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  • +53

    Gotta love how the box office proved the social justice warriors were so wrong about this film. An instant classic.

    • +8

      To the negative voters, I'm Offended, not you.

      • +2

        But why all the negs? I don’t get it.
        I guess whilst you’re Offended they’re easily offended?

        • They use terms like SJW and incels I imagine.

    • +16

      the critics rating vs audience rating displays this. Same with Dave Chapelle's latest stand up special.

      • -9

        All that 'displays' is that neckbeards will furiously spam an internet site to 'defend' a superhero movie.

        Unless it has girls in it. Then they furiously mash the zero button.

        • +6

          What are you talking about? Wasn't captain marvel (you know, the one with the big female superhero lead) one of the most successful movies of 2019?… Even after Brook Larsen's sexist comments.

          Unless you are trying to pin flops like Ghostbusters 2016 and Charlie's angels 2019 on "angry neckbeards" just to fit your agenda? Lol.

          • -14

            @brad1601: You mean Brie Larson? Good job.

            Yeah, that one that all the basement dwellers downvoted on RT before it came out because 'SJWs' and 'feminists' made them sad, so much so that RT had to change their process to stop manbaby tears.

            But I guess it's only manipulated when it disagrees with your feelings.

            • +8

              @jjcf: Lol didn't even notice my phone had swiped brook Larson not brie, but glad you figured out out. Good job.

              I don't see how an "are you looking forward to this" poll can be manipulated, I'm assuming that's the one you are so upset about. It was literally A question posted with a yes and no button… There was nothing stopping you pressing the yes button if you were personally looking forward to it.

              • -11

                @brad1601: Again with a strawman argument? No one said anything about whatever button you are rambling about.

                It was fedoras posting negative reviews of a movie that wasn't released yet to deliberately skew the audience score. Which they then turn around and use as 'proof' of some mythical SJW agenda. As in the comment I was responding to.

                It's almost like you have no idea what you are talking about but had to jump in and argue anyway.

                • +6

                  @jjcf: I honestly think you don't know what you are talking about lol.

                  There was no facility to review the movie before it came out on rotten tomatoes. That would be dumb. It was a poll, that simply asked the question, "are you looking forward to this movie?" That's all.

                  It's almost as if you just read a BuzzFeed headline and that's where your knowledge on the topic stopped.


                  Here's a screenshot of RT during the whole "controversy" and what was changed as you mentioned in a previous comment. There no longer are "want to see" polls on movies after the SJWs got bhaf.


            • +9

              @jjcf: I thought captain marvel was crap.

        • +6

          Lmao Joker inst even a superhero movie.

    • +5

      Remind me what the SJWs said about this movie?

        • +8

          So I have some thoughts on the new Joker trailer with Joaquin Phoenix.
          In a time of increasing violence perpetrated by disaffected white men, is it really the best thing to keep making movies that portray disaffected white men doing violence as sympathetic?

          A white angry man is being portrayed in a movie. The internet exploded.

        • -3

          I thought the movie was supposed to be a critique of toxic masculinity that just got taken the wrong way, like Fight Club?

          • +16

            @CoolCatCammy: I thought it was the portrayal of one man's descent into madness? Where did this 'toxic masculinity' narrative come from and why do people think it makes any sense?

            And, spoiler alert: the victims of Joker are mainly other white men.

            • +6

              @Cluster: It's the SJW way, just keep using made up terms till it becomes mainstream and people think it's the truth. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

              Like someone else detailed in this post, usually a few nobody's on twitter will will come up with a term to push their agenda, then BuzzFeed, junkee etc will pick it up and amplify it and act like it's an actual thing. Then the more mainstream/established media outlets will run a story on it on the slow news days and next minute we have terms like "toxic masculinity" and "incel" being thrown around like they are everyday terms.

            • @Cluster: Toxic masculinity is a thing, but that's not what the Joker is. He's a downtrodden soul, broken by society turning to violence.

              Entirely different to toxic masculinity as it is currently defined - which is more about 'normal' men doing shit things, being violent, denigrating toward women etc.

              • +2

                @JohnHowardsEyebrows: @JohnHowardsEyebrows

                Toxic masculinity is a thing

                … that academics made up in the 1990s and which only achieved any notice/widespread use in the last 4 years.

                It's another Orwellian-doublespeak neologism that's being weaponised to silence discussion and dissension with loaded ad hominems that are used to attack the character of individuals rather than the content of their expression.

                Entirely different to toxic masculinity as it is currently defined - which is more about 'normal' men doing shit things, being violent, denigrating toward women etc.

                "Doing shit things". Well you sold me buddy.

                If that's seriously a definition for toxic masculinity, then it's basically saying it's whatever the whims of the speaker deem it to be, which obviously preclude it from being a serious socio-biological phenomenon and render it more of a political propaganda campaign with the aim of dividing and inflaming society along easily-exploited fault lines.

                We already have words that perfectly summate such behaviour in our society; if someone is being domestically-abusive, they're domestically-abusive, if someone is being inexplicably violent, they're a criminal, if someone is denigrating women, they're being discriminatory and bigoted. Such behaviour is not unique nor exclusive to either sex and someone who exhibits all of those behaviours is indeed a "shit person", but beyond that, trying to correlate individual acts of such behaviour to a genetic accident is no different than trying to carte blanche indict other group identities such as Muslims, Black people or immigrants, every time a reprehensible act is perpetrated by one of those groups.

                Dreaming up more words to throw into the cultural milieu doesn't effect meaningful change in a nation or culture; in fact they do quite the opposite, as Gore Vidal said about the relationship between societal decline and language: "As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: you liberate a city by destroying it. Words are to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests."

                • @Gnostikos: You should choose your targets. I'm not entirely sold on the language as it's used, which should be obvious by my choice of words. But it would be wrong to conflate the concept with what the Joker is.

        • +4


          Toxic masculinity.

          That's hilarious.

          A middle-aged male character who still lives with his mother, is severely schizophrenic to the point of being unable to hold down a job and constantly subject to outbursts of physical and verbal abuse is an example of a hyper-masculine archetype?

          Jesus, they make this shit up as they go along.

          Meanwhile, your standard action/superhero movie protagonist commits a one-man genocide against hordes of usually foreign-looking bad guys whose sole explanation for being evil is the fact that they're foreign and that never raises an eyebrow with the professionally-outraged for some reason.

          Good job SJWs. Really fighting the good fight.

          • @Gnostikos: Don't shoot the messenger. I'm Offended!

            • @DisabledUser72145: I didn't down vote you, as you can plainly see if you check your original comment's votes. I think everyone assumed you were supporting the sentiments of those articles you linked. Welcome to OzBargain.

              • +1

                @Gnostikos: All good either way. Happy new decade!

      • +25

        i've probably heard 10x more "omg sjws are so triggered by this movie" than actual sjws, it's pretty much just a strawman at this point used by edgy kids

        • +12

          ikr, a bargain website is not the place to go on some weird anti-social justice rant.

          • +6

            @Captain-Danke: I don't know what happened but Ozb has gotten really bad with annoying people trying to twist in politics in every deal/forum post now.

        • +2

          Its why I rarely bother engaging in political discussions. I’m sure their circle jerk communities all high five each about it though.

          • +2

            @Randolph Duke: As a Muslim man in favour of Trump considering conversion to Judaism or Christianity, I think climate change is part of the problem here and would have much preferred if the Joker wore natural fibres.

      • +1

        Some people fall for clickbait

      • They said it was going to be like the bible for dudes who thought about pulling off mass shootings, putting into words and justifying how they feel in today's society and will make people pull off copycat rampages

    • +18

      Remember the 90s and 00s when China and SJW had no impact on the movies we would see. Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

      • +5

        Or the 80s. Nobody gave a toss what Russia thought about anything, so just chuck them in as the generic bad guys whenever Arnie or Sly needed a bunch of guys to shoot. It was either the Russians or dodgy central American dictators / drug dealers.

        • Don't forget punch… they also punched the ruskies in Rocky IV

        • Bring back the dodgy Central American dictators. All we have now are Islamic terrorists, cheesy bond villain knockoffs, and Mexican drug cartels.

      • +1

        Back then things were simple. Villain? Make them Russian, or perhaps Chinese or East German. But then it either became racist to do so, or that country's box office was worth so much money that having generic Chinese villain was no longer good for business. Money talks.

        The solution is to give the villains a generic British accent. Problem solved. You can't be racist against white people, the British will go to see the movie anyway, and no one kicks up a fuss on Twitter. Win win situation.

    • +6

      Right before Joker was released there were articles online warning cinema goers that they were at risk of mass shootings by 'incels' by going to see the movie. Turned out there were no shootings. I bet a lot of reporters were disappointed.

      • +4

        Articles by any reputable organisations? Just cause it’s on the internet doesn’t mean you need to pay attention to it.

        • +7

          The cycle goes as follows:

          • some random posts a blog/tweet taking great offense to some slight, imagined or real
          • it gets picked up by some other blog
          • eventually ends up on buzzfeed
          • eventually ends up in the MSM as an example of SJWs and "political correctness gone mad"
          • original article gets lots of hits, inflating their viewership
          • RWNJs get triggered
          • the same lame story gets circulated constantly as a "take that SJWs"

          See also: the yearly cycle of "Christmas is BANNED in X"; anything to do with the Greens or vegans; anything to do with gender diversity

    • Not sure who said what about the movie, but I thought it was excellent and probably the best way to make a Joker movie not suck. I think Joaquin must have had free reign, bcos Todd Phillips other movies are nothing great.

      Btw I think "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)" isn't even in the same league; what happened to QT?

    • -1

      proved the social justice warriors were so wron

      Why did you need more proof though?

  • +38

    +1 for the creative description

  • +12

    Wow from box office release to Target in three months, that's quick right?

    • +3

      Probably popular with the pirates.

    • +11

      Seems fairly common now. I never saw much point in 6+ month delays between the theatrical release and hitting retailers anyway. Long waits just serves to make peoples interest and in turn wallet go elsewhere.

      • The long wait was to force you to see it at the movies, the theatres know if they commit to the film they have a window without competition, the longer the window the more incentive to see it at the movies. I'm not surprised the window is shrinking. Netflix barely cares about the window, Rosa and The Irishman bare having weeks before going to netflix.

        • Sure but they don’t show many films past 2 months now days, so 6+ months makes no sense. Doubly true when this one arrived before the Xmas season so was replaced by the films released over Nov and Dec.

          Once it’s out of the cinema they may as well make money from home buyers. There’s even an argument being made by some in Hollywood that they should look to have cinema releases coinciding with other platforms be it digital or physical.

    • Finally, something useful due to low attention spans

    • +6

      It's not…you wouldn't get it

    • +13

      I also agree the movie is worth 5 stars! Great review.

  • +9


  • Anyone know what the special features are on this edition? If none then I can stream it for cheaper.

    • Where is it available for streaming?

    • +3

      When you open the DVD cover you get sprayed with a laughing gas that makes you go insane.

      • +1

        Does it make you sane if you're already insane?

      • +1


  • -3

    movie of the century

    • +3

      nah there has been better

      • -3

        Like the latest Star Wars.

        • Sure, since the latest episode of the Mandolorian aired after the release date of Rise of Skywalker.

        • LOL.

  • +11

    Great movie that I will never want to watch again. Will be a well deserved Oscar for Joaquin Phoenix.

    • +1

      +1 Perfect description. GREAT MOVIE OF THE CENTURY I WILL NEVER WANT TO WATCH AGAIN. Joaquin Phoenix marked milestone for his movie career.

  • +1

    How about another joke, Murray?

  • Was is all a dream?

  • +10






  • +1

    Really liked this movie, it's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good.

    Critics are morons obviously.

  • +2

    Did OP have an aneurysm while typing the description?

    • whoosh

    • Did OP have an aneurysm while typing the description?






      I HAVE A COND HhahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAH

  • Any extra content?

    • +17

      Stick with Michael Bay maybe

      • +3

        Because it's either this or Michael Bay, right? smh

        Joker was alright but nothing special for me.
        Great acting, great photography and thats about it.

        • +1

          You’ll find that a lot of comic book fans or superhero fans went in to see it thinking it was like a Batman or Marvel film and was disappointed that it was actually a real drama movie akin to Godfather, Taxi Driver, etc etc

          If a DC fan went in to Shawshank Redemption thinking it’s was CBM they would get the same surprise

          • +1

            @UberIsCool: lol wut?
            Who are the 'a lot of comic book fans' that are dissapointed because what i see happening here is the EXACT opposite.
            A lot of comic fans OVERHYPE this movie and make it to be equivalent to Taxi Deriver, or Godfather (smh) when in reality its just a dramatic movie about a clown with mental issues with ENORMOUS plotholes

            • +1

              @nikoris: Fun fact: a plot hole doesn’t make a bad movie

              • +1

                @UberIsCool: I mean, im not trying to argue, IMDB rating is very clear as to what the people think about this movie but i dont seem why the craze about it.

                Whoever doesnt like it, doesnt mean that he should watch 'Michel Bay' films instead, thats a millenial reddit argument

                • @nikoris: I think the craze was and is, that it is made like a real movie and not a comic book / action movie. It has a great story of the descent into madness, real life depression issues/abuse, great cinematography, amazing acting, matching soundtrack, deep analogies etc.

                  For me it was the nostalgic reflections of both Taxi Driver and King of Comedy that I loved, plus I love gritty New York films.

                  • @UberIsCool: I’m still sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out what CBM is.

                    Edit: Did you mean “a comic book movie”?

                    Shawshank Redemption thinking it’s was CBM

                    That sounds like CBM is the title of a movie.

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