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Air Purifiers: SHARP IGA10J $99, Philips AC1215/70 $299, Breville LAP150WHT $219 + More @ Various Retailers


Please feel free to add more deals or detail. In stock products only please.
Revised based on the availability.

SHARP IGA10JW Ion Generator Air Purifier (White) | Red | Black - $99 Out Of Stock
- Recommended Room Size - Up to 10 m² | Air Flow Volume (m³/hour) (High / Low) - 102 / 72

Breville The Easy Air Purifier LAP150WHT - $219 - Please Check your local store for pick up availability
Or try BigW - $199 -Not Available For Delivery, Pick Up Only
-Room Size: up to 25m² | Air Circulation 92m3/h

HoMedics TotalClean 5-in-1 Medium Tower Air Purifier - $219 + Free Shipping with Club Catch - Out Of Stock Or Try Countdown Deals - $279
- CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) numbers for room size of 17.2 m²/185 FT2

Philips Air Purifier Series 1000 with VitaShield IPS Technology AC1215/70 - $299 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- Superior Purification that can be applied to max 63m² room. CADR (cigarette smoke) 270 m³/h

SHARP FUY30JW Air Purifier - $299 - Pick Up Available @ MEL
- Recommended Room Size: 21 m²

SHARP AIR PURIFIER FPF30JH - $299 - Pick Up Available @ MEL
- Recommended Room Size: 21 m²

Breville The Easy Air Purifier LAP300WHT - $329 - Please Check your local store for pick up availability
-Room Size: up to 40m² | Air Circulation 169m3/h

Sharp Air Purifier KCF30JW - $399 - Pick Up Available @ MEL
- Room Size: Under 25m2

Philips Series 2000 Air Purifier AC2887/70 - $499 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- 25-79m² room size | CADR (cigarette smoke) 333 m³/h

Sharp Air Purifier FPG50JW - $599 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
Room Size: 26m2 - 40m2

PHILIPS SERIES 3000 AIR PURIFIER - AC3256/70 - $799 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- Room size: up to 95m² | CADR (cigarette smoke): 367 m³/h

SHARP KCA50JW Air Purifier - $799 - Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- It takes approximately 20 minutes for the KCA50JW to clean a room of 38m2 size at the maximum fan speed.

SHARP KCA60JW Air Purifier - $799- Pick Up Option Available @ MEL
- Dual Action of PCI and HEPA filter will purify the air in the area up to 48m2 and keep up to 34m2 at a comfortable humidity level with the new humidity function.

Below products may be required long waiting time
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 - $275.45 with code PARRY or $260.95 with code POLKA (eBay Plus) @ eBay gearbite - No Pick Up Option Available | Pre-Sale
- 32-48m² room size | CADR (cigarette smoke) 400 m³/h

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro - $379.95 with code PARRY or $359.95 with code POLKA (eBay Plus) @ eBay gearbite - No Pick Up Option Available | Pre-Sale
- 30-60m² room size | CADR (cigarette smoke) 500 m³/h

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  • Snake Plant - Bunnings 10$
    NASA Clean Air Study

  • Not much info on the Sharp. Does anyone have any experience with them? Sick of this damned smoke!

  • I'd like to point out that if you are desperate you can just buy a hepa filter panel and literally ziptie it to a fan. It won't be as good but depending on how much you pay for the filter it could be a cheap, quick temporary solution

  • TGG commercial has LAP150WHT for $149 and LAP300WHT for $224

    • Two local retailers (one is TGG) said Breville Air Purifier is sold out Australia-wide. Next shipment is to be expected end of February 2020.

      Some retailers will happily take (back) order (and money) but won't tell you when deliveries will be made.

      • While the Brevilles might be sold out Australia-wide, it's still worth going for a look in your local Harveys / Good Guys, etc. I did this on Monday at Harvey Norman in Dandenong and they were all too happy to sell me the display model LAP300WHT for $280 - never been turned on, fresh out of the box. Not as good as TGG commercial price, but still what I thought was a good price.

        There is a fair chance your local Harveys may do the same..

  • Initially I didn't thought Dyson had active carbon filters but you can also go for these

    Or Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Purifying Fan Heater (White/Silver) $899 but $860 at Costco and HN price match them indirectly.

  • I'll be honest, I'm loving the people running around just buying them now. I've been banging for the past 15 years. Have one in my car as well at all times. Starts and stops whenever I turn the key.

  • OP - anything on the Philips Series 6000? Thank you!

  • I suffer from hayfever, are these good when plonked in a bedroom? And do you need to run them 24/7 to be effective or switch on an hour before bed for example?

    • Great for hayfever, keeps dust and pollen at bay. Buy one with a HEPA filter (or don't buy one at all) and they don't need to be turned on 24/7. Once you start using it, you'll figure it out.

    • I use one of these on anti-pollen mode on serious pollen days (MC70LPVM) https://www.daikin.com.au/our-product-range/air-purifiers/ai...

      I plonk it in the bedroom and have it on a few hours before going to bed and keep it on during the night, you have to keep air circulation in mind as its practically a fan that pushes air through a series of filters. Wake up in the morning without the usual stuffiness however.

      But once you step outside then your sinus/nasal passages will still get assaulted by pollen if the hayfever medication doesn't kick in time

  • Where did you see the Xiaomi 3 as "presale"? I bought one from gearbest on Sunday and it still hasn't shipped, though nothing in their listing said pre sale etc.

    It did say 5 days handling so I'm not worried yet, but I'd like to have known if it won't ship for some ridiculous amount of time.

    • I‘ve purchased one later last month, and they didn't dispatch on time. so i asked them and they told me they didn't get it in stock. i thought it should be all right, and wait for about 2 weeks, but still nothing. then i cancelled the order and bought one from others.
      It's ebay. if they got it in stock, they will dispatch it within 1 business day.

      • Hmm, thanks for the tip. I have sent them a message to check if it's really in stock. Very misleading if it isn't. It says estimated to arrive this Friday or Monday (MEL->CBR).

        The listing says for this item that handling time is 5 days, that's the only reason I wasn't alarmed, however now you've said this I will be really pissed off.

        • No worries. let me know if they got it in stock or at least have an estimated time, then i'll update the post.

          • @surpriseW: Just got a reply:

            We sincerely apologise for the late delivery. we need the handle day to process your order, but it will send out this friday by express post, Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      • I ordered a 3h from gearbite on the 2nd of Jan and it arrived yesterday (a week or so before the ebay estimate) so it seems like they might be back in stock.

    • I think Auspost has been dropping the ball here. I ordered 4 Xiaomi air purifiers from Gearbite on Monday.

      Two turned up in my parcel locker today even though the tracking information only had on it "Shipping information approved by Aus post"

      The other two that havent turned up still have "Shipping information approved by Aus post" so maybe they will turn up tomorrow.

      And no I am not hoarding them or re-selling them. Partner has a lot of friends with newborns who are freaking the eff out here in Canberra and we are getting the purifiers for them.

      But top marks to Gearbite, when they became aware of the toxic smoke here in Canberra, they sent the items Express post at no extra charge.

      • I ordered one from Gearbite on monday as well but it looks like I have lucked out with getting an express post upgrade. Cross fingers it arrives on Monday.

        The reports are that the smoke will continue (on and off) for weeks, so even if we don't get another season like this one that'll still be a heap of nasty particulate matter I hopefully won't have been breathing in. And it will help in subsequent seasons for pollen which can hit me like a bitch sometimes.

  • The problem with air filters is you need an almost perfectly sealed room. I bought an air filter and a PM 2.5 sensor and after running for hours it only dropped a fraction of the outside air quality which suggests air leakage i assume, which basically makes them useless. Either that or the fan is not powerful enough to exchange air even in a small bedroom. If your going to buy make sure you buy a unit that will be able to cope with the room size and all your window seals are intact, doors. etc

    • How perfect is perfectly sealed ? Don't you have door seals ?
      I'm in Canberra, outside on last saturday, outside is 200+ and I manage to bring inside from 230 to 28. Only took me few hours.

    • Which meter do you have? There's a lot of bad reviews and a massive range of prices, which have left me confused.

    • "make sure you buy a unit that will be able to cope with the room size" thanks but the comment is of no use without the size of your unit……so did you make sure? (see boomrada's post for a completely opposite opinion).

      ADDRESSED TO AUSTRIAN OAK, must have hit wrong "reply" link

      • It's kind of irrelevant. Like i said if your room is not well sealed, you will never get enough air exchange per hour thus making the air purifying efforts uselsss. I live in a 40 year old house, so that probably the issue, old houses have vents on the wall for circulation which makes it impossible to seal, not to mention wooden windows, doors, heater vents, evaporative vents which all need to be sealed to make them efficient. YMMV

    • +2 votes

      Seal the doors and windows with blue painters tape (basically masking tape). Comes off clean when you want it gone

      Either get a plastic thing for blocking airflow under the door or just make one yourself with paper and tape.

      Sealing the front door has worked well for me with Phillips 2000 purifier

  • Serious theres like no stock of anything anywhere.

    I have a Xiaomi Pro 3 on order which should arrive by end of the week.
    I also ran to JB Hifi and bought and Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier. They seemed to have a few of the truSens z1000 in stock when I went.

    I have ordered an air quality detector as well but I can say just from the Ionmax I am finding it easier to breath and I have slept amazingly again.

    • Why get a separate quality detector when the air purifier already has one?

      • Don't trust brands built in detectors they have been rubbished everywhere(Look it up). The Ionmax purifier while I can see works the detector doesn't. Even when putting out a match on the sensor it still said everything is fine.

        I also want to check the impact around the house in particular the kids rooms and see if I need units for them or just cleansing the general air is enough.

  • Make sure you check the price and availability of the filters before you commit to any particular model.

    With so many models, it's hard to tell what is a bargain.

    • and some have been steadily increasing in price as the smoke goes on and on (eg the Arovec on amazon was $99, then $149, $159, $169, $199 before I stopped checking)

      • supply and demand.

        The bushfires were a gift to purifier makers, just as China was one giant gift to Karicare and Bellamy's.

  • Note the first one doesn't seem to say that it's a HEPA filter, perhaps verify that it does or it won't help with the harmful pm2.5 particles

  • I am getting "Dangerous URL blocked;https://www.gorlon.in.ua/embed.min.js" from this site.

  • Tossing up between the Breville Easy Air and Smart Air. Looking to get one for our master bedroom which is about 18m2 to help with my wife's allergies. On paper the Easy Air should do the job, but I'm wondering if it's worth getting the bigger Smart Air. Differences I see are:
    - power consumption (12W vs 45W)
    - sound (28dB vs 30dB on the slowest setting I presume)
    - air circulation (92m3/h vs 169m3/h)
    - Smart Air has an Auto mode

    Anyone have any constructive input into this?

    • Bought the smart air for the auto mode as there is no remote. Room is 10m2, and a dream now.

      Works as well as an older Dyson fan/purifier I used to have. Got the last one from JB in the state last week. Thankfully night mode is great too, keeps volume low and turns off the blue ring of light on top.

      • Thanks bogchop, no regrets spending the extra for the Smart Air? We're both very heavy sleepers so the slightly extra noise isn't a big problem haha!

        • Nope. Not gonna lie, I had $100 worth of gift cards to use so it was closer to $209 for me haha. Even then it would have been cheaper for the smaller unit. Having seen the auto function at work on the Dyson made the choice a no brainer for me. Did not want to have to press go every time I got home, no point. It gets the job done very quickly, is quiet enough on its lowest setting and doesn't look ugly. Ticks all the boxes. Was originally going to get an AROVEC from amazon (I think that was it), but price gouging went rife. Didn't like their attitude/comms, so just went and found this instead!

        • I regret choosing the Smart Air over another brand. I'm glad I got it over the smaller one since I wouldn't want one slower than how fast it can purify a bedroom after getting home and turning it on. Glaring issues with the design though:

          • Super annoying to try to use the touch buttons on top at night with no tactile feedback, especially when the bright blue LED is beaming in your eyes as you squint
          • The only way to get that LED to turn off is using night mode, which forces fan speed 1, which is a problem because:
          • There's effectively only two fan speeds - in my experience fan speeds 1 and 2 don't actually push enough air through the filter to get anything done. Fan speed 3 is only just acceptable noise-wise, fan speed 4 makes conversation in the room not possible with that amount of background noise.
          • Auto mode is super annoying: When the air quality detector is at a break point between two fan speeds it will fluctuate sometimes twice per minute, revving up and down. Each fan speed is double the lower speed, so the change is very noticeable and disruptive to sleep.

          I emailed Breville about the auto issue and got a generic copy and paste from the user manual response.

      • Do you find the auto feature on yours loudly spins the fan up and down way too frequently? Mine sometimes changes once or twice a minute for ages when it's (presumably) hovering on a threshold. Super annoying and disruptive.

        • No. The unit is 1m from the corner of my bed. On auto night mode, it's not on unless it needs to run. I haven't experienced any of the problems you've listed above.

          Also I live in Brooklyn Victoria, which is one of (if not the most) polluted suburbs in all of Australia for air quality. It's doing a bang up job, and would absolutely buy it again. I've got a Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro coming for the lounge/kitchen area additionally, so 90% of my house will be covered by that point.

    • Depends on price difference, most auto sensors on air purifiers are complete shit. Most chinese built one's just default to 'This is fine' low mode for Australia.

      The only REAL difference is airflow and how much air volume they can purify per hour. Up to you. That being said, the smaller one on a higher setting will increase noise and air purifying capacity anyway.

    • I ended up getting the Easy Air purely because I couldn't find anywhere in Perth that had the Smart Air in stock! Easy Air seems to be fine so far. Controls are basic but good enough given it's mainly needed to be on when we are sleeping.

      One question - is there a reason why you would ever turn off the Microbe Shield function?

      • If you like germs and want to build your immune system, or if you want to save power

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