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[eBay Plus] Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB $648, Samsung Galaxy A90 5G $932 / Note 9 512GB $888 + Delivery @ Allphones eBay


Hi all,

Some hot Allphones eBay deals to take advantage of the current eBay 10% off. The Pixel 3 XL discount is applied at checkout. Please then apply coupon code POLKA to reach the final price.

As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, local Australia Manufacturers warranty.

Thank you for your support!

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  • No black on the 3XL!

    • Hi gadget,
      Would love to do black as well but unfortunately all black Pixel 3XL out of stock

  • +1

    Any Huawei p30 Pro deals coming up?

    • +1

      Hi hashiemoto

      Our P30 Pro Range is here, not the lowest ever but currently have some decent pricing on the Vodafone Branded versions. Thanks

      • P30 Pro is a legendary phone. Google would sell under there brand for $1900 mark if they had come with this.

    • +1

      p30 pro 8+128 is around 700 after discount and voucher at taobao.

      • More details please?

        • Might be too late to get the lowest price now. Tmall AU-official shop released $40 vouchers before the sale. Now there are less vouchers to get. I bought Redmi K20 Pro 12G+512G at around $400 AUD shipped last night. Also, the site is Chinese only, no English version.

        • This is the AU-tmall shop URL: https://ts.tmall.com/wow/signature/act/australia. Hope you understand Chinese.

  • Note 9 or wait for Note 10 lite? 🤔

    • +1

      why not get both?

      • +2

        You can get by with 1 phone.

        • no way

        • -1

          no way, 1 for wife 1 and 1 for wife 2
          can't trust wife 2 telling wife 1 what we have been up to when i told wife 1 i went out to drink with the boiz

    • I'll buy the Note 10+ 512GB if $888.

    • Get the Note 11

      • +2

        Might as well wait and see what they do with the note 12

        • By then the S13 with next gen processor would be around the corner so……

        • +1

          iPhone 13 in 2023 still uses 7nm architecture

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    Bringing back LG V40 deal soon?

    • +2

      Me too, waiting for this. Anytime it's around $450-475, I am in.

      • May be around Lunar New year?

  • +2

    pixel 3xl has absolutely incredibly terrible battery life.

    if u like to use your phone for more than 2 - 3 hours a day. dont buy this phone.

    • Don't know how you're getting these figures. I'm getting around 7h SOT for sure.

      • i know 3 people who own them. including my gf. they all use their phones differently. and they are all amazed how bad the battery life is. just came back from sitting around an airport with my gf. both started at 100% just scrolling around FB and YouTube. in about 2 hours my phone was 80% my gf was 38%.
        she was constantly on a powerbank our whole trip. and i did all the photo taking, research and navigation etc and not once did i use a powerbank.

        • If it's that bad it's either software issue or get a replacement from Google. Factory reset helps sometimes as well.

          Edit: just remembered. Disable the wellbeing app. Makes a whole bunch of difference.

        • i read it as "my wife" and "my girl friend"

      • Then you're lucky, my Pixel3 is a lemon, too. I have never not used a phone for 1-5 years after acquiring it, but I am highly in the market to get off the pixel3 brigade.

    • Pixel 3 and 3XL both have terrible battery life

      • hehe

      • My Pixel 3 battery can barely last the whole day, and I have to make sure it's fully charged before I leave the house on days I am going out.

    • I read all these comments about Pixels having awful battery, but picked up a 3a XL anyway. I don't know what you people are doing to your phones but I just got through 48 hours of normal use on a charge, and easily get through 24 hours of fairly heavy use on a charge.

      • Probably because it's new. Wait 3-4 months. I said the same thing when I had the 2XL

      • Same. Picked up two 3xl second hand from ebay. No problem with battery life at all on either Pie or Android 10.

      • Same, Pixel 3a XL gets two days from average usage, and about 32 hours with heavy usage.

  • Any thoughts on the Samsung A90?

    • Don't buy A series if you want a good camera. If you are spending close to 1k just go with Note 10.

  • How is google pixel 3? I had bad experiences with pixel and pixel 2 with its firmware. Kept restarting by itself etc.

  • Is the A90 dual-sim?

    • Hi Akatsuki123,

      Single sim for A90, thanks.

  • @lyl $728 for Pixel 3 for me with POLKA applied at checkout. Has the price changed?…
    What about the White you have in stock?

    • Hi tux182,

      Are you trying with this item (Pixel 3 XL Pink)? It is working for me. White is around $664 after discount. Thanks

      • Clicking the white link gives a price of $829.92. If I add the POLKA code it takes off 10%, bringing it down to $746.93

        • A 11% initial discount should be automatically applied at checkout before the POLKA code is added, is it showing at checkout?

          • +1

            @lyl: Ah ha - thankyou. All sorted and bought.
            My issue was the preview with the POLKA code showed one price. But i actually had to go through the whole process to get the additional 11% off.

            Thanks for your help!

            • @6000SUX: Awesome, glad I could help, thanks for your support :)

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB (Single Sim, Telstra/Optus Branded, Unlocked)
    Is Telstra or Optus branded better? I know both have bloatware installed.

    • If you don't want bloatware on your phone, get a Google Pixel phone. Bloatware on Samsung can be disabled.

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