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Back to School PC Bundle: i3-9100F/GTX1650/24" Mon: $649 + $39 Delivery @ TechFast


Working on some back to school bundles and came up with this home/office PC Bundle spec, which will double as a capable after homework esports and Fortnite/similar titles gaming PC. CPU and a heavily discounted GTX 1660 ($49) upgrades available.

Core i3-9100F / GTX 1650 / 23.6" Monitor Bundle


Core i3-9100F
GTX 1650 4GB (GTX 1660 6GB upgrade just $49)
8GB 2666MHz RAM
120G SSD
Biostar H310 MB
550W PSU
Leaper Flair RGB MATX Case
23.6" 1080P Monitor (AOC E2470SWH or equivalent)
Wired Keyboard & Mouse

The equivalent spec in PCPartPicker comes out roughly $100 more, excluding individual part delivery and assembly.

Other current deals:
R7 and R9 / RTX 2080 Super systems: $1799 and $2399
R7-3800X / RX 5700 XT: $1288
R5-3500X / RTX 2080 Super: $1499 (or $1299 with R5-2600)
Core i7-9700F / RTX 2080 Super: $1777


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  • I had a Pentium 2 233mhz with onboard graphics and a 6.4gb hard drive… But I was spoilt with a 17' CRT as my first PC.

    All for the lovely price of $3,000.

    I genuinely feel bad for my parents buying me that on the basis of school in the late 90s…

    Entry level PC's are rediculously cheap these days. Now just gotta figure out why my 2.5yo needs a gaming PC too :)

    • Back in my day it was a Pentium 90, 4MB of RAM, a 1GB hard drive, 15" CRT for the low, low price of $2200. Which is $4100 in today's dollars.

      • Ouch, my friend had a Pentium 120mhz, I thought I was amazing. Back when the next model was a 133mhz haha

        Felt even worse taking it back to the place of purchase and being charged $1-200 each time to install a video driver I didn't know how to do….

        That company thankfully doesn't exist anymore…

      • Pentium, I had a xt Ibm clone … Xtree gold anyone?

        • Oh man did you just bring back a flood of memories mentioning xtree gold.

          I had an old XT monochrome (just yellow not even grayscale) that couldn't even play Allycat. Was able to p) ay some random ascii games though.
          But the word editor…. Oh man was it basic. I was so excited when I figured out how to make things bold and italic.

          But the best memory was having to write out lines for something I got in trouble for. I somehow convinced my teacher to let me do it via the computer and print it about. And yes that is how I learned to copy paste.

        • Yesssss.

          And trying not to set the wrong IRQ or whatever it was on your soundblaster.

          486 here.

        • Oh man… It was a great era of computing in my opinion. Hard disk (if you had one) was in megabytes, memory in kilobytes. No default drivers.

          Nothing "just worked", anything worth playing/using needed command line driver config and freeing up memory etc. which actually added to the experience and you appreciated the software when you finally loaded it.

      • Pentium 90

        Had one in uni. Then you fiddle with the jumpers so the bus runs at 66MHz, overclock it to Pentium 100 and finger cross that it boots :)

        • Yes. I failed the silicon lottery on mine and it couldn't overclock at all. It would crash on boot.

        • Our first Pentium had the "Turbo" button on the front which made the 7-segment display change from "33" to "66". May have also increased the Hertz.

    • 4k for a laptop in 2001…

    • Don't feel too bad. They probably bought your family home for $35,000.

  • Props to Luke for not price gouging on the GPU upgrade!

    • +2 votes

      Our 1660 pricing is pretty epic. No need to charge exorbitantly for it. Considered bundling it in but figured the i3 was better paired with the 1650, and have a cheaper upgrade for those who want it.

  • Would this play GTA5? It no, what would I have to upgrade so it did?

    • Saw a video now on YouTube with a 1660 GPU and the same CPU was suggesting well over the 60fps you'd want. So yeah it'll be fine, probably worth the $49 upgrade though. More as you'll probably want to play GTA6 one day too…. Probably double the RAM by then too.

      Actually you'll probably need a bigger ssd or extra hard drive too….

    • This could easily play GTA5 with no upgrades

    • If you can upgrade to the 1660, do so. Big upgrade over the 1650.

      The CPU… Eh, I dislike 4c/4t CPUs but this should do fine. I believe there are issues with CPUs without HT/SMT on GTA 5 though that result in poor 1% lows.

      For the price though? Likely the best you'll find by far.

      *Although you'd want to add more storage. Games are massive nowadays. You could pick that up during an ebay sale though.

    • It’s 8 years old now. I would hope it could run it..

  • How are ya supposed to carry text books and this?

  • does it come with windows? if not, than probably cheaper to get a laptop otherwice ur paying an extra 150+ (unless u get some dodge MSDN 20$ code)

    Edit add $169 for Windows 10 Home - sorry this make this a spud deal.. better to just get a cheaper and better laptop for your money!

    • +1 vote

      School kids and uni students get free Windows keys from onthehub in NSW at least


    • How is this worth a neg mate? Lots of people use Windows unactivated or get keys from elsewhere. I don't know a single person who's forked out for an official full price Windows license.

    • There are plenty of ways to avoid paying the RRP of a full Windows key.
      For example I paid $40 for the full version of Windows 8 from Microsoft directly which I then got the free update to Windows 10 pro.
      Or better yet, just download W10 LTSC off Microsoft's own servers and activate it for free.
      The idea of paying full RRP for Windows is laughable.

  • Imagine getting your kid a gtx 1650 and thinking they're going to study with it.

  • No options to exclude Kb/mouse and monitor?

    • Not for this as a bundle deal, no. We do separate systems as well but not as with this particular spec at this stage.

  • Possible to do a ~$650 build without monitor/kb/mouse and with the 1660?

  • Any discount if I buy three and do you allow pickups?

    • The price is as low as it can go so there's no discount volume wise, but you can definitely pick up and save the $39 per bundle, if you live in Adelaide.

  • I still haven't gotten a shipment notice from my purchase from 30/12, you work through them by date yes?
    What day are you up to at the moment?

    • We work through by date, yep, but it can depend on what's on hand as well. PM me your details for a full update.

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