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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax - 1.42 Litre $19.99 + $9.50 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Popular car wash is back on sale. RRP is listed ar $34.99 tho I don't know if it ever costs full retail.

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    Good price. This stuff is the bomb.

    If you don't know much about washing or detailing, do a 2 bucket wash with microfibre towels, dry off the car and you'll have awesome results. Blows any car wash station out of the water.

  • Popular car was is back on sale.

    Was or is? Never heard of a Meguiar before; how do they drive?

    • lol i think op missed a "h"…

    • Bit slippery

  • +1

    I use it all the time. Love it. It smells like bubble gum and it does clean pretty well. Just make sure you chamois it down after or you get streaks. $20 is a good price for this.

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    Great product!

    However I've been using it less and less with the water (hose) restrictions, it'd take me more time to clean *tear

  • How does this compare to the $10 1.25ltr Turtle?

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      Turtle stuff is cheaper and way underrated imo. At this level they all do roughly the same thing, especially if all you are doing is wash and dry.

      • Good to know. I have been using turtle and it does a decent job. Guess it wouldn't be a significant improvement after all.

  • Does this stuff expire if I get a spare bottle? I've only just started a new bottle which will last me 2 years at least.

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      I have had a bottle for 2 years, no issues! But it is kept in shade. Sun/heat might kill it.

    • i have had plenty of Meguiar's products (carwash) 2+ years old. always works fine. long shelf life, but i keep it in the garage

  • Isn't their new wash+nanoceramic coating (blue) better? Or does this still have a niche?

    • I find it is a more aggressive wash. Gets bugs and stuff out. The blue stuff might be better if you want want more residual stuff? Have not tried it myself.

  • How does this compare to the soft wash gel?

    More of a shine on this? Looks like the better deal then

    • +5

      Soft wash is better if you have ceramic coating or waxed the car.
      The yellow stuff will start to strip wash quicker. But it has good hydrophobic properties and will apply a short term coating to your paint.

      PS: It smells AMAZING and does a great job. Great value.
      Did I say smells great?

      • I don't have ceramic coating and have never got it waxed.

        This sounds like it should do a better job for me, might try a swap for this.

        Strip wash? This will do a better deep clean?
        Hydrophobic is good then? Protect from rain/grime etc?

        How's the smell?

  • It’s a pretty decent wash. Don’t expect this to ‘wax’ your car however. You won’t see any noticeable results unless you use a proper wax or spray wax

    • -1

      It does leave a noticeable glossier finish after washing.

      Biggest difference with a proper wax is that this will only last you 2-3 days tops.

      • -1

        2-3 days tops.


        • +2

          What? You think the wax in this wash and wax combo will last 2-3 months?

          Please inform Meguiar's so they can add this to their marketing

          • @Soothsayer: No the car wash will last between washes. 1-2 weeks depending on weather conditions. I've misunderstood what you have said.

  • My car has ceramic coating.. sticker on car says "no wax". Can i use that it will it damage? Anything good for ceramic coating cars?

    • +4

      It says "no wax" because it's not needed. This wash won't damage or mess up your ceramic coating. I think anything that's pH neutral and not harsh it safe for ceramic coating. I personally prefer Meguiar's Gold Class more than this and cost the same and less wax content which I don't need. Next would be Bowden's own Nanolicious Wash if you want something a little better.

      If you're more pedantic, try Carpro Reset or NV Snow from They are expensive but you get what you paid for. I've got a bottle of NV Snow but yet to try it, but what sets these washes from over the counter stuff if the slickness and contains no fillers, wax or gloss enhancers, yet gentle enough not to strip away existing wax or other coatings.

      • Thanks heaps for the guidance. Will buy what you suggested.

        • Carpro Reset or NV Snow

          these are excellent recommendations for coated cars but grab the Snow+ over the Snow which is an alkaline wash designed for coated cars. I have and use Reset, Snow and Snow+. They are all excellent washes and both work well out the foam gun too. Some of the very best available in the market.

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    This is good stuff, however can be as low as $15 on special.

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    Don't wash your windows with this product, leaves an uneven streak of wax that will harden and show up a few days later and is impossible to remove properly.

  • How many washes do people typically get out of one bottle?

    • I use 5 capfull per wash mixed in 5L body of water. If someone knows how many ML a capfull is, we can run the numbers.

    • +1

      TL:DR: 18-24 washes depending on how much water you use

      Recommended dilution is 1 oz per gallon, or 1:128 ratio. 1 gallon is around 3.8L. 1 oz is around 30ml

      The bottle is 1.42L or 48 oz.

      So if you use 7.6L of water (2 gallon) then you get 24 washes (2 oz per wash, 48 oz bottle)
      If you use 10L of water, then you get around 18 washes (2.6 oz per wash, 48 oz bottle)

      • Cheers. Sounds like plenty of washes.

    • Dilution is 256:1. It would be nice if Meguiars listed it. That means roughly 40mls soap per 10L of water. However everybodies water softness varies so you can adjust down/up depending how soft/hard your water is

  • difference between this and the gold car wash?

    • +2

      Gold Class I find is actually a better 'cleaner' but leaves the paint naked and exposed to the elements. You need to wax the car afterwards.

      • Gold Class also has conditioners that 'enhance gloss', not so much as this (which has carnauba wax) but is still not a 'bare' wash. There are no bare Meguiar's washes available over the counter that don't leave anything behind.

        Regardless, any car wash (including these) will not do much to protect your car from the elements by itself.

  • Thanks op! Have bought and will clean my car eventually

  • So this is a 2 in 1?

  • +5

    Strange that when it was $15 at Repco didn’t get this many upvotes?

    • +1

      Power of advertisement.

  • Did anyone else think this was some sort of orange juice deal upon first glance at deal on highlights page?

    I did for split second till i saw the car and read the description!

    Should've gone to specsavers.

  • -1

    If you are after a bargain I recommend something like this:

    $37 for 500litres (100 washes)

    If you really want the wash AND wax for $10 more there is this:

    Neither is on sale but better value imho.

    Just washed the car on the weekend and the bottle which is about 10 years old now still has about 2 litres in it!!

    EDIT, fraction cheaper at supercheap:

    and the other in 6 litres:

    • +3

      Yeah, use CT18 if you want something to strip off all your wax and coating. Great if you are going to clay bar, polish and seal the paint, not when you want to maintain your car's paint.

      • +2

        I dunno as I don't wax / polish my car. Also my car still has paint on it after all this time and to my eye looks fine (other than the odd scratch). Do they use different paint on trucks maybe? Reviewers of CT-18 seem to love it.

        Admittedly I am not obsessed about cars. Its a thing to get me from A to B and I buy a "new" car only when the first one is no longer economical to run?

        I guess if you owned a car worth more than $50,000 or have a car that is the love of your life then perhaps you may not consider CT-18 but this is OzBargain after all and CT-18 works fine for me.

  • anyone know if you can foam cannon this stuff? and is it better that Meguiar's gold? or just different applications?

    • I have used both. The Gold Class has better foaming than this.

    • +1 gold for foaming.

  • Good stuff to use after the gold class (foaming gun) but appears to leave little blotches on your windows.
    So you may need another product to get the glass sparkling clear afterwards.

    My two-cents on the matter..

  • Is this stuff still Made in USA?

    • Everything is made in China now :p

      • Except when you're wrong

    • +2

      Yes made in the USA it is but not sure why that quite matters.

      If you want to support local/Australia try NV Care by Waxit. They make excellent detailing products

      • +1

        Or Bowden's Own, another Aussie company.

        • Indeed, certainly more accessible. Whatever you chose, find a product you love and use it regularly.

  • Any tips on washing without a hose due to water restrictions in Sydney?

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