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20-60% off Storewide @ Selected EB Games Stores (Closing Down)


EB Games have emailed EB World members to advise of individual store closures, with 20-60% off the marked price of items storewide at those stores only. Thanks to @apsdogg for this photo of the discount categories

Stores reported as closing:
ACT - Majura Park
NSW - Blacktown, Rockdale, Winston Hills, Birkenhead Point, Inverell, Tamworth
QLD - Inala, Bribie Island, Underwood, Cleveland, Lutwyche
SA - Adelaide City Cross, Brickworks, Hallet Cove, Harbourtown Adelaide
VIC - Dandenong, Hamilton
WA - Dianella, Kalamunda

Thanks to everyone who has mentioned stores closing near them - I initially posted as Majura Park only,

Not sure what current stock levels are, so no specific deals to highlight at this stage.

Happy bargain hunting!

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EB Games Australia

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  • The end of the Australian economy as we know it

    • why? the power of purchase is increasing:)

      • Store closures is never a nice thing.

        • They'll move more towards an online only presence hence less overheads. Less overheads generally means they can be more competitive. B&M stores have had their run and it's now time to go.

          • @nurries: They're also employers of the vast majority of teenagers and adult students. Its actually pretty terrible for the Australian economy, especially considering global players are taking a lot of the money off shore that would have been taxed appropriately.

            The only winners in Australia are logistics companies.

            • @sheepdog: This. The wider community loses out

            • @sheepdog: Doubt logistics companies are making that much, too many non deliveries with people not being home and in out of the way areas.

            • @sheepdog: Progression doesn't stop just because a group of people are going to lose their jobs. If that was the case, we would still have "chimney sweeper" as a career option.

              • @nurries: That's a fair comment about jobs changing, but it's looking like in the next generation we could have a whole lot of empty shopping centres, it's gonna be hard to see where jobs will come from. Particularly for younger people.

                • @scuderiarmani: Aged care will be a booming industry in 20-30 years. As Australia and many other developed countries have an ageing population there's going to be more elderly arses to wipe.

                  • -31 votes

                    @LikeMike: This is such a bullshit comment, there is no such thing as an aging population, people have been getting older for generations and life still goes on as normal. Older people retire, younger people fill the gap, older people die, new people are born.
                    Don’t want to spoil it for you but it’s been happening since Adam and Eve.

                    • @worker: You don't seem to know what the term 'ageing population' means. It's not just about getting old, it's also about the percentage of older people in comparison to younger people. It's a higher statistic now in many developed countries due to people living much longer than they used to generations ago and reproducing in lesser numbers.

                      • -30 votes

                        @LikeMike: Uh huh, whatever keeps you awake at night :)
                        Next you will tell me that we caused climate change by buying too many printers and not just buying the ink

                      • @LikeMike: It is quite literally a propaganda argument for multiculturalism and immigration. Japan has the same “problem” yet they aren’t stupid enough to allow millions of people from cultural backgrounds unlike the one that made their nation what it is….

                        Also, EB games is an American company. So make your own Games store.

                        • @Jace81: My original reply about Australia's ageing population was just in response to what industry would be good for jobs in the future. I agree with you that trying to bring in a mixed younger crowd is not a good thing.

                    • @worker: "Aging population" isn't talking about specific persons getting older as you say, a regular part of "life". The "Aging population" refers to the % of the population that fits in the various age group categories. Back a couple of generations ago, there were more younger aged people than older people because the life expectancy was nowhere near as high (people died younger). Now with modern medicine, people are living longer and the average life expectancy have gone up shifting the population towards older age groups. It does not help either with lower birth rates as well since most families have only 1-2 kids as opposed to 6-10 kids in our grandparent's generation (contraceptives!).

                      Maybe learn what this is about before making stupid statements like this.

                  • @LikeMike: Maybe aged care facilities will be built where shopping centres used to be!

              • @nurries: We do still have chimney sweeping as a career option.
                Who the hell do you think is cleaning all these chimneys?

              • @nurries: Chimney sweeping is a sort after job in Germany…

                • @namanuu: Being literate is a sought (not sort) after skill. Seems more rare these days. Here's your achievement ribbon for trying though.

              • @nurries: Unfortunately, we do not have businesses moving from one area (e.g "chimney sweeper") to another (more advanced) ones (e.g. design, manufacturing and installation of gas heaters).
                Businesses are just being outsourced overseas.

            • +12 votes

              @sheepdog: Looks like next generation will be Generation U - U for unemployed. Need experience to get experience, but all of the entry level jobs have shut down

            • @sheepdog: Frankly the entire PC/Electronics/Gaming retail sector in this country needs a shake-up in terms of purchasing decisions and sales support. It's staggering how little most know about things they spend at least 10 hours a week selling, especially the higher-ups.

              That being said EB probably has a niche for future game critics and content creators, who often to try to learn their shit from an artistic perspective, while Gerry Harvey's empire can rot for all I care.

              • @jasswolf:

                while Gerry Harvey's empire can rot for all I care.

                Harvey Norman employ’s 10,000 Australians. What would be so great about about the business “rotting”? Would it make you feel good?

                • @aja12: Better business practices from better business, instead of everyone being trapped and squeezed by his franchising model and total lack of product knowledge.

                  Brands come and go, it's only very recently they've become genuinely entrenched outside of luxury department stores. Chains of retail stores have only really been a big thing since the 70s.

                  • @jasswolf:

                    Brands come and go

                    You're right. Except that HN has been around for almost 50 years, over 200 stores and weathered through pretty much everything thrown at them ranging from GFC to onslaught of online competition like Amazon. You can talk all you want and have an opinion or be speculative about their future, but you do have to respect that they have been rather successful in all their years of operation.

                    • @bchliu: Successful? Yes.

                      Run with enough of a competitive focus on price, product selection & knowledge, versus bamboozling people and manipulating ordering volumes to both undermine consumers and competitors? No.

                      He's been in defensive mode for decades now, and they've not done enough to rectify that. Tech retail is in a backwater in this country, though that's not just on him.

            • @sheepdog: How is EB employing the "vast majority" of teenagers and adult students? Have you not heard of Woolworths, Coles, McDonalds etc etc etc you know the places that employ 10's of thousands of teenagers and students??

            • @sheepdog:

              The only winners in Australia are logistics companies

              And cardboard box & landfill companies, which I see as a loser for environment

            • @sheepdog: The only reason people buy from overseas is due to the price gouging tactics of some retailers in Aus.
              Id much prefer to buy from a local store and keep jobs here but 50% markup on some items is ridiculous.
              Anyway EB have always been overpriced its not like there aren't any other stores selling the same items as they do .

          • @nurries: Depending on the products, I don't mind paying more to be able to see and hold the item, and then get it straight away at a physical store. Looking at pictures and then wait for them to arrive is a pretty boring shopping experience, sometimes you don't even get what you pay for.

            • @ass3ts: I agree with you in regards to being able to physically see and hold the items, but I find that the issue with ebgames is that their products are usually significantly overpriced compared to their competitors.

              And in this day and age, you may get the game physically straight away, but usually you're still hit with a day 1 patch and those are getting chunkier in size.

              They did have a decent selection of hardware though at the very least

        • I don't know about the other stores, but the ACT Majura store never felt like it was a good location. Out at the airport near places like Costco and Ikea. There's hardly any small retail at the complex they are at.

          There's also another store 5 minutes up the road at the Canberra Outlet Centre.

          Stores closing isn't a good thing, but at the same time this one was always particular quiet and is probably in the wrong place. There's 5 other EB's that I can think off in Canberra so a relatively small area is still being pretty well covered. Also a sixth in Quenbeyan just over the boarder. Those are all more or less within 30-40 minutes of another.

          • @Smigit: I've definitely queried store locations, not just EB, everyone. Sometimes they shoot themselves in the foot.

            Too many stores is common, demographic of the area etc etc.

    • More related to the parent company Gamestop struggling in the US.

    • That one little EB hidden upstairs behind the Harvey Norman at CEX arcade was only there because the rent was cheap. The EB across the other side of the mall opposite the JBHifi was doing a lot better business.

      • Yeah, I've been wondering for years why that City Cross store was even there, being so close to the other, larger store. Same with Rebel Sport - why the hell is there one there in City Cross when there is another one literally across the street (well, mall) in the Myer centre?

        • Rebel is just a re-branded Amart Sports they never closed

          • @reidy76: Yeah, I know about the Amart thing - I guess the question is WHY did they never close it down after they took over Amart? It doesn't seem to serve much useful purpose there. I wonder if they'll shut them both down and combine them into 1 store somewhere else. Looks like there will be a fair bit of space opening up in the Harris Scarfe building soon…

        • That larger store used to be double the size. It’s now split between EB and something else that looks to sell nothing but merchandising “crap”. Can’t remember the name but I’m fairly sure it’s part of the same company.

          • @Orrelljet: Yeah, GameStop own ZING Pop Culture too. Most of the larger EB stores got split in half to accommodate that, which was probably the smartest thing they could have done to try and survive. More money in pop culture merchandise than video games in the long run. You say it's "crap" but people fricking love that "crap". I know people (late 20's/early 30's) with complete rooms in their houses dedicated to gaming/animation merchandise.

            • @BradH13: I'm 51 and have a dedicated gaming room with all of my original games/consoles/posters/merchandise etc. from my youth onwards, starting with the Atari 2600. I love that "crap" - I do get some strange looks from guests, though.

              • @Drewbo: Atari? Ok, I will revoke my “crap” moniker. I spent whole summers playing space invaders with my a friend of mine on the original console…when it was new!! Might have to take a look :-)

    • Actually more like greedy landlord

    • Probably a little dramatic, looking at some of the locations I am not surprised they are closing, Docklands? Really? They had a store there?

      When businesses stay in the past it's inevitable they fail in some way, EB doesn't seem like it's changed at all.

      But even successful companies close stores that aren't doing well, probably how they stay successful in some way.

      I am surprised EB is open at all, everything there is overpriced and can be bought cheaper elsewhere in less cramped stores that don't have red and white plastic signage hanging all over their stores…

      • Docklands is in NewQuay shopping centre which is practically a ghost town with lots of retailers struggling there, as well as the stupid ferris wheel

        • Actually, it is beginning to turn the corner down there. There are a lot of apartments and they are putting in a new hotel. They’ve just put in a Woollies and Dan Murphy. However, I do agree with you in relation to most of the top storey in the existing shopping area, it is, pretty much, a ghost town. To me the Ferris wheel is in the wrong part of town; If you look at where the London eye, or where the one in Paris was.

          • @try2bhelpful: Yes, I think I have to agree with you that it begins to turn towards the positive trend. Lots of new apartments in development and a hotel. Also, special mention: they got one of the best Hoyts cinema there with recliners (same as Chadstones one) and Costco beside them :)

            With various attractions right now such as the minigolf and art gallery, things might start turning.

      • Docklands was flagship years ago. Knox was the best selling store.

  • I just got an email regarding the Blacktown store in NSW
    seems like it's closing down as well with the same deal

    • WTF? Blacktown is a BIG store.. Are they also closing Zing as well?

      • That could be the issue - bigger store = higher rent, and rents are ludicrous in this country at the best of times.

        • Blacktown is a hard case to argue considering their Westpoint shopping really screwed up the retail stores because they had a car park that was about to collapse and had to be closed off to the general public for pretty much a year. This resulted in 30 minute waits to get into the remaining (safe) parking section and drove away heaps of shoppers as a result..

          • @bchliu: Agreed, I used to go to Blacktown quite abit until I heard about this carpark issue. Probably went there once in 6 months

          • @bchliu: The car park is already fixed. I recently have my orthodontics in Blacktown and I always park in Westpoint. I love this area I don't get why people are saying this is a bad suburb? Someone care to lecture me up?

            • @Nick K: Most "western suburbs" have been given bad labels in Sydney - supposedly being "westy", "bogan" and "houso" etc. Hence why generally it has this rather bad reputation. The truth is, the housing in outer west is cheaper on average than other suburbs and there are a lot of under-privileged people living in the area (such as low income or refugees).

              Blacktown is close to Mt Druitt, where previous state government had "dumped" (relocated) a lot of people on support in this area and yeah, had become a bit of a ghetto / slum area. They have been cleaning it up quite a bit and no longer as bad as it was in the 90's and 2000's.

              I don't mind Westpoint since I've been in Seven Hills for past 20 years.. but that car park thing really drove me nuts with the traffic controllers making it actually worse than without. Not to mention it took them well over a year to fix.. (most other places you can build an entire new Shopping centre within a year).

  • Got same email for Inala in QLD. Seems like a few stores closing down across Australia

  • Any switch games on sale? These things are usually skipped over during sales!

  • Thanks guys - have updated the OP to reflect multiple stores.

    • The store in Canberra won't have any sales until at least tomorrow

      • Nope, it was definitely on sale today. The staff were expecting it to start tomorrow, but once this leaked out, they scrambled to start selling at the discount prices. (I talked to a staff member this afternoon.)

  • +24 votes

    20-60% off marked prices so still more expensive than Amazon

  • You'd think they'd just transfer stock….

    Though it's really obvious going into EB's lately how little stock and shelf space games actually gets…. the obnoxious red poster sales had games stacked 5 deep on shelves bought in everywhere….

    • Yep less stock and still nothing sorted A-Z. Why do I need to waste time searching their entire stores for games whilst understaffed with 1 maybe 2 staff working at any given moment with brats running around and trolleys blocking every aisle?

    • EB Games is basically a ZiNG store these days.

      • Exactly. They had to so I'm not surprised at all. Atleast they were smart enough to try and adapt. Much better than many other businesses.

    • Aren't they franchises?

      • Yeah maybe.

        Still it would take me all of a few hours to move the stock between the 2 Adelaide stores, if that. Surely that's better for them as a whole than selling at 60%…

      • not franchises, privately owned.

    • the suburb itself is not as 'bad' as it used to be.

      I lived in Seven Hills all of last year and Blacktown is nice now. good shopping centre, lots of good restaurants, felt safe walking around at night.

      as someone who grew up in the shire and heard all the jokes about the place, its definitely trying hard to shake its reputation (and succeeding)

      Mt druitt is still a hive of scum and villainy however.

      • I haven’t been in ages but I’ve got friends who say the same about Cabramatta.

        It was very dodgy but has come a long way…

        • I've walked around Cabramatta alone since around 2010…
          You do hear the odd car jacking (with person in the car), but generally even those events shake the community. It's very rare.
          Right now I hear the larger problems is the lack of car parking spaces and demolition of current car parks for retail fronts, more than anything else which really goes on to show how much it's changed…

          I grew up in the area and certainly can vouch that it has come a long way since the good old 1990's days.
          Like anywhere else, if you don't look for trouble it rarely comes looking for you.

      • still a hive of scum and villainy however.

        I must visit soon - I've always wanted to go to Mos Eisely.

      • Blacktown is still a hole. Would never go there at night, during the day is entertainment enough

      • Pretty slack to call Mt Druitt "Scum".. Considering all the new estates are being built up near the area (Glendenning, Rooty Hill, Doonside, Oxley Park etc).