This was posted 2 years 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Refurb] Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB (B Grade) - $219.95 Delivered (Grey Import) @ Refurbished Electronics via Catch


Pixel 2 XL 64Gb

Refurbished B Grade, Free Postage shipped from the USA

Looks like a decent price!

Black and white also available here

Refurbished B Grade: This is a certified refurbished product which has been tested to be in great working condition. Product may show signs of use and cosmetic blemishes which include minor scratches or scuffs, all of which do not affect the usability of the item.

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  • What is B grade? Bad?

    • It's middle range, according to the site it should be near new:

      Refurbished B Grade: This is a certified refurbished product which has been tested to be in great working condition. Product may show signs of use and cosmetic blemishes which include minor scratches or scuffs, all of which do not affect the usability of the item. ;

      • +1

        With some of these grey market refurbs I'd play it safe and expect the grade to be 1 below claimed grade

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    wow thats not bad for a cheap phone

    been looking for a spare when like i need repairs on my samsung galaxy note 10 or something

    • +1

      It's a great phone, apart from the shitty LG display and some speaker issues (rattles especially on speaker phone)

      I have a family member still using one of these and it works well for them, camera is fantastic and battery life

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        so it would do well as a repair phone or something like that to have in the cupboard in case someone's primary phone broke for some reason

        thanks for the info

        • +1

          Yep, I have a regular pixel 2 with a broken camera I use for this purpose

  • 2 year old hardware. this thing would've had some wear and tear. pass

  • Wow that's a great price.

  • +5

    I had to return two 2XLs due to the USB port (and the garbage headphone adapter) failing. I gave up and bought an S10.

    • Google still haven’t fixed this issue. My usb C port on my pixel 3 XL is failing and thus I can only use slow wireless charging. Never again…

    • I also had to returns 2 2XLs just under 8 months. First one the charging port failing within 5 months, then the second one which is refurbished got all connections drop off if the phone go pass to XX Celsius, needed to put under water (literally) for it to cool off before everything back to normal.
      The return process is a PITA and it took over a month each time to send me a replacement. In the end support sent me a new phone, sold it off and moved back to Samsung.

  • +1

    Would be great as a travel point'n'shoot.

    • Provided the one you get has no issues. Also keep in mind travel photos you aren't always right in front of the subject, not having zoom/wide angle can result in really bad photos.

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    Could try this targeted code for $10 off as well - CATCH2S5H
    $10 off When Spend $40 or More @ Catch

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    Strange, it says it cannot be shipped to my postcode. I tried 2000, 3000, and 4000.

    • Hmm I just tried with my postcode also and had the same issue

      • I had this same issue. It was fine the first time I looked and then wouldn't ship to my postcode (but to Goulburn NSW weirdly enough). I still checked out and it was fine, I got my item.

        (This was a Sydney seller shipping to Sydney so I was sure they shipped to Sydney).

        Have you tried to pay?

        I'm not a catch club member btw

        • +1

          Have you tried to pay?

          Yeah, but the Submit Order Now button is greyed out so I can't proceed.

          • @eug: Like, have you put in your address and card/PayPal?
            It's greyed out if it doesn't know all your details yet.
            I went to pay with PayPal and suddenly upon knowing my payment information the button went green.

            Like this is what you'll be faced with at first and then it will go to this.
            After you put all your information it'll come up green.

            If you can't get past the first stage, put in postcode 2584.

            • @pennypincher98: Yup, my address is there. I was trying to pay via credit card. If I click on PayPal, I still cannot click on Submit Order Now as it remains greyed out. I don't get asked to login to PayPal at that stage either.

              • @eug: That's so strange! I guess just try again later?
                Don't know why mine worked (different seller, same problem) but yours didn't.

    • edit checked again it no longers works it just red with cant be shipped now

  • same here!

  • -2

    What bands would be supported?

    • +9

      I've watched Pearl Jam and Metallica on mine and it works fine.

    • It's a Pixel, so all. I can't understand the negs tho….
      It's only drawbacks I can see are no 3.5mm earphone socket, only 64Gb and no SD card expansion, otherwise it's comparable to an LG V30…

      • You get free full size backup to Google photos, so 64gb is plenty.
        With Google photos and Spotify, I don't store anything on my phone anymore.

  • +1

    I've used a 2XL for the last 2 or so years. I love mine, I've had zero issues too.

    • Crackling speakers suck but ok otherwise

    • I've used a 2XL for almost 2 years (22 months). Problems I've experienced:
      - blue screen tint (hasn't really bothered me)
      - weird camera crashing bug (patched in monthly update)
      - phone not recognising it's own headphone dongle
      - phone not connecting to wired Pixel buds.
      (Suggests something wrong with the port but charging works fine. Additionally, the buds work fine in other devices).

      Haven't had any crackling or rattling speakers, but I know this is also a widespread issue.

  • +1

    These must be all those near new units I sent back early in my phone contact for the following reasons:

    • strong blue shift on the display
    • front panel being warped (evidenced by screen protector installers being unable to apply the protector properly)
  • Great price imo but I can't get it shipped to metropolitan VIC. Seems like regional NSW and ACT work though?

  • +1

    Can't get it to ship to Brisbane. Gave it up as a bad joke

    • Yeah no idea, I didn't actually buy one I just thought it was a good price

    • Try their phone support

  • Being a grey import. What would Telstra be like using this phone? Would the bands and coverage be affected?

    • No I don't think so, pixel phones cover pretty much all bands

  • unfortunately can't purchase it…

    • Try their support line

  • If your having trouble purchasing maybe call their support line

    General Enquiries
    Call Now
    1300 222 824

    Club Catch Priority
    Members Call Now
    1300 551 996

    Monday to Friday 9am-9pm AEST
    Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm AEST

  • Great camera. Almost about to purchase rather than replace the shattered screen for the wife's 2xl hmmm…

    • Replacement screen costs more than this deal!

  • Great price if the condition is as good as it states. Heaps of people complained about the screen but I've seen many later stocks and they all seem fine to me.

  • If this is shipped from USA does that mean we will have to pay gst on top? Ie. Customs will hold the phone until you pay gst?

    • No this has never happened, gst should be factored into the price

  • Is it worth it with android support ending in October?

  • Price has gone up to $320 now

    • Damn. Did anyone manage to buy one?

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