Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak: Single (from $99) or Double (from $149) @ Groupon


Usually $189 for the single seater at Rays, I bought one recently on sale for $149. This is a great price and the Kayak is great. Have been taking it down the Yarra for adventures, packing it into a backpack and catching the train back to my start location. Highly recommend!

In a Nutshell
Available in single or double size, this inflatable kayak is ideal for lakes and mild rivers; paddles, storage bag and a pump included

Product Details

The Deal
$99 for an Intex Challenger K1 inflatable kayak - single seat
$149 for an Intex Challenger K2 inflatable kayak - double seat
$179 for two Intex Challenger K1 inflatable kayaks - single seat
$279 for two Intex Challenger K2 inflatable kayaks - double seat

Store important supplies like water bottles, snorkeling gear and wet bags in the cargo net at the front
Low-profile design is ideally suited for lakes and mild rivers
Inflates and deflates quickly and easily using the Boston valve in the main hull chamber
Move it around using the grab lines on either end

Includes a paddle for each person, storage bag, patch kit, cargo net and pump
Material: 30 gauge PVC
Floor: inflated I-beam floor for added comfort and buoyancy
Chambers: two completely separate air chambers to help keep it afloat
Oars: 86-inch aluminium paddle with comfort grip handles

K1 Kayak - Single:
Dimensions: 274cm x 76cm x 33cm
Max weight: 100kg

K2 Kayak - Double:
Dimensions: 351cm x 76cm x 38cm
Max weight: 180kg

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    The deal is from Groupon, maybe post this direct Groupon link:

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    I bought the 2 seater back in September from Groupon (its still available there) for about $115 delivered using a 15% off code and 20% Cashback. Shipping is $10.

    Kayak works well, great quality for the price. Paddles are surprisingly rebust for something that can be dissasembled.

    You'll need a life jacket (not included) to use it on public waterways. Work that into your budget.


      State laws vary.


        Which state doesn't mandate life jackets?

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          Here in WA it is only in open waters, more than 400m from shore.

          Not my job to research the whole country, but I do hate it when Sydney people think the whole country must be the same.

          If your boat sinks in the Canning or Swan River, you can walk to shore 😀 mandating life jackets would be stupid.

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            @manic: WA and qld are the only two exceptions. All other states (not a Sydney thing!) require lifejackts irrespective of the distance from shore.

            So most people (~80%) will need to factor in life jackets as per my original comment! Not a big deal, they are inexpensive….. I bought a couple from anaconda at $30 each.


    maybe, will try


    I thought: That looks cool, I could chuck it in my campervan, mega fun!

    Then I saw this kid in one, as a 6'1" well built guy I have my doubts it would be too practical for me ;(

    (I do have the urge to go paddle UK's canals in a real kayak though)


    is it safe for waterways with bull sharks? Asking for a friend

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      If the shark decides to take a bite at the kayak, then obviously its teeth will puncture the kayak and cause it to sink. If you still haven't made it to shore yet then the shark will most likely take another bite at you. Once you start bleeding, the shark will go into a freeze and take lots of bites and then your health and safety will be under serious pressure.


      If it was in area with a known large Bull shark population I would personally not use an inflatable.

      Here is some more information that might be useful.


      Perth has bull sharks, but unlike the dolphins, they are rarely seen.
      It never stopped anyone boating or swimming. There was one death about a century ago.

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    I bought one from BCF for $99 last week when they're on special. I have used it twice in canning river (WA) . I absolutely love it. Never owned kayak or done kayaking before.


    Don’t forget ShopBack / CR


    Thanks, purchased.

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    Always the price on Groupon. Don't waste my time!!!

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    If you try and add the expired code SALE30 to the checkout it will give you a 7% discount as courtesy. I guess stack with cash back as well?


    Great kayak but super hot plastic … So bear that in mind if you are outdoor at temperature above 30s


    purchased the double, thanks.

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    Just bought the double for $154.05 (before 10% cashback) delivered to Sydney metro using 10OFF -


    Has anyone's shipped yet?


    Not only has mine not shipped, I logged in to check tracking today and:
    "Your order has been canceled due to an unexpected issue with fulfillment."

    They didn't even bother sending me and email or any other communication.


    "We regret to inform you that we are unable to deliver the product to you. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this.

    To make up for your disappointment, I am happy to offer you a full refund in Groupon credit. All you need to do is write back confirming the credit offer and I can have this available in your account within 24hrs.

    Groupon credit is valid for 30 days and can be used towards any of the fantastic deals at! Your Groupon credit will automatically be deducted when you make a purchase.

    Please confirm if you wish to accept my offer of Groupon credit."

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