeworks couldn't process the purchase at all. I went to a Officeworks store today that had stock, but the staff couldn't process the purchase, both with price beat and at full price. They said they think Boost is having issues on their side. I did not get to buy this in the end, and might just need to get from Boost online.

  • Hey guys,

    Sorry if this is a noob question; Is using Boost mobile equivalent to using Telstra network direct (in terms of coverage/network quality)?

    Especially in regional areas?


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      Yes, uses full T network coverage.

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      Boost has a special relationship with Telstra compared to other Telstra MVNO's in that they get access to the full network.

      Telstra has two things that may be a factor. 1. Access to 4Gx Speeds compared to normal 4G network and 2. Data Bank instead of Data Roll Over. The difference is any unused data is accrued; in contrast, Boost Mobile only keeps the previous month's unused data. Any extra data would be lost.

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        Does Boost still get access to the AFL/NRL streaming?

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        Just curious - do you reckon Boost will be able to manage this massive customer base that's moving to them from Kogan and elsewhere? Are there any technical roadblocks that you see in terms of their current tie-up with Telstra and any limitations that they may have?

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          They’ll be fine. Been around for a long time. They use Telstra call centres and Telstra network. I can’t see any issues other than them running out of boost blank sims

      • Do 12 month users get data roll-over? I've got 40GB and need to recharge in March, tossing up whether to to recharge $150 or $300

      • How did they get such a good deal with telstra? It just shows off how expensive telstra are seems odd they'd allow it.

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      I just moved to Boost after being on Aldi Mobile. I did it as an experiment to see if the weak reception in some areas was better on the "fuller" Telstra network with Boost. No difference in three poor-reception urban areas. That's not to say that there's no difference overall, just an observation that users shouldn't expect anything to change for their situation necessarily.

      • Reception is based on towers. If the areas youre referring too have all major networks towers, then signal wont change much between them, they tend to be gathered in the same spots. There are quirks where one network has less interference between your specific location, and their tower too so it complicates it.

        But where Boost is better, is when the other networks have no tower there. Telstra has more towers full stop, and those onselling Telstra service (except Boost), do not get Full Telstra, they get Telstra Wholesale, roughly the same tower network at Optus and Voda.

        An example, when we drove from Sunny Coast to Melb with I think Optus, we kept losing signal as each time we headed into a town the phone went nuts with messages etc because signal was lost between many towns. With Boost, we never noticed a signal dropout. Anytime we checked to see, as we too were curious, it had signal. Messages arrived as sent, not in batches.

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        My understanding is that Telstra have categorized their network (via the Location Area Codes) into two sets: a) regions where Optus also has coverage b) regions where Optus does not.

        (NB: It's quite likely they haven't updated this categorization since they launched wholesale 4G access some years back…)

        MVNO's/wholesale only access region A, Telstra and Boost get A and B. They also appear to exclude 4G(X) from wholesale if Optus doesn't only has/had 3G etc.

        So you are unlikely to see these sort of issues on the urban fringe, but definitely in the outback - see the slider at the bottom of this page.

        • Boost does not use 4GX at all as far as Im aware regardless of Optus. Its 4G at best, upper tier speed is the compromise with Boost. Boost billing is via Telstra, not just internally, my statements say Telstra.

          When they switch off 3G, and have 5G, I assume 4Gx will be included in Boosts offering.

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            @Tuba: If you're talking about 700MHz frequencies on Telstra, I don't think thats the case - I can see 700MHz channels in the fieldtest mode on my Boost SIM.
            I doubt it's possible to do such a thing without complicating how LTE carrier aggregation (channel bonding) works on and between the towers.

            They could do some form of shaping further down the network to slow down Boost services but it would be hard to tell.

            You can also use VoLTE on Boost, it would be very daft for them to do that and then restrict low band LTE.

            • @Tremere: I have Boost too. And it was not an insignificant direction from Boost at the time that the phone should have Band 28(700). I had to check the phone I purchased outright had it (Motorolas version of the Nexus). So they definitely require it no question.

              It was also one of the tid bits of info about Boost that it does not use 4Gx, Boost service was limited to 4G. I also think I recall a time it was limited to 3G until 4Gx was created. The key sacrifice between Boost, and Telsra, was top tier speed, and levels or types of support. ie: No Boost stores. Its a while back now, but some of my info is direct from Boost, and some from here and I assume Whirlpool so Im sketchy on the details but thats how I remember it.

              They have more than a passing connection to Telstra, as I said my bills state Telstra, there has to be some sacrifice or Telstra becomes pointless, and it isnt coverage area like the rest of the Telstra onsellers are.

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                @Tuba: @Tremere: I googled 4Gx and Boost, and at least 2 sources support the argument no 4Gx speeds with Boost. Boost community pages, and Canstar Blue. Its frequencies are used as you said, and that means Boost gets the deeper bush coverage provided by 4Gx, better in buildings but they have limited the speed.

                So yep, I guess throttled 4Gx is right.

  • Does this work for purchase of recharge vouchers also for existing customers?

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      Nope. New customers only.
      Port out and port back in if you wanted to take advantage of this offer.

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        Do you know if there's a waiting period before porting back or you can do all that in 48h?

    • Website says "CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Select $150 when you recharge", so no.

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        Sometimes I see discount voucher from Coles with $135, I think I can use the voucher to recharge my plan? Am I correct?

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            @divineiniquity: If one is already on one of their 12 month plans, does one have to wait for the 12 months to finish or can apply the voucher anytime to get another 12 months on top?

            This question is regarding the voucher recharge and not regarding the Sim deal in OP's post.

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              @Ozb12: No, they don't stack. Recharging early will cancel your original plan.

  • Can I port my old number to this one? Thanks.

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      Yes as long as you are not a current customer

      • Cheers!

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    I love a boost deal but could we include in title whether it’s for new only or exisiting customers? So others don’t have to trawl through comments to find out?

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      report and suggest an updated title / description.

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    why do ALLLLLL these boost posts never mention if its for new or existing customers?….

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      Sadly it's pretty rare for any sort of service based deal to apply to existing customers

      • Kogan Mobile is popular for doing it.

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      When it's a recharge voucher discounted, it's for existing and new customers. When it's a pre-loaded SIM it's for new customers.

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      The only time it will be for existing customer will be either from Woolworths or Coles. Keep an eye on those cause they usually cost $135 and the code doesn't expire for up to 2 years.

  • nice

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    does anyone know where to check what date the sim has to be activated before? I can't find it

    • I’d like to know too.

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      The expiry is only on the actual sims themselves.

      I ordered a few from Officeworks last week, expiry was April 2021.

    • I just got a couple with April 2021

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    $128.25 with officeworks price match

    • NO stock on OW

      • Stock is available in some Brisbane stores:)

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        Order over the phone and they will deliver to your nominated store.

    • Then pay with a Coles Myer gift card if you are targeted with the Amex Myer $40 off deal to receive another 20% discount

  • Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy it now and activate in a few months? My current plan with another provider expires in April.

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      Yes the sim I got before must be activated before April 2021

      • Thank you!

    • these deals come out every week or two anyway

  • Has anyone been able to use boost mobile with eSIM?

    A few years ago when boost first launched the management was done in the regular Telstra system so it should be possible now that Telstra supports eSIM but I'm not sure if thats changed in the last few years?

    • Have you tried to ask Telstra?

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        Despite the neg votes he got, he is right. Telstra aint care about non Telstra. They dont even care about existing Telstra customers if youre leaving them. Went through that with NBN rollout. Even had a Telstra operator tell me I needed to keep paying my monthy Telstra line after I switched to another NBN provider. An out and out lie, money for nothing and the grifts are free.

        $*&% Telstra.

  • So can't use it to recharge, right?

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    Don't forget to donate any data you have left on your old plan guys (if your old provider allows this!)

  • Is boost customer eligible for Telstra Thanks movie ticket?

  • I guess most people won't Port out and back for the $15 savings, hence why new customers only

    I already have a spare sim ready for Porting out and back when i'm due in Feb

    • +3

      when i'm due in Feb

      Mazel tov! May your first child be a masculine child.

    • I already have a spare sim ready for Porting out and back when i'm due in Feb

      Which sim is that? Optus sim or Boost blank sim?

  • I bought 2 of these 150$ one's via a separate deal, however I am wondering why all of a sudden there is a rage of small and big vendors selling these out. Looks like boost may launch new plans sometime soon perhaps with more data? That's the only explanation I could come up with in my mind. Boost already had one such sale around boxing day and now again? Any thoughts?

    • Boost has had this sale for many times in last 6 months. If you look at % discount, it's not massive. They're selling $150 value for $135. Not a big loss (or any) for them I reckon. Even at $150, it's a great value for customers as there're not many plans offering similar inclusions at this price, mainly intl calls.

  • -1

    Unfortunately, at the momement their main web site is down, their activation comfirmatory e-mails are not arriving, and the number 125881 that they offer is being reported on kogan and Boost as invalid…

    • I can access the activate sim link! The number 125881 is for existing customers only. For new customers it's a different number. Are you sure about this one?

      • I have been through the whole activation process - it stalled at " we have sent you an e-mail" and the session finallt timed out. All numbers and addresses have been triple checked. You may have missed the "125881 that they offer is being reported on kogan and Boost".

        I'm looking at and reporting this one.

        ps: The restart informed me that the SIM serial number is now activated - my e-mail has not arrives and my number has not yet been transfered. I'll give it four hours.
        Cloudfare have been reporting problems with boost for days now…

        I see some cretin thinks reporting what is happening merits a neg. Go for it.

      • Ahh - the
        "Customer support – live chat: livechat.boost.com.au or call 125 881 (8am-9pm)"

        cloudfare offer is invalid. Anyone having problems [ and I may be an Adelaide thing] can try 125 8 881…

        THe validation had gone through, however the e-mails and non-mobile web pages aren't functioning well at all. You might be advised to use the mobile site, tho the app isn't performing to well ATM either :-/

    • +1

      it's 125 888 1, you're missing an 8

      • Yep - I was using the number Cloudfare displayed, as I quoted above. It is missing an 8.

  • Is there a way to check your account from another device? Is the only way using mobile data and not Wi-Fi?