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Future Broadband: Double Data for 6 months on NBN 50/20 $69/mth & NBN 100/40 $89/mth (Min 3 Months, $55 Setup)


First post - please be gentle.

Been looking around in changing my ISP, but I'm probably going to stick with FutureBroadband if I can get signed up on this deal.

NBN 50/20: $69pm for 1,000GB (reverts to 500GB after 6 months)
NBN 100/40: $89pm for 2,000GB (reverts to 1,000GB after 6 months)

Requires a 3 Month signup with a $55 setup fee.

Pretty competitive price IMO.

From my experience of being signed up with Future Broadband for the last year, it has been flawless. (was on the 100/40 plan).

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    I don’t understand why you’d sign up for this? Other isps offer unlimited for this price… am I missing something?


      Do other ISP's offer you network usage that does not diminish in performance during peak hours?

      Out of my 12 months of using FBB - I have not experienced any down time except for when scheduled.


        I'm connecting at 90/36 on FTTN on Aussie, it's constant all day long. Never noticed any dips.

        Half my estate is on FTTC which is annoying though, obviously not ISPs fault….

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    Unlimited for $55 at 50/20 with Belong ongoing so no deal


      Is the price special for existing plans? It’s now showing as $65 on their website.

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    $69 is the default for 50/20 with any ISP…for unlimited
    There is no reason why you would go with this group?


      This isn't really bad value even for 50/20 when you are getting AAPT IP-Line from memory which is essentially a high quality business grade service.

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    Aussie BB is $100 a month for unlimited, no setup, no contract

    $90 for 100/20 too.

    With regular sign up bonuses, likewise Superloop is a better alternative.

    Very easy to rip through 1000gb now.

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      I do agree with you a setup fee is quite outdated for an RSP however the service provided by Future is a business grade connection (AAPT IP-Line)
      Also includes a static IP.

      Here's a quote from the founder:

      This product is based on the AAPT IP-Line platform, which is used by Enterprise customers to connect site offices, Small Business customers like Real Estate agencies, and Digital Art Designers, which, if you bought it from someone else, would cost a lot more than what I charge.

      IP Line offers me direct interconnection at each capital city, and uses superior routing and path selection compared to AAPT NWB, which is what is often used by cheaper wholesalers


    Even optarse is better than this


    Honestly with the amount of data that the average household consumes, it makes sense to just go with unlimited. If you are going to be watching youtube, netflix / prime etc.. Not to mention updates to your computers, consoles, phones, tablets etc. Then there's the software in apps and games for every device.

    These can be rather hefty in data and why restrict yourself?

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      I watch Netflix everyday, download games, watch youtube, have console updates, PC updates, etc.

      Granted, I'm a 2-person house but I haven't managed to go over my cap previously.

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    I've been with Future Broadband for nearly 12 months. Prior to that I had tried three other NBN ISP's. For me, Future Broadband has hands down been the best performing of the lot, both with their NBN service itself and their very responsive customer service. Their prices include a static IP address, which I understand is a $10/month or so add on with many providers. So unless you actually need unlimited, definitely worth considering.


    Usage 1.95 TB used
    Last 7 Days Usage
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    Day Usage
    Monday 86.62 GB
    Sunday 116.87 GB
    Saturday 17.11 GB
    Friday 19.45 GB
    Thursday 46.85 GB
    Wednesday 54.96 GB
    Tuesday 39.39 GB
    Monday 127.13 GB
    Total 508.38 GB

    Lol not gunna happen on this plan

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      Fair comment. I think Future Broadband's target market is those who seek a high quality service and whose usage pattern fits within their plans. For such users, and I am one, the stability, consistency and reliability are what is valued.


      Who are you currently with? And do you recommend them?

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    Not bad for the dough, being cheaper than Aussie and Superloop for 500GB 50/20, and cheaper than those providers for 100/40 too, provided you don't need unlimited data.

    BUT, for 50/20, if you can make it work for you, Belong will give you unlimited 50/20 for 12 months for $55 on its Starter…

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    The thing with Future is they are selling AAPT's corporate network to home users. That is why they have a fully routed static IP address, lots of bandwidth during peak (business are mostly closed) and extremely stable platform. One's connection can stay up continually sometimes for months. It is super stable as I suspect business require it that way.
    If anyone has access to IP-Line pricing (the business product of AAPT they sell) then its extremely competitive..
    Support is very personable and knowledgeable. I have heard of support even consisting of AAPT engineer attending a home to help sort out a particularly difficult connection.

    They are probably not for some internet users. More suitable for those that want to eek out every ounce of quality they can find. The pricing is actually pretty good if you don't want to download the net.

    I went with them back when they first started advertising and have no regrets.

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    I'd say 1tb just doesn't cut it anymore, I use 2tb a month just streaming and downloading games these days.

    Both Aussie and superloop offer consistent speed day and night.

    Hell dare I say it, even Kogan offered me really good service while I was with them.

    I'd personally avoid aapt resellers as they do tend to suffer from peak congestion at least in my experience, however as with all NBN resellers your mileage will vary.


      Having said the above, this would be a plan I would recommend my father as he is a light user.


    Have been with Future Broadband for 18months, half a year out of contract, and I still have not moved back to any of my previous providers with great deals and offerings such as Aussie Broadband, Superloop, Telstra etc.

    You really get what you pay for, Future Broadband is a no nonsense, no bullshit retirement ISP.

    It always works, it doesn't get messed around with by new associates in bigger corps, and you deal directly with people that have more say in what they can do and can't do.


    No deal! What's with the setup fee?


      They are selling the high quality AAPT IP-Line network to home users so it comes with a modest setup fee and a short contract. I suspect they are passing on what it costs them to install people onto this network.

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