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Powerbeats Pro - Black $239 Delivered + $5 Donation Per Sale @ Wireless 1


Great Price & cheapest so far. Enjoy :)
Apply NYPOWER code at checkout.

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To show our support to all the victims and communities we are pledging $5 from every sale made on our website from now until January 31st to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Another 15% Code is still active 2020W1 along with this Samsung 860 Evo SSD deal if you missed it.


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  • +2

    Nice, I paid $245 on Black Friday and thought that wouldn't be beaten for a long time!

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    Very good price!

  • Is that code only for this?

  • +1

    would officeworks price match this?

    • +1

      They don't price match coupon codes - that being said, not all their staff abide by that, so try your luck :)

      • If you take an invoice in there from what you just paid and say I’m willing to cancel my order if you can price match. you have a better chance

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    Congratulations on your 2700th post!

    • +6

      Thanks mate.. Didn't realise I came that far :D

  • +3

    Ive got a pair. Fantastic wireless earphones. They sound great and the fit is perfect. Definitely worth it especially if you train at the gym or like going for a run or walk.

    • How are they with the wind? I have a pair of wireless buds and when going fast (e.g on a scooter) there is a lot of wind rushing sound.

      Also do they have any lag?

      • No lag from my experience. I don’t have a bike so I can’t give you an idea from that side of things but when running I’ve got no problems. They are secure and a perfect fit for me.

  • +1

    I can't get either code to work "Coupon code **** is not valid"

    • +2

      I am checking with W1 Reps..
      Update : Code is working now.. just tested

      • Thanks - I can also confirm it's working :)

  • +1


    Seem pretty average for the price. Samsung galaxy buds rate better and are approx $100 less.


    • +4

      Completely different product. One falls out of your ears, one can't.

      • Galaxy buds don't fall out of your ears, but yes different form factor.

        In fact rtings rate both at 8.0 for stability.

        • Maybe not your ears, but everyone’s ears are different, I for one have never found any in-ears that don’t fall out with movement.

          These fit snug.

  • +4

    Moved from Airpods to these and it's night and day. These things are fantastic.

    • +1

      Same phone call quality?

      • Yup. I actually use them for calls just as much as I do music. I've had positive feedback from people at the other end of the call as well.

        • Thank you

    • I couldn’t agree with you more.

      They sound and fit a lot more comfortably than the AirPod Pro’s. battery life is way better too. I don’t use the Airpod Pro’s anymore.

      This is a really good price if you’re in the market for one.

  • ugh this or the airpods pro which is so much more expensive :/

    • +3

      I swapped these for the pro’s and have no regrets!

    • Depends on what you want them for. Sound quality is similar, but the AirPods Pro noise cancelling and case portability make them the better choice for regular use imo. I have both pairs and really now only use the PB Pro for workouts, AP Pro for everything else. Can’t go wrong either way, but I think it’s worth spending the extra for the AP Pro if they’re your everyday headphones

  • Are these any good for phone calls?

    • Yes if the environment is quiet. NO if you are in the city and there is lots of background noise.

    • Not great for phone calls in my experience. I’ve had these and the AirPods pro, and ended up returning both. These sound great and fit well, but people at the other end couldn’t hear me clearly. Exception on the fit well comment for those with glasses. These go over the ear, so interfere with glasses.
      AirPods pro sound good, but not as good as these to me. NC was decent from in ear phones, and transparency mode is awesome. Shame I couldn’t get one of them to stay in the ear. It kept falling off.
      FWIW, also tried a pair of Audio Technica (ATH 55SK or some such model). Excellent sound and battery life, but again couldn’t get it to stay in the ear. Then went to the Jabra active elite 65t, which I liked for its ability to pair simultaneously with 2 devices, but also didn’t stay in the ear for a run.

      Currently trialing the Beats X. Sound quality is poorer than all the above but because there is a cable connecting the 2 buds, falling off is less of an issue.

      My AirPods gen 1 are the best for me of all these options, but the battery life has deteriorated after over 2 years of daily usage. Fair enough.

      • I can and do wear these with sunglasses no issues, are they that much of an issue with glasses?

        • Depends on the shape of your glasses I suppose.

      • +1

        Did you buy the PB Pro and AirPods Pro from Apple direct?

        Just wondering how you managed to return items that worked fine and went in your ears. Genuine question, not sure what the T&Cs are on products that are 'icky' once used.

        • So true. And he/she has been doing it all year, With several sets having undergone the same treatment!

  • +1

    Really good price.

    I had these for 3 months. I seemed to have issues with either 1 ear piece not connecting or the battery randomly being at 0%. After 2 swaps and a repair I returned them to the good guys for a full refund.

    Not saying they are all faulty I just had a negative experience!

    • +1

      +1 Had same experience with mine. Would connect properly one day, then the next time only one ear connecting. Really frustrating to have to unpair and repair to get both ears working. Shame, as they are perfect for training and sound alright.

      • I had this issue initially, but I think there’s been a firmware update as I haven’t had it in months. The 0% thing you need to be a little careful with how you put them in the case unfortunately they don’t perfectly self-centre like the AirPods.

  • These are so cheap!
    I once had these but had to return them as the fit was hurting my ear canals.
    I'm probably part of the minority that finds the fit incompatiable, such a shame, i really wanted to keep these :(

    • +3

      same here… These started hurting my ears after like 30mins

      The bulky charging case is so annoying

      • These fit my clearly big ears well, all the non ear hook ones slip out. It’s definitely an in bag rather than in pocket case, though it does fit in your pocket in a pinch, it’s just not comfortable for long periods or alongside a phone.

  • Damn, Beats Solo Pro come down to $271.15 after discount. Incredible price! Bought them for $300 from Ebay after missing out on them for $321 from Harvey Norman/Officeworks!

  • +1

    Bought. Thanks OP

    Was waiting for the Jabra 75 to go on sale, but by all accounts, these have a much better sound quality and better fit for running.

  • if you wear glasses, these wouldn't be very comfortable with the clips?

    • I don’t have any issues wearing them with sunglasses, but maybe I just have big ears. :o the glasses just sit on top.

  • @BA, possible to get this price on other colours?

  • I want to recommend to anyone who plans on getting this to get AppleCare+ for it as it is a wireless device that gets soaked in sweat, there is a higher chance of it getting faulty, although I've had mine since launch with no problems. I'm just paranoid like that.

  • +1

    Missed Black Fridays deal, bought this one, thanks heaps.

  • This or Sony wf-1000xm3?

    • There are a bunch of great reviews on YouTube. Both have their pros and cons. I think this pricing makes it very compelling and both units target slightly different audiences and purposes.

      Sporty / less sporty
      No anc/ anc
      Imperfect sound, bass/ better balance sound, better sound stage

  • +2

    I bought these a few weeks back from Harvey Norman for $262. Am super disappointed and wish I could return them. My usual headphone is a TMA-2 by AIAIAI with the wireless headband.

    - Long battery life
    - Secure fit on ear
    - Stay in place during exercise
    - Start playing music almost immediately when placed in ear.

    - Subpar/poor sound quality
    - Overall not exceptionally loud
    - A bit tricky to place in ear
    - Ear canal pain after 20 - 30 minutes of use
    - Often cause tinnitus after 60 mins of use

    Also have not had any issues wearing these with glasses, the clips allow plenty of room for glasses arms.

    • Likewise, I bought this earphone for $300 and none of the cons apply to me, so it depends on person.

      • I agree 100%. Our ears are almost as individual as our fingerprint. My ears and ear canal are quite small which is why I think they hurt after a while, just due to sheer weight.

        You seem satisfied with the sound quality though. To me they sound like $30 servo headphones. At this price point the quality should be much better.

        • Keep in mind you aren't paying for sound quality but rather convenience. The Airpods sound the same as stock Apple earphones. So relative to those, these should still a fair bit better, no?

          • @entrancefloww: Honestly I can't remember the last time I used stock Apple earphones. Just opened the box of the last iPhone I purchased from 2017 and the stock headphones are still in their wrapping. I'll give them a try for comparison sake.

        • Maybe you got a lemon? The sound quality shouldn’t be that bad

          • +1

            @raghuchary: Good point. Might get someone to look at them.

            The problem with all of these in ear earphones is that you cannot try them in store (I assume as it isn't sanitary). Would be much easier to try out prior to purchase.

  • How are these compared to the galaxy buds?

    • +1

      Much better than Galaxy Buds. I've owned Buds previously and gave them away as they were poor in comparison to the Bose I already had. I recently bought these for my son for Xmas and they sound great, different than the Bose which are all round good. These have great deep base but also you don't lose anything else in there.

    • +1

      Buds have the edge according to rtings, full detailed comparison here.


      In fact the buds are the best headphones you can get in their category and price range, especially for Android users.


      Note the Bose are mentioned when just looking at sound quality.

      • +1

        In my opinion sound quality (including connectivity) and battery life are by far the biggest factors you should look at. For me the Bose and PBP's are ahead of the Samsung Buds. I found the Buds to be relatively quiet (using both my Samsung S8+ and my Samsung S3 tablet) they had lots of noise leak and were rather bland sounding in comparison. I'm not a professional reviewer but I have owned all 3 and can show photos of them all as proof (my wife now owns the Buds)

        • +1

          That's why professional reviews are great as you can directly compared different model and the features that are important to you such as battery life, fit for running or bass levels. No need to rely on anecdotes from random people on the internet.

  • code expired. just when i want them now … oh wells

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