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LG 55" B9 OLED UHD TV $1610 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


For those still looking for an OLED TV, this is a decent price. JBH/HVN/TGG/Bing Lee are retailing it for $1795 + Delivery. EBay plus members are entitled to a further discount using the POLKA coupon code. I beleive it comes down to $1526 + Delivery.

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    Code PLUTO100 is slightly cheaper

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    really not a good price when C9 has been only $100-200 more on few occasions .. wait it out for better deal

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      I agree

      • Paid $1712 for 55" C9 OLED from JB.

        • Receipt? :) Would love one at this price

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            @Tafe: You're months too late now.. wait till black friday and you'll get the CX cheaply.

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      What's the benefit of the C9 over the B9?

      • Curious about the difference too.

        • Not much in it, does the difference really boil down to only pre calibration? Or is there something else that doesn't get captured in that comparison?

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            @malamute: Image processors - C9 has a9 gen 2, B9 has a7 gen 2. HDR peak brightness is slightly higher on the C9. I think the C9 also has 3GB RAM and the B9 only has 2GB RAM. Sure there are differences, but in terms of PQ, they’re incredibly close.

            I agree with RogueWolf, I think the C9 is worth an extra $100 - $200. But those really low prices we saw for the C9 were prior to the B9 being widely available (B9 was released after the C9), and i really don’t think we’ll see it go that low again because of where the B9’s price point sits.

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            @malamute: Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzmKsPwoe_w (C9 vs B9)

            • C9 is a bit brighter, better for HDR
            • C9 has better near black quantisation, means less bright blocks/flashing in dark scenes

            In short, if you can afford to get the C9 get it, but the B9 is perfectly adequate for normal viewing. I have a B6 and it's still a superior viewing experience over LCD.

            Off topic, but a lot of people mention getting Samsung TV's, but ever since the 2018 series they have dropped TrueHD audio support so I don't recommend them now for people who have videos that have TrueHD tracks. Even on the Q series.

        • Woah that's detailed. I was considering the B9, but after looking at this the C9 is generally brighter, marginally better HDR processing, truer colours - so I presume that for non-4K content the C9 would be superior and most of the content I watch would need to be upscaled or interpolated.

          I'm sensitive to image quality, so could be a deal-breaker for me.

          • @McCloud: Well, you are considering a TV that is a multiple times more expensive for a smaller size (oled), it's understandable you want image quality.

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        More RAM, added support down the line due to the more RAM so software updates are achievable. LG discontinues support of any model which isn't signature early on. B9 is not a signature TV.
        This means more responsive UI too.

        Added tweaking of the colour spectrums

        Better sound

        Faster processor, C9 has a 2019 processor whilst the B9 has the same processor as 2016 model.

        There were a few other differences too behind the scenes.

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      I'm also keeping a eye out for the C9. But haven't seen any good deals since the price error by good guys in mid December

      • Same here man. Hesitated with Good Guys because I thought the gf would get mad, and once she gave me the go ahead it was sold out.

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          Same here with the wife, was getting ready for work and saw it. Since i was in a hurry i thought this would be the new price going forward. Hopefully with the C10/CX that released yesterday hope the price would come down. Fingers crossed. Are you looking at the 55 or 65?

          • @ozone141: Looking at the 65. Currently have a 55 B8 in the lounge and a cheapo LG in the bedroom. Plan would be to move the B8 into the bedroom and sell on the cheapo one. Fingers crossed something comes soon. :)

        • I hesitated and told everyone I wasn't getting it (wife included) as I also thought it would be the price going forward. Something nagging at me told me it was a pricing error, so I bought it! Glad I did, a great TV.

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          Maybe we should organise a C9 group buy with one of the usual suspects. I am also after a C9 and waiting for the price to go back to the previous low.

          • @wayl: B9 can be had for a decent price. What are people's thoughts on the B9?

            • @matictac: B9 isn’t bad but C9 is better. I’ve got a 65 inch B8 and am now after a 55 inch C9

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            @wayl: Thats a great Idea… I mean if we have like 10 ppl I sure we can even go to good guys and organise something :D who knows..

            • @ozone141: I think there is a group buy thing here? Not sure. But I’m in if we can get it down to previous low level!

              • @wayl: Let me know the details, Never used a group buy option before

    • I doubt there will be any more C9 deals until final runout just before the 10 series is released. Most places have little to no stock on the C9 now. If you didnt jump on the bandwagon just before the Black Friday sales, then I am pretty sure you are out of luck now.

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    Still waiting for confirmation on 120Hz BFI in the 2020 line-up, but there's definitely been a change to ProMotion (the related mode), which allows for a version of BFI that's brighter than the 2019 series.

    Even without it, the 2020 line-up is a good step up, and should wind up returning to these price levels far faster than last year.

    • Do these current models not support 120Hz? When should the 2020 line up hit stores?

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        The 9 series runs 120hz natively. But does not support BFI at 120hz. BFI helps eliminate motion blur in fast motion scenes.

  • Any good price on 75"

  • The price has to have the delivery/postage added on so another $55 = $1665.25 for actual total?

    All the Black Friday/XMAS/ Boxing day sales are well and truly gone so that is looking like a reasonable price.

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    I'm seeing $1525 + delivery with POLKA (requires eBay Plus). Which is a stellar price.

    • Hi Evan - what are you seeing for $1525 + delivery? If its the C9 65inch, can you post the link, as I cannot find any reference on ebay to 'POLKA' and hardware sales..!

      • What product: Scroll to the top of the page. It's the 55 B9".
        POLKA: Exclusive to eBay Plus, refer here.

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  • Cheapest B9 was $1492 and C9 was $1712. With Polka for ebay plus members we are getting close.

    • On a delivered basis, this offer its better. Prior low was $1492 + $77 (delivery fee) = $1569 from Videopro. Appliance central price: $1695 x 0.9 (assuming eBay plus membership) + free delivery = $1526.

      • Delivery isn't free though. I ordered with POLKA, still had to pay $55 shipping.

        • Apologies. Not a eBay plus member so just went off the headlines. I though eBay plus members get free delivery for orders over $50? EBay plus is suppose to be eBay's answer to Amazon prime. In any case, the delivered price very close to the prior low.

          • @SavingsAccelerator: Haven't heard of that (free delivery > $50). You do get free shipping with eBay Plus listings, but Appliance Central isn't an eBay Plus seller.

            And no argument, $1525 + delivery is still a great price, which is why I bought one! :)

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