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4x 470g Fresh Roasted Coffees $59.95 Incl Free Shipping @ Manna Beans


$59.95 deal includes the following:

1 x 470g Honduras SHB Organic
1 x 470g PNG Kaw Kaw Mountain
1 x 470g Magical Unicorn
1 x 470g Lucky Dip

$35.00 deal includes the following:

1 x 470g Magical Unicorn
1 x 470g Lucky Dip

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.

PNG Kaw Kaw Mountain

Cupping Score: 85
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,300 masl

Dark chocolate & nutty aromas leading to remarkable citrus & red fruit flavours. A full bodied & sweet coffee with hints of nectarine & red apple.

Honduras SHB Organic

Altitude: 1,400 masl
Processing: Washed
Cupping Score: 82

Flavours of malt chocolate, hazelnut, cocoa, peanut & shortbread. Very creamy body with apple, white sugar, vanilla, rhubarb, cocoa & almond finished.

The Magical Unicorn

A beautiful smooth blend with a well-balanced acidity, especially suited for milk coffees. Intense aroma with full body & flavours of sweet chocolate & caramel. Fragrance with nutty base & long pleasant finish.

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  • +3 votes

    Magical Unicorn has been our favourite blend for the past year or so. Time for a refill :-)

  • +1 vote

    Is is 4 by 470g or 480g?

    I noticed a difference clicking through


      Sorry, typing error. I have just corrected them, the deal is for 4 x 470g.

      Thank you,

    • +2 votes

      I found it after placing the order. I am not sure why they reduced it? Not a great practice I believe.

      I remember a rep once said they have 480g just to keep the total weight under 2kg limit, otherwise Australia Post would charge them significant amount for the postage. Wonder what the reason now.

    • +1 vote

      beans getting lesser. bit cheeky given that i always get mine delivered to SA in 3kg satchel, and other roasters stick to the 500g bean limits without reduction like Manna - poor form.


    What do these normally retail for?

  • +1 vote

    Hi mannabeans,

    Considering it takes me a couple of weeks to get through a ~500g bag of beans, what would you recommend I do with the other beans to maintain their freshness? I read here that some people freeze their beans. Others recommend against freezing.

    What would be your advice?


      Best thing you can do is order less.. But this is Ozbargain so I understand.

      Second best thing you can do other than freezing (which I have no opinions about either way as I'm uninformed) is to store it somewhere cool and dry in the original 1-way valve bags.

    • +2 votes

      Hi Scrawny,

      Sorry for the late reply. One option would be as dualscyther recommended below and perhapsd order the 2 x 470g option.

      Generally speaking the coffee is at it's freshest for the first month but I often find that I can still enjoy some coffees at 5 or 6 weeks before the quality starts to drop to the standard of some more copmmercialized products.

      Storing in valved sealed bag in a cool dark place would be my recommendation for the first month or so but if planning to keep longer then some swear by the method of freezing whle bean and defrosting thorougly.

        • +12 votes

          Hi vrsac,

          Thanks for the feedback. To throw some more light on our decision, the 10g reduction per bag is not to save costs by giving less coffee as the price difference of 10g per bag to us is negligable;

          It is actually because Australia Post have been charging us an extra $3-$5 for parcels exceeding 2kg by even 1g.
          If we were looking to make more money from the deals then we would have increased the deal price to $64.95. This is not our intention
          In reality, coffee prices have been steadily increasing and although we pay more now year on year and include higher quality single origins within the deal listings than we would necessarily need to, we have not increased our pricing for the last 7 years.

          The weight issue is a problem because it would push the shipping price upto a region that would make the deals less viable moving forward and we want to be transparent about the net weight and not state gross weight.
          Advertising as 470g allows us the additional weight allowance for the valved bags and the actual Aus Post plastic satchel weight so that we don't get overcharged shipping costs pushing freight into the region of about $16-$17. This allows us to continue to offer the similar deal pricing to our regular customers

          Thanks for your understanding 😁

  • +2 votes

    Mannabeans, thanks for adding PNG Kaw Kaw Mountain to this deal. Awesome beans for a long black!


      You're welcome :) Thanks for the feedback and glad that you are enjoying the coffee!



      also impressed with this one - I normally have a long black with a dash of milk and i'm sipping on it right now - very nice


    Have ordered from Manna Beans before on a previous deal before Christmas, can vouch that the beans are delicious and are among the top 3 roasters that I've tried.

    Just ordered again!


    Got a new deal coming? almost due to reorder

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