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Logitech G MX518 16,000 DPI Gaming Mouse $28.89 US ($41.71 AU) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


Back on sale again is Logitech's new refresh on the classic MX518 with the introduction of a few new features. While maintaining the original design and feel, it now has a 16,000 DPI sensor, 8 programmable buttons, onboard memory for storing up to 5 profiles and on the fly DPI.

GeekBuying are also holding an event for new and old customers with a heap of different sitewide coupons.

  • Apply the coupon NNNMX518 at checkout

Important: Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose Australia Priority Shipping before payment. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • +1

    A shame it doesn't have the "dented" look of the original

    • +3

      Lol. I thought the dent was ugly

      • I still have one, still like new after Diablo 3. Haha

    • +1

      A few well placed hits with a hammer… /s

      Naturally I wouldn't recommend it.

  • +5

    One of the legends.

    • +3

      I was using one of its ancestors in '04. Classic.

  • the original was actually quite bad because it had "angle snapping" "feature" that you can't turn off, wonder if it still there in the new version

    • This one apparently uses their new Hero sensor, so perhaps the issue is no longer present?

      • No mouse smoothing on this one, still wouldnt but it though

        • it felt to me on the 518 that it simply ignores movement smaller than some threshold. this is actually obnoxious when you start to notice it, and downright awful for certain applications

  • +3

    Still using my OG 518 and have another unopened ready to go. Truly great mouse

    • +1

      Unopened one must be worth a pretty penny now

      • Been smashing mine now for over 7 years and still going strong.

        • Had two over the past 12yrs or so, second is still going strong!

  • +1

    I have another unopened one that I stockpiled from my CS days… an oldie but a goodie. Wish they made things like the EVO IX again!

  • did this ever get an Australian release, I worry about warranty.

  • +5

    My MX510 is still going strong!

    • My second one died a few years back. Oh how I cried. I grabbed the G400 though. Its pretty much the same as it. Love it.

  • Hmm… this or the g502

    • im using the g400s which looks very similar to this. its a damn comfy mouse and the mass is just right. i guess its not good for MMOs because it doesnt have many buttons

  • Any thoughts on this mouse compared to the Logitech or Zowie variants?

  • +2

    Now for a refresh of the G9x

    • +1

      Still using my g9x, had the mx518 before. Great mice!

      • -1

        Still using my g9. Incredible bit of hardware.

        Chalk and cheese compared to the low quality trash logitech makes now.

      • If only they make a wireless version of this, even better! c'mon Logitech.

  • Thank you @Clear! You’ve made my day. I was smacking my g400 around as it keeps disconnecting during game. After opening her up, it seems the cable may need replacement. So checked the costs of that and it was ok, but then saw this newer G MX518 with better sensor and programable buttons, so I naturally considered that. Too bad it was at pretty high prices on eBay (around $70-$100) and a little cheaper in Aliepress so waited for coupons and events to discount. Well I’ve never thought of using GeekBuying! Cheers for posting!

    Btw, the original MX518 was the best gaming mouse I had for FPS games and then the g400! After that I tried others like Logitech g9x Laser and STRIX CLAW and ROG Claymore, none could beat the feel on my hybrid palm grip and the left right mouse click feel for clicking on heads in game. It just needs that right feel for that reflex snipe shot! Hoping this rebirth of the mx518 is same feel!

  • +1

    I went through 2 g500 and on my first g500s. When they started to release the g502, I knew they were going to discontinue the g500. So I bought 4 more g500s. Here to hoping they last as long as I need them to

    • I have the 518, 2 500s, 502, 703. I like them all. 😆

  • I can't seem to apply the discount code if I pay with paypal

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