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Neewer 50-in-1 Action Camera GoPro Accessory Kit - $21.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Neewer Global Amazon AU


For the price of $21.95, please use code GPROAU120 at checkout & seller is Neewer Global AU. While supplies last.

  • This kit includes many mounts, straps, and harnesses, your camera will be safe when you are having fun.
  • You can take it whenever you are in diving, swimming, driving car, climbing, and riding bicycle, etc.

1 * Suction cup

1 * Floating Handle Grip

1 * Strap

1 * 360-degree Rotation Clip

1 * Insurance Tether Straps

1 * Wrist Strap

1 * Handheld Monopod

1 * Bicycle Handleba

1 * Chest Strap

1 * Headstrap Mount

1 * Wrench

1 * Wrist Mount with Screw

1 * Tripod Mount Adapter

1 * Carring Case

1 * Helmet Extension Arm

1 * Helmet Strap Mount

1 * Mini Tripod

2 * Switch Support

2 * Surface J-Hook Buckle

3 * Basic Mount

3 * Flat Mount

2 * Curved Mounts

4 * Screws

5 * Adhesive Pads

12 * Anti-fog Inserts

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    Recently been taking a look at these sorts of bundles recently, competitive price if you think you're going to be using the majority of these accessories.

    However, I think the majority of the items included aren't that great (e.g. there are much much better designs for extendable tripod grips available as well as better handlebar mounts etc).

    Might be a good deal if you want some of the basics (chest mount and head mount) plus a few accessories that you think you will definitely be using but otherwise potentially better value to pick and choose specific items off of aliexpress.


    Promotional code cannot be applied to your purchase.


    same here, what to do?


    Thank you surengiri, it worked, bought it

    • +1 vote

      Same for me. It's coming up as $27.94 delivered, not $21.95. In other words, it's still adding $5.99 for delivery.

      If the OP can get the delivery sorted then I might be interested.


    Good price .. cheapest is around $35ish from china sellers on eBay


    I better get one of these packs considering I lost my SJ5000+ last time at the beach when a massive wave hit me and dragged it out of my hands to sea.. sigh. :(


    Is the code still working? won't apply for me