This was posted 10 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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£50 (~$95 AUD) Cashback at TopCashback UK for First Transfer via WorldRemit


UPDATE 20/01: £50 cashback deal has ended, and new deal is now £19.50 (~$37 AUD) cashback from TopCashback UK for a new customer registering and sending their first money transfer of £50+ through WorldRemit.

TopCashback UK new account referral = $9.50 (£5)
WorldRemit TopCashback UK link = $95 (£50)
WorldRemit referral bonus = $35

1. Sign-up to TopCashback UK using one of the OzBargain referral links for new account.
2. Use an OzBargain referral link to get a referral code for WorldRemit (copy from the URL after code=)
3. Setup a virtual UK bank account in your name with TransferWise. Use an OzBargain referral link to sign up for a fee-free transfer of up to £500.
- This is also required for withdrawing cashback from TopCashback UK (British bank account required for withdrawal).
4. On TopCashback UK, search for WorldRemit and clickthrough link to get cashback. Enter the referral code when signing up.
5. Send £300 (approx $570 or equivalent) through WorldRemit to your virtual UK bank account. I selected Cashplus for the bank and can confirm it works. Entered random numbers for the mobile number - isn't required for any verification.
6. Transfer funds back to your regular AUD bank account from TransferWise.

Referral Links

Referral:  scons or random (150)

Referrer will receive £5-£15 credit after referee earns £5 cashback. Referee receives £2.50 after earning £5.

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  • whats the total fees lost on this?

    • Good point. Was $3.99 fee to send on WorldRemit (it gives you a code '3FREE' to waive this fee, though not sure if that voids the cashback so I didn't use it). And a $3.16 fee sending from Transferwise to AUD bank account (it wasn't my first transfer so didn't get the referral sign up offer). About $9 lost from exchange rates. TLDR: Spent $583.99, and received $567.90 back.

      • How did you get past which bank to use in the list in World Remit, it doesn't list Transferwise as an option.
        Also it requires a UK mobile number how did you get around that?

      • Of course you don't need to pay the $3.16 transferwise fee to transfer out to your AUD bank account if you're happy to spend the money using your transferwise borderless debit card.

  • Very cool post and informative OP, thank you. I am in the process of verifying the TransferWise account to be able to do the transfer to virtual UK bank but so far so good i think.

  • Have the funds from WordRemit succesfully been deposited to your TransferWise account?

  • I can confirm this works - just received WorldRemit funds in TransferWise. The transfer took 20 minutes. Thanks scons.

  • I guess this can't be combined with quidpro Cashback but I can just do it twice, first with topcashback uk then second with quidpro then transfer back to Australia, yeah?

    • If you make a new WorldRemit account I believe it should work?

      • After going through with it once, I don't think it's an option either way as both are first time offers and they have my id/credit check etc.

  • 3 On TopCashback UK, search for WorldRemit and clickthrough link to get cashback. Enter the referral code when signing up.

    It asks me to put my card details before I can click through for cashback, what do I do there?

  • So i have done all these steps. how long will it take to get the $138.50

  • Sorry, how do I make sure transferwise is UK?

    EDIT: nvm guess just setting the currency to gbp

    • did you make a uk bank account on there

      • I just chose currency as GBP and it gave uk info.
        Now I'm wondering, where on the WorldRemit site do i put the referral code? Because it wasn't on the sign up form and now i've made an account…

        EDIT: shit I missed it. I'll try setting another account I guess..

  • Great Deal OP

    • Maybe make another comment and untick that you are associated before you post it.
      Lol you sorted it :)

  • Do you have to put down a UK address when you add yourself as a recipient?

  • hi op..did you pay using POLI or credit/debit card?

  • Just wondering whether this will work using a Citibank Global Currency account instead of TransferWise? Has anyone tried transferring money into your British Pounds account which is also a virtual account I believe?

    • I wasn’t able to add an Australian account when transferring in GBP, so no.

    • The global currency account doesn't give you a GBP bank account, just lets you send GBP to an AUD bank account.

  • How do we know the cashback transactions has been tracked in topcashback? When I click on the worldremit link from topcashback, it shows the transfer money page instead of signup page ?

  • This may sound dumb - but how do you access the WorldRemit referral?

  • Any idea how long it takes for the Referrer to receive their credit @ topcashback and worldremit ?

  • What if I already have a transferwise account setup here in Aus? Can that work? or will have to create new one?

  • so when I transfer from World2remit to Transferwise, should I be transferring from AUD to GBP or GBP to GBP?

  • Will this work if I want to do AUD to another country's bank account?

    • I believe it has to be a UK account as it only let's me add one (not an international account) when I want to transfer in GBP.

  • Are we sure cashback will still work when using a referral code for WorldRemit?

  • worldremit site is temporarily unavailable…

  • Not sure if I did it all correctly, only time will tell.
    But within 20 minutes I had the money in my TransferWise account. I used a bankwest debit card.

  • Thanks to the OP for going to the effort to come up with this - it's a bit convoluted but hopefully I have done it right! I did POLI transfer so will see what ends up in my transferwise bank account in several hours - assuming that if it's successful I should see the cashback etc added on to the amount that ends up in my transferwise account?

    Currently topcashback has tracked it as a 20 pound cashback, hopefully it amends.

    • The Topcashback page says all transfers will initially track at £15 (the other £5 in your account is the signup bonus) and any accounts that made a £300 transfer will be updated to the £50 cashback "within 10 working days".

      • Yes I saw that, but I'm a bit confused. How actually do I get that £50 cashback into my aussie bank account? I'm probably missing something really obvious, sorry. Or is it that I just have that credit in my TopCashback account for future use against other purchases?

        • You can add your UK bank account details from Transferwise as the payout account in Topcashback. I know they have Paypal as well but I'm unsure if they'd send to an Aussie Paypal account, so I'm using BACS as the safe option.

          • @Turffe: Ah yeah right, that makes sense, I did add my transferwise a/c details in setting up the topcashback a/c. Does it automatically pay back to that account? I feel like I might have done something wrong though, the money I transferred from my Aus Bank account is now in Transferwise - ie 300 pounds, but I don't see any additional amounts from worldremit ($35) even though I entered in the referral code.

  • Good deal

    Sad I have used both of them in the past so would be risk to create new account using new email?

  • When (how long) do we get our own worldremit referral link?

  • cashback are instantaneous or how log to wait? shuckin 500 in a service I never heard before is hard hey

  • Ozbargained?

    Hi Fexofenadine,

    We're sorry to inform you that we've made the decision to cancel your transaction and close your account.

    This means that we've cancelled your payment. In the majority of cases, it should appear in your account within 2-3 working days but it can take 7-21 days depending on your bank/card issuer.

    There are a number of reasons we may need to close a customer’s account: we may have concerns over security or feel that there's been a breach of our terms and conditions. Sometimes, a customer simply has more than one account to their name.

    We’re not legally able to tell you the exact reason for each closure, but we always aim to stay balanced, fair and safe when reviewing our transactions – so if you think we've made the wrong decision, we'd love for you to get in touch.

    Please visit our help pages for more information.

    Best Regards,
    WorldRemit Customer Service

  • Sounds good, gain ~$120 for ~$20 at risk, but it relies heavily on the cash back being honoured, so has anyone received their cash back yet?