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Just sent a special email offer from site bought P2 masks earlier this month giving 10% off.
Code looks usable for anyone though if people still searching, they deliver via Express Post if need one asap.

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Best Buy Trade Supplies
Best Buy Trade Supplies



    Tried adding a 10 pack of P2 Masks - 'TAKE10OFF discount code isn’t available to you right now'

    It deducts the 10% in the first page of the checkout, but when it goes through to the payment page it gives that message and takes away the discount.


      also if you leave items in your cart, they send you an email with a link to view your cart - when you view your cart, it is prefilled with the code 'WELCOMEBACK10'.

      However it then says 'Enter a valid discount code'.


      I just tried it and it works? Might have been something glitchy at the time you tried

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