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½ Price - KB's Vegetable and Prawn Gyoza, Prawn Hargow $8 Each, UP&GO 6 Pack $4.85 Each @ Coles (Online Only - Excludes WA & NT)


Not sure if this is online only as well.

½ Price - KB's Vegetable Gyoza, Prawn Gyoza, Prawn Hargow $8 Each @ Coles

UP&GO 6 Pack $4.85 each

Click & Collect min spend $50.

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    Thank you

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      I love ozbargain as a practice ground for working out what not to say in real life

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    Fun fact: the word gyoza originates from Gyoz, the god of Gyo.

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      In what sense is that fact fun?


      Don't think that true, Gyo means fish in Japan, and this is not fish dumpling.


        Isn't Sakana the Japanese for fish?


          they both can translate to Japanese kanji 魚, which means fish
          But Sakana usually used when referring fish as a food

          for example:

          Goldfish 金魚 きん(Kin)ぎょ(Gyo)
          Fishshop 魚(さかな)や さかな(Sakana)や(Ya)


    Did anyone find out if this is online only?

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    These are scanning full price in store


    Online only confirmed.


    Try to pick up online from VIC Coburg, which shows full price $16.