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Free $20 Kmart eGift Card for Optus Customers


Optus is giving away free $20 Kmart eGift cards for Optus Customers via Optus Perks.

Quickest way to enter is through the My Optus app and navigate through to the Optus Perk section.


For those who can’t see it - make sure you check on the front page ‘For You’ and scroll to the right in the Perks section. I couldn’t see it when I selected ‘View All’


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        Based and Kmartpilled

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      Officeworked, hard.

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    Must be as I don't see it.

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    Nothing for me either :(

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    For those who can’t see it - make sure you check on the front page ‘For You’ and scroll to the right in the Perks section. I couldn’t see it when I selected ‘View All’

    • Oh that worked for me!

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        Didn't work for me :( .

        • Bugger, damn you optus haha

      • Worked for me, thanks OP!

    • worked for me

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    nothing for me either :-(

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    Not appearing on my Optus Perks, either in the app or on the website. I'm on prepaid, so maybe I'm not eligible for this offer.

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      2 plans with them and nothing here

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    Nothing for me

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    Nothing for me, paying $180 per month atm

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      me too, paying $150 per month

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    I got voucher on all of my Optus accounts. 2 Mobile & 1 Broadband. Mobile account redeem fine, Broadband account had error while redeem so scored Total $40 Kmart Gift card. Do remember to check/switch all your accounts on Mobile App and try redeeming it. Enjoy!

  • Thank you! I scrolled down to Perks, then scrolled to the right and saw it there. Entered my email and got it right away.

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    Missed out again. Spend a small fortune with these asshats.

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    For those who don't see it, try going to https://www.optusperks.com.au/home/christmas (You'll need to sign in first. If it still doesn't work after signing in, try refreshing or revisiting that link).

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      404 Not Found

      • It's a 404 if you aren't signed in (and I guess maybe also if you're ineligible).

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          Am signed in. Must be ineligible.

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            @Zerko: Likewise. Already signed in and 404ing.

    • Worked.. Thanks

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      Worked ..thanks . First time it displayed " offer already redeemed but when i changed the email address it worked . I redeemed it last time as well.

    • Worked thanks

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    Anyone else having issues with logging in? Every time I log in with my account I get redirected to the silly Optus Perks sign up form which gives me the lovely "Oops looks like we're experiencing a few issues at the moment and can't complete your registration right now. Try again in a few minutes" error.
    Called them multiple times of the past few months about it and never heard anything back…
    Yes I do have a compatible postpaid plan so that is not the issue.

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    Been with them for 15yrs and spend over $300/mth on all our services but never get these targeted offers!

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      That's the thing, you are too loyal and too hooked on. Businesses do not need to give you anything to retain you. Even worse they will try to increase your price gradually. Sorry, nothing personal, just try to explain marketing 101.

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        No need to apologise and I'm fully aware how it works and it's definitely not limited to Optus with eBay and the like all doing it too.

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    Oops, I forgot to claim this offer.
    I had this in optus account few days before but now I ported out to KOgan from Optus.
    Is there any chance I can still get this?

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      Is this a serious question?

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      I'm actually with optus and can't even get it. Good luck with that

  • thank you

  • It worked for me via the app. Thanks OP

  • thank you. worked for both my mobile phone services (2 x $20 vouchers). offer was not there for my mobile broadband plan.

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    Yay nothing again

  • I had previously claimed, it has shown up for me but cant claim twice.

  • Thanks. Worked for me.

    Last time they offered this I kept getting an error message when trying to claim the voucher. I'm glad it worked this time around.

  • doesn't work for me

  • Thank you:)

  • Targeted.

    Not for me :(

  • Not working for me either :(

  • Their perk website is hillarious

  • +1

    Got it on 5 phones, spread across 3 optus accounts (5 emails) for a total of $100 of vouchers. Thanks OP!

  • May be post the direct Kmart voucher claim link?

  • Got one thanks.

    On a $35p/m sim only plan for anyone trying to figure out who is targeted.

  • Got it on both our numbers..! Thanks OP..

  • My Perks section in the app is empty :(

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    Utter crap, been with these plebs for over 7 years for my mobile plan and never get any of these deals even though im spending thousands a year.

  • lame optus , 2 services nothing time to leave

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    Getting this:

    Coming soon:
    your Perks eWallet.

    (Business Customer)

  • Already used mine from last post but keen to know if this is a new one or not. :)

  • Here's a msg from chat that may be useful.

    We have specialized team who will assist you on Kmart voucher 

    Request you to contact the team on  1300 760 014

    They are available from : Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm Sat: 9am - 5pm Sun: 9am - 5pm

  • Just claimed, and emailed voucher within a few mins

    • Also 35$ sim only, customer for 2.5 years, never claimed Kmart voucher before but have used perks to buy movies

  • Is this only for plans? My mum doesn't have it and she's been with Optus for over 20 years

  • $30 Sim Only Plan for about 10 months and I got it.

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    Cool good spot told my brother in law he got it!

  • Anyone signed up today and got it?

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    Been with optus for 10 years, currently on a $41/m. I got nothing.

  • Been with them on a $85 per month plan for four years or so. Parents have been with them 10+ years. I’ll have to ask them but I doubt it. I wonder if it’s the people who “share data”? Because I have’t yet and I didn’t get it.

  • OP, please update the title to include Targeted. Not available for me either.

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      It already says Targeted next to the title

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    Too bloody loyal it seems. Time to jump.

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    Been with Optus for 28 years. Only been on $30 plans. Nothing here for me. May not spend much but something for loyalty would be nice. Just cheap movie tickets and four complimentary starters at participating restaurants. Ha!

  • Worked for me, awesome

  • Cheers Op! I had the offer

  • Thank you for posting. Otherwise would have never looked

  • +4

    Thanks for posting. However, for those of us who didn't get the offer but are aware of it, I feel this actually creates some ill will towards Optus.

    Over my 2 year contract I've gotten nada from perks. Perhaps they need to track how many rewards are applied to each account.

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    Just called them and they said eligible customers are those that are:

    • coming off a contract
    • would have received an SMS


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      I’m off contract but still didn’t get it.

      These rewards actually get me considering other providers as they highlight Optus not being interested in my business one little bit, having never been offered one in all the years with Optus. I’m talking the giveaway rewards not the discounted event tickets which are of no interest in a regional area.

  • Thanks, worked for me

  • Thankyou for bringing it to my attention, worked for me too.

  • Thanks OP! Redeemed it over 4 accounts

  • Their stupid app never gets past the loading screen for me. Can't see the offer on the website either. :( Thanks anyway OP.

  • :(

    Can only see Optus Dining. Currently on a $40/mo plan

  • -1

    Has anyone who hasnt received it emailed [email protected] to find out why they are ineligible?

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