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Google Pixel 3 64GB $549 + Delivery (Online Only, No C&C) @ BIG W


Product Features:

  • 12.2MP Back Camera
  • Charges Fast and Lasts long
  • 8MP Front Camera
  • 2915mAh Battery
  • Google Assistant
  • Compatible with Qi wireless charging
  • Unlocked phone
  • 64GB storage
  • Bonus Optus Sim

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    same price at Big W eBay store $549 Delivered using code PUNNET if you want to add to post/header

    • can't use discounted woolies gift cards on eBay.

      • Can use discounted ebay gift cards though for those that have any from previous deals.

    • well look at that, I finally have burned my free signup eBay Plus trial.

  • Does anyone know if JB hi-fi will price match?

    Have been considering a new phone and would like to jump on the Telstra Deal bandwagon.

    • if you get the right sales rep they will

      • Not with discount codes.

        They might price match pre-code.

        • They will but depends on the rep, hit n miss every store

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    How is that the Pixel 3a, the deemed "budget" phone is more expensive than the Pixel 3, last year's flagship?

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      Dunno, but I wouldn't have paid $549 for my pixel 3 knowing what I know now.

      Nothing new - it's just way below my threshold for battery life. Feel obligated to have it tethered to a charger at basically any moment.

      To be honest, even though it has an abysmal endurance, I've discovered a lot of the newer phones don't have that much better, either.

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        Yeah I've heard bad things about its battery life, need to charge it throughout the day etc - but tbh I always carry a power bank with me anyway because I'm paranoid lol and anything below 20% is like "almost flat".

        I've discovered a lot of the newer phones don't have that much better, either.

        Some don't have good battery life no, but there's quite a few options out there I could easily get a day and a half out of, or a moderate user could get 2 days out of.

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        I've only had mine a week but had zero problems with battery life? It lasts just as long as my Galaxy 7 did, which it replaced. Still have 30% battery left by the end of the day, and yes, I do use it constantly through the day.

        • Can't judge an Android phone on battery after 3 months…. They can change dramatically.

        • I used mine for about 3 months and the battery life pretty much averaged out to about 3.5-4 hours SOT over 12 hours off charger before it was at < 10% battery. It was terrible. That's not even playing games, just reddit/internet browsing/email/social media.

          • @MrFunSocks: Well then. I'm at 79% having used my phone extensively on the train in to work this morning and at work - which is better than the Galaxy 7 did.

            I guess I shouldn't hold my breath or anything, right?

            • @playswithfire: I mean it's a small battery, one of the smallest on a flagship phone in years, and it runs a google modified version of android, which is already not great on battery, so right off the bat it's not going to give great battery life. It definitely isn't going to get any better over time, that's for sure.

              For your use it might be fine. For mine it absolutely was not.

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                @MrFunSocks: When I saw the comment about long lasting and then looked at the battery capacity below it, I thought… nah. Thats not much of a battery. This thread has confirmed my strongly held beliefs.

                • @DisabledUser226200: Yeah don't believe anyone that says it even has "good" battery life. The capacity is pathetic - even 3000 that lots of flagships have had over the last 3 years is bad, and this is under that - and with all the tracking and "smarts" that google is doing on these (like the "now playing" which is admittedly very cool) it just chews battery.

                  I switched to an iphone 11 pro 100% because of the battery life on the pixel. I couldn't live with it - if I was going out at night after work I had to make sure I charged it to almost full and even then I'd still have to baby it to not be having to put it on battery saver by the end of the night just to try and have power to get an uber or make a phone call. Using the camera, which is the main selling point of a pixel, destroys the battery.

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                    @MrFunSocks: It's a lemon for me, too. I'm going to get rid of mine at some stage. I feel bad for all the people who are seeing the great price and buying it. Not much point having a phone that you fear to use.

                    • @f23lda: I've got to say @mrfunsocks and @f23lda, the battery life on this phone has been absolutely great for me so far.

                      I took mine off charge yesterday morning at 7:30am, and it's still going with 27% left at midday the next day. I've used it for listening to music to and from and to work yesterday and today, as well as messaging family members and using it as a 2FA device for work and googling stuff.

                      What is it that you guys do with your phones that is different? About the only thing I can think of is that I don't stream my music, I play it from local mp3 files, and I don't watch videos on my phone as I would much rather use a larger screen for any videos.

                      • @playswithfire: I don't know what to tell you about my usage. I am a very light phone user. I use it for alarms, when I'm in the toilet and for an hour at the gym with bluetooth.

                        I switched to a galaxy a70. Left work at 5pm last night at 83% - it is now at 67%. That's the type of performance I'm after.

                        But my usage is moot - go to gsmaarena and look up the battery endurance score for the pixel3, it has one of the worst scores of any phone currently on the market AND it's a former flagship. There is a flagship that is worse - I think the pixel4 is even worse :-/


                        I'm certainly not discounting your experience - I'm just saying - you can see that this product, regardless of how well it is performing for you - it's a low endurance phone and it's causing problems for people. Who knows, perhaps your phone has a battery that performs better.

                      • @playswithfire: FYI here is a stat from my new replacement phone

                        I took my a70 off the charger on monday night.

                        It is now friday morning and it has 27%.

                        So much better

                        • @f23lda: That is impressive! I'm still getting 1.5 days out of a full charge so I'm happy enough. I did find that using bluetooth headphones instead of the wired headphones drains the battery like crazy - 15% in one hour. But the only reason I did that was because I left my usb-c headphones at home that morning.

  • Does this have a headphone jack?

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      No, the 3a and 3a XL have one. Comes with a dongle to connect instead.

  • How did you get the code YOUSAVE30? Is this via email subscription to Big W?

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      The 1st line on the description explains where.

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    For those looking for a stock android experience with decent camera and specs, check out the Xiaomi Mi A3.
    Bought one recently for ~$250 and it has exceeded my expectations.

    • I just had a look, no NFC though. Deal breaker for me and some. Otherwise a good phone.

      • Yeah the lack of NFC and the 720P screen are the major knocks on it.
        But the AMOLED screen looks pretty good to me.

      • Never mind (edit)

    • I'm thoroughly enjoying the mi mix 3 which was $408 delivered

    • How's the camera on it? I've currently got a slowly dying Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 3 from 2016 which I'm looking to upgrade. The thing is excellent apart from the crappy camera. I'd like its replacement to have a more usable camera :)

      • You're never going to get flagship quality in this price range, of course, but its excellent for the price.
        But you need to install Google Camera (Gcam) to unlock its full potential… another advantage of stock android.
        If you get close to buying, there are some youtube reviews of the camera with google camera app.
        Also, might we worth investigating whether you can install google camera app on your old phone.

      • Not related to that specific phone but I've been using a Redmi Note 7 for about 9 months and it still surprises me how good the shots turn out, Install Gcam (simple apk install) and its amazing quality. Love the phone.

        According to accubattery app I get an average of 9.5hours screen on time on a charge, usually charge every 2nd day.

        If you're like me and just need a camera, battery and the perks of SD card, 3.5mm jack, IR blaster) then you could probably just get a new Redmi Note.

      • quality is very good especially the software. I think it's still the top 10 on the market.

  • +3

    Charges Fast and Lasts long

    Yeh nah.

    I've got a Pixel 3 and the battery life is terrible. Like just terrible. It was a struggle to get 4 hours of screen-on time over 12 hours off charger before it was < 10%. Standby time is bad, usage time is bad. Unless you are happy charging your phone twice a day avoid this.

    • Most people probably don't get anywhere near 4hrs screen time,so for them it's probably fine.

      • +1

        It's still not an "all day battery" though. It has horrible standby battery life too.

        • +1

          I share the same experience on my Pixel 3. Big miss by Google.

          • @viirgon: I am still rocking an OG Pixel. It apparently has a 2770mAh battery in it and is adequate for my use. Anyone here gone from OG Pixel to Pixel 3 and can comment on the difference? I know it's not all about size as Pixel 3 may drain faster but keen to hear from any users with experience.

  • 2900mAh is a pretty small battery, should be around 4000mAh, that's the only thing stopping me buying this phone. If it had a removable battery then fine, could just buy a new one or larger aftermarket battery.

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    Have to join in with the others in here trashing the battery life. I've had this phone for about 14 months now, and sometimes I'm lucky to get 3.5 hours screen on time during a 9 hour day at work. That's pitiful.

  • Gets to payment page and despite code showing as applied, total is $586. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Same here. Glitch?

  • +6

    Battery is giving me "range anxiety" every time when i go out on day trips where i want to take photos, edit, then upload to share with families. Even my wife noticed I keep charging the phone when get a chance to. However for day to day life with charging points at home and work it's not really a concern. It might even be an incentive to use the phone less…

  • I bought this a few weeks ago with the same price from big W and I'm happy with the Pixel 3. I moved from an iPhone 8 and the Pixel 3 seems to have a lot more functionality, much better assistant and better camera. the unlimited Google photos was a big plus. The battery life seems slightly better than my iPhone 8, although it took at least a week to get to that stage after the adaptive battery learners my usage.

  • I bought one of these at the end of September 2019. Like what has been mentioned the battery life is terrible. And I'm not a huge user of my phone - just the odd phone call/text. I prefer my iPad for games, videos etc (eyes aren't as good as they used to be). The worst thing though is that a couple of weeks ago my 3 month old Pixel just dropped dead. I was showing a quick vid to a friend and it just died and never came back on. It's currently been sent away (to HK) on warranty and I'll probably get a crappy refurb. Really disappointed.

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