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3DBuzz Shut down and Release Content for Free


3DBuzz is one of the original online learning resources for computer graphics, programming and game development, first launching way back in 2002. Until recently the site was completely commercial, with prices set on a per course basis or available under a monthly subscription. They announced they will be shutting down, for the most unfortunate of reasons, and have released all of their content for free download.

Details from 3dbuzz.com:

Hello everyone,
The 3D Buzz community has been amazing and inspirational for 2 decades. However, all good things…
3D Buzz, Inc has closed its doors. Subscription and recurring payments have already been suspended. This page is our final gift to such a wonderful community. Below you will find download links to all of our available material, free of charge.
Thank you for so many years of support. You are all, truly, the best community anyone could hope for. May we see each other again somewhere in the ether…
From all of us to all of you,
Remember to always look, listen, and learn.
Goodbye, good health, and good luck.

If you visit 3DBuzz.com you may get a security warning, this seems to be linked to an invalid SSL certificate and can be ignored. The entire content of the site add up to over 200+GB in size. As a result, some readers over on Reddit have been working to set up torrents, so if you are interested in grabbing the entire archive of video tutorials, be sure to check out that thread. Otherwise you can download each video one by one in zip format.

Description from GameFromScratch

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  • Great find :) I'll download a couple of zip files and see what the quality is like

    • Interested to hear your feedback.

    • How is it mate? Will download when I get home tonight.

      • A lot of them are pretty old school, so some of the modelling programs courses are a little out of date. The fundemental ones are good if you are just trying to figure out some software though :)

        • I'm just getting into programming and fundamentals would be great, any you'd recommend specifically?

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    They also have a youtube channel that has all the videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/3DBuzz/videos

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      And this is why we cant have nice things.

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    This site literally got me into my programming career. some of the education is likely outdated by now, but its quality stuff.

    • Same here except visual effects, dropped out of Uni as I was learning significantly more from 3dbuzz in a fraction of the time span (not to mention the cost). What Jason and Zak were doing at the peak of 3dbuzz for online education still hasn't been matched by anything available today.

      A couple of months ago I visited the site on a whim to see if they were still going only to find that Jason had recently passed away and was heartbroken by the news.

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    What was the unfortunate reason?

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      The founder Jason Busby passed away

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    All 485 Direct Download Links (Grabbed from the website)