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Free Windows 10 Education for Students (Even after You Graduate) @ OnTheHub


Previous deal is well over 12 months old, and I think we are overdue for a reminder. Furthermore, a few things have changed since 2017, so this may not even be classified as a dupe in the first place.

What's new?

Firstly, this license lasts in perpetuity,

With more features than ever, like Windows Ink, Paint 3D, and mixed reality, Windows 10 Education is Microsoft’s most robust version yet — and it’s yours, even after you graduate.

and unlike Office 365 which will only last for four years, this will be linked to your Microsoft Account forever. To my understanding, this may also be transferrable as it is linked to your Microsoft Account (and it is definitely not an OEM license / fixed to hardware).

Microsoft also advertises that Windows 10 Education has more features than even Windows 10 Pro. Cortana is now included where it was not before. I believe it is still mass licensed, similar to an enterprise agreement, and thus, it has some enterprise features that Windows 10 Pro does not have.
Where Office 365 is available to any student (or teacher) with a .edu email address, similar offers for free Windows 10 seemed to be limited to whichever schools (or in my university's case, sub-faculties) were willing to pay for an enterprise license.
Now it seems that Windows 10 Education is much more accessible, and is no longer limited by such enterprise licenses, and may even be as widely available as Office 365.

Hope this helps people, as many people seem to be building PCs right now! This is exactly how I found about this, having trouble transferring my digital license, and then discovering I could just obtain a free license code for being a student. I'd be curious to know if any students have eligibility issues now, so let me know in the comments. I know previously, my university offered free Office, but not Windows unless you were in specific faculties like computer science, or engineering.

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  • How do you get it if your school is not listed

  • University of Tasmania doesn’t support it

  • +7 votes

    Free Windows 10 Education for Students
    this will be linked to your Microsoft Account forever.

    This is a great deal for those students who end up working in the public service in a decade's time, as they will most likely still be using Windows 10 then…

    • +5 votes

      my dept is migrating for Win7 to Win10 in 3 months time.

      true story :{

      my work pc is so underpowered I brought in my own additional RAM. went from 4 to 8gb. inow has way less freezing and "out of resources" messages when too many tabs open.

      • Same here. We have programs that only work using chrome but since the computers only have 4gb of RAM it makes everything so painfully slow.

      • Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 7 next year. So most organisations who haven’t moved over yet will do so.

    • +4 votes

      You're trying to make a joke, but Microsoft have stated Windows 10 will be the ongoing and final Windows version. They'll continue releasing updates but claim they won't just pull out Windows 11 for the sake of it, which is understandable given the failure of Windows 8.1.
      Also shit joke because people working in public service won't be supplying their own Windows licenses. Joke doesn't work on either level.
      Also, Windows 10 was released in 2015. So if you've seen places that still don't have Windows 10, it's been 4 years not 10.

      • -3 votes

        You're trying to make a joke

        Nope. You just think I am…

      • You're trying to make a joke, but Microsoft have stated Windows 10 will be the ongoing and final Windows version.

        Yes and no, already have customers running Windows 10 1803 getting prompts that if they don't update to Windows 10 1903 they will be unsupported and not receive further updates.

        Last night was working on a Surface Pro 3 that someone brought me to cleanup a virus on and it had Windows 10 1511 still (!!)

        We also have 2 different builds of Windows 10 LTSB (aimed at enterprise) and now the renamed version of it as Windows 10 LTSC so there's going to be a lot of varying degrees to what exactly "Windows 10" is and when the various versions lose support.

  • For NSW High Schools, use this

  • Could someone please let us know or post a forum about How to get a education student email who already at work

  • +2 votes

    says $34.59 for me ?

  • I'm unable to find Windows 10 Education anywhere in the onhub shopping directory. I study at RMIT.

  • Redeemed for free as a recent graduate from USYD.

    [edit: Also redeemed from ACU, transfer student previously with access still to email.]

  • Protip: If you still have Windows 7 or 8 keys around, you can still activate them for Windows 10.

    • Protip: you can use Windows 10 without activation. You cannot do certain things like customised themes etc, but you still get updates.

  • Windows 10 is always free (unless you're a sucker) because your aren't the customer, you are the product.

  • I dont get it, it just direct me to store after i enter the school.

    where do i register for Win 10 Education key???

    • u add windows 10 education to cart and checkout, make sure the cost is actually $0, from my experience, private and catholic schools have to pay like 30 bucks while public schools and unis get it for free.

  • ehhh

    I guess griffith doesnt like it's alumni students lol

    • Do you still have the Griffith email?

      It's been 15 years or so since I graduated, and from what I remember I lost access to the email after a certain amount of months (which they'd tell how long untill I had to change my email address).

      • I still do, I have an alumni email now, still has the edu.au at the end of it. I can use it on some things.

        • Interesting, I remember it started with s followed by student id number, something like that, I'll ring them and ask


  • Looks like even UTS Alumni can access Windows 10 product keys through the Azure Portal!

    As itsfree said above, you click "All Services" in the sidebar, then search "Education".

  • Hello, can somebody please advise how to transfer/link the license to Microsoft account? Do I have to install it first?

    • Yeah. Just activate a windows product with it that you’re signed into with your Microsoft account.

      • Thanks, but can I reserve/keep it without activating/installing it?

        My issue is I don't have any spare device, my current device has Windows 10 Pro and I don't want to 'upgrade' it to Windows 10 Education.
        I would love to keep this as spare for a new System I will build in near future.

        So can "reserve" this Product Key for future use?

        Also I wonder if I update my current device from my Windows 10 Pro (which is another paid license) to Window 10 Education, can I switch back to Windows 10 Pro? As I don't want to miss out on my current Windows 10 Pro license either.

        Thanks Heaps

        Edit: the below conditions confuses me - does it mean we have 31 days to activate it?

        An Access Guarantee allows you to download software and retrieve product keys from an order for 1-24 months after the order was placed.

        Basic Access Guarantee provides 31 days of access to your order. It is included free on most orders.
        Extended Access Guarantee provides 24 months of access to your order. You can upgrade to Extended Access Guarantee for a small charge at any time before your Basic Access Guarantee expires.
        Access Guarantee Retrieval restores your access to a previous order for an additional 60 days. It can be ordered for a fee after your Basic or Extended Access Guarantee has expired.
        Note: An Access Guarantee does not extend the duration of any software license. See your WebStore's Help page for more information about Access Guarantee.

        • It's a product key… I assume you can just write it down and keep it, and apply it later as you need it.
          Otherwise, you can deactivate your current software key from your current Windows OS, and then reactivate it with this newer license code. But that only helps if this is definitely transferrable, and I'm not sure that it is at this stage.

        • Don’t order it unless you can use it very soon. Made the mistake too. Going to get a new desktop in the next 12mths, and ordered one through my student email, and I prefer to keep win10 pro on my current desktop so it can be a working computer when I pass it on. Probably shouldn’t have done for the key has a 31 day expire (pay to extend its life).

          • @summerz: Thanks, I realized it after my order too…

            Wonder if I upgrade my current device from Win10Pro to Win10Edu, can I revert back and keep both license?
            Cannot find any useful info on the forums :(

            • @Bappy: Was looking at this too. My current is a digital license (upgrade from win7), and going to educational Win will switch to a product key. Digital license is linked to an account…whereas product key is simply typing in the key numbers. You can go from license to key, but not sure if you can go back. Might have to cop the 5.95 charge

        • I'm not sure if this would help in your case, but I used to use a lot of virtual machines on my PC, and I could install any OS, then save and create or delete them in seconds.

          I mainly used it for checking suspicious files, registering for multiple instances of "one time only" installation/trial (eg I could have a free VPN forever by activating a new trial, or install trials of very expensive software - I think it was Adobe or some other expensive software - and do this untill I no longer needed it).

  • "You will be liable for the full price of any products you have ordered if you are unable to supply proof of your eligibility upon request"

    I got this scary message at the checkout page. Windows 7 Master Race!

  • Can't get Windows 10 as a Griffith (ex)-student, what a shame

    • That's what I wanted to know.

      Thanks, it saves me checking it.

      tobi posted above that "Griffith doesn't like it's alumni".

  • I can't find Windows 10 when going to the link and then typing and trying Monash uni, UNSW, Melbourne Uni, or even RMIT. Even the local primary schools are not listed in Victoria as far as I can find

    Where is the free Windows 10 offer?

    • Has anyone been able to get this from Monash, Melbourne Uni, UNSW, or RMIT? If so, how?

      • You gotta sign up to Azure so you can verify that you're a student, then you'll be able to see the code.

        • Thanks, but I'm a graduate, not an existing student. Any ideas on how I can get Windows 10 through this?

        • Also, is this available for Victorian primary school students? If so, how? I can't find the schools listed in the search.

          • @d123: Bug your IT Teacher and get them to sign the school up for MS Education.

            .edu.au will qualify, you just need to use the option to sign up and verify with email instead of institution

            • @NeoBeum: Thanks, but we already have an edu.au email address for my son. I just can't find the option to get Windows 10 anywhere. Can you help? Note that my son has signed up to Microsoft Azure and gone to the Education / software page, but there is no option for Windows 10. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

        • Thanks and did this, but cannot find Windows 10 as an option under the Education / Software area. It has other software available such as Visual Studio etc. Can you help?

      • Monash students can access the OnTheHub store directly: http://monash.onthehub.com/

  • It comes up as both $27.74 and on;y available for staff with Deakin. Although we can get office 365 education for free if that's worth anything.

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