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20% off iTunes and App Store Gift Cards @ Coles


20% Off $30, $50 & $100 App Store & iTunes Gift Cards at Coles.

Excludes $20 cards, maximum 5 cards per customer.

Starts 15/01/20

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    Combine with Amex Myer offer for 36% off.

    Purchase $200 Myer Coles GC and get $40 cashback.
    Use Myer GC to purchase 5 x $50 App Store GC for total of $200

    $160 spend for $250 credit = 36% discount

    Can save those Myer Coles GC and get the same discount during their other 20% off promotions.

    • what offer is this? never seen it before, is it current or a while back?

    • You cannot use a Myer/Coles gift card to purchase more gift cards because the terms on this gift card specifically excludes it. The exact wording is "not redeemable for cash or payments of credit or store accounts. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards".

      Also I work at Officeworks and when item is scanned that cannot be paid on gift card or Afterpay for example then those tenders are blocked out on the register and cannot be overwritten.

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        Well, reality says otherwise. I have done this 4 times in the past 2 months. There is extensive discussion about this in the link I posted above.

        I've never done this at OW, but have done regularly at Coles.

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          Looks like Coles needs to update their IT software to prevent their gift cards doing something that should not be able to do or the fix bug in their system that lets this happen.

      • So before i waste my time trying to get an OW price match, is a physical discounted price required? Or i just need to find a friendlier branch that'll do discount calculation for me?

        I failed in my attempt with the Woolies 15% because you can't add itunes to the online shopping basket and they don't bother printing price tags on the shelf.

        For Woolies eGift cards i can confirm itunes failed when i tried by itself. Didn't try with other groceries though.

        • If you are trying to price match Coles or Woolies as far as I know they do not show an online price for App store just show the OW employee the catalogue that shows that date when the promotion is active then the employee should be using their calculators to get competitor price ie if $50 Itune card take 20% or 15% off and get Coles/Woolies is selling it for 40$ than we will match it minus 5% if our price scans at higher price.

          If you have problems price matching ask to speak to the manager or call OW call centre at 1300 633 423.

    • With the Amex Myer offer, Myer online just seem to sell Myer gift cards, not Coles Myer?

    • Just completed transaction for 5 x $50 GC and paid the $200 successfully with Coles Myer GC.

      • At coles or OW?

        • Coles - Used self serve terminal.

    • I'll have to get an Amex then. They seem to have some sweet deals.

  • Would this be used in Apple store for iPhone ?

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    • You need Apple Store Gift Card to buy physical items; App Store GC only for digital items from iTunes and/or App Store

  • Can you use this to purchase YouTube premium via VPN from India and get your yearly sub even cheaper??

    Also.. can you do this for google one as well??

    Cheers peeps :)

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      Nope. YouTube sub is via Google.

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    For those wanting to pricematch with officeworks

    call them on 1300 OFFICE (1300 633 423)
    tell them you want to price match coles with their latest catalogue on page 29.
    they'll price match for you as well as give you the extra 5% off

    pay for it over the phone and they'll deliver it to you or you can pick it up from one of their stores.

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      Will trying to do this in store work? I remember the last time there was 20% off, they flat out started refusing to price match saying they couldn't do it anymore.

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        Yes it should but depends on the staff member. There have been issues previously from other deals (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/497137) and some stores removing them from their shelves too but if you have issues speak to a manager or try another store. I've found it easier just to call and order and you can pick it up from the store if you want.

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          Just walked into the Clarence st store. Asked for the price match with Coles. No issues. The receipt also says the price match is valid between 15 and 21st

      • Easily price matched in Wagga Wagga OW today and 20% off from Coles last deal as well. If staff member doesn’t know what to do, ask to contact the store manager.

    • Yeah that worked easily. Ready to pick up in store in a couple of hours.

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      Thanks a lot for that tip, it worked well. The lady I spoke to on the phone said that I wasn't the only one calling in for iTunes cards. I bought 3 x $100 for $228 - awesome!

    • Thanks mate, just did this and all sorted - picking up after work. :)

  • So what's the best way to utilise these discounted cards

    I'm currently on a trial of Disney plus but I don't have children and I doubt an adult will watch this long-term so I'm not really committed to paying 70 something dollars a year
    Already got Netflix and Amazon prime.

    Would love some ideas from the community

  • Just got a price beat on the phone with Officeworks, very straight forward.

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    Price beat OW by phone again, works like a charm! Comes down to $76

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      Same here. Lady on the phone was absolutely lovely. If you get someone named Trish, you'll be in good hands. Just bought 4 x $100 for $300. Subscriptions all set for another year.

      EDIT: Note that the call volumes have increased (most likely due to this deal for pricematching), so there may be a slight delay/hold when you initially call up.

  • Nice. Time to finally buy Logic Pro X.

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    Just visited Officeworks Watergardens and got 3 x $100 for $228 without fuss.
    I’m surprised they don’t check the supermarket catalogues every week to keep on top of these discounts.

    Better the extra 4% in our pockets tough.

    Thanks to the OP.

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      I’m surprised they don’t check the supermarket catalogues every week to keep on top of these discounts.

      They used to, but seems they don't do this anymore as of a few months ago. Most likely the number of people claiming the pricebeat is lower so it's more profitable for them not to automatically pricematch.

  • Anyone who OW pricematched over the phone get an email saying their order is under review? :S

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      Yeah this has happened to me in the past with ow. It shouldn't take that long to go through (apparently goes to a separate department for some sort of review) and your order will be processed.

      • Thanks. The email mentioned it would take no longer than half an hour but it's been slightly over half an hour. I'll give it another half hour.

      • Just an update on my order. It took way too long so I had to call up, and the lady on the phone told me she had to email the respective team to get them to make the decision on my order - that only took about 10 minutes and she called me back saying my order was released.

        I wonder what caused my order to be flagged for manual intervention.

  • Price matched instore with office works. Although the lady were keen for me to donate that savings to the Smith family. Dont like it when they push you to donate.

    • They got me for a donation, but I'm happy to donate.

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    Price matched instore no problems at Carnegic, Vic

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    No problems in store at Ringwood VIC.
    No problems last time there too.

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    Thanks OP - Price beat with Officeworks on the phone no issue at all. Lovely lady took my order - said she had a few today!! 4x$100 for $304 - not bad at all!

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    I was rather surprised Officeworks didn’t bother matching. As some suggested, they probably are banking on a smaller number to price beat rather than 20% off for all.

    But I was more surprised how much I was spending on subs. Just currently Apple Music Family, Netflix 2 screens and iCloud 2TB Storage, that’s already $47 a month! And that’s while keeping Netflix at HD rather than 4K, and I’ve already prepaid Disney+ for a year. That’s approaching $600 a year….

    These 20%+ discounts sure are handy!!

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    Got OfficeWorks to price match in store. I told the guy Coles had 20% off iTunes cards. I was watching him go to the Coles website, then straight onto Ozbargain to read this thread. I didn't mention Ozbargain at all.

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