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60% off Printed Removable Wall Murals. $37 Per Square Metre (Was $92) with Free Shipping @ Easy Print and Sign Co


This is printed onto a fully re-positionable fabric material (Phototex). If you make a mistake take it off and fit it again until you get it right. This product will not damage your walls.

Ideal for tenanted properties as you can remove when you leave with no damage to walls.
95% blockout material to cover old colours underneath
Full colour high resolution digital print
The re-positionable fabric (Phototex) is an easy to self-install option and can be easily removed without leaving adhesive residue. This can be used multiple times without losing adhesion
Suitable for most smooth clean surfaces
Supplied in easy to manage 600-700mm wide sections complete with a 10mm overlap on each section for ease of installation
Images below are illustrations of what can be achieved. If your looking for inspiration we recommend www.shutterstock.com as they literally have millions of images.


When you place your order you will receive an email which takes you to an upload page. Here you just need to enter your order reference and upload your own image that we can use to print. We'll then send you a proof to approve before we print your wall mural. All files are checked for quality before we print them.

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  • The offer looks interesting, but your site is exceptionally hard to use.

    When you go into the offer page and start scrolling, the order details take over and cover more than half of the screen, which makes reading the details of the product pretty impossible without using "Dev Tools" to remove that layer. Also your "we are here, let's chat" is un-removeable obstructing the lower right side. Perhaps look into that for your own good and for letting potential customers actually see what you have to offer.

    All the best.

  • Looks great

  • Lemme get this straight, you want people to pay for it first and to wait on an email to then upload their desired image?

    Why is there no preview option? (which I know you could say "just look at the image as a .jpg")

    Regardless, the ordering method is really shady (could argue to Paypal and say that the customer paid for a non-specific and would show on the invoice as such).

    • +1 vote

      Hi there. Sorry not really understanding your issue here. How many things do you not pay for online before you get them?

      The proofing process is for a few reasons. First of all 90% of the time the images supplied don't fit into the desired shape of the wall required. So we have to make the image fit and then reproof back the customer for approval. Also, the files are not always print ready. ie too low resolution. So before we spend a lot of time then yes we require payment.

      Check out our facebook page on our reviews page and also on our website. Really take offence to the "shady" comment to be honest. We are a reputable Aussie owned and based business. ABN 51 608 619 058 based in Perth.

      Comments like this can do real damage to a business and I would be grateful if you or a mod would remove it.

      • Comments like this can/should be allowed.

        If you don't like criticism/concerns over the actual process of having a custom image when you don't have a previewer before purchase (like any other stores with custom image input options), that raises more questions.

        If a person were to pay for this, would it not show on their invoice a non-specific image? What stops either side to contest the payment as not what was agreed/paid for?

        It doesn't matter that you have an ABN/Physical store, places like FTC Computers is an example where a physical stores' reliability/reputation contributes to less than what you are saying. (Same goes for reviews, FTC -> 95% positive eBay rating -> people still recommend against)

        Also -> "How many things do you not pay for online before you get them?" -> You pay and then receive, as is the norm.
        Not exactly sure what was confusion with what was said

        "We make the image fit and then reproof back the customer for approval. Also, the files are not always print ready. ie too low resolution. So before we spend a lot of time"

        It's great that you go the extra mile to make sure the blown up image is to standard, that should be mentioned more.

        • +2 votes

          You know I don't really mind criticism as long as it's constructive.

          In fact if you read the first comment they were critical of the process on mobile. Which we were glad they pointed out and we sorted it.

          When you start using words like "shady" it sets the wrong tone and implies wrong doing. Our only interest is growing our online customer base hence the promos we're running. And we won't be doing that if we're offering poor quality product or service. We have a 100% solid refund policy on our site if customers aren't happy. However, the way we engage with customers around quality, file management or product knowledge means that it's rare that we get an issue. When we do though we sort it straight away. Even if it costs us. Our reputation especially online is important to us. Hence why I'm defending it.

          If we send you a proof of how a job is going to print along with a clear set of information around product spec. I think any customer would have grounds to request a refund via credit card or Paypal if not satisfied.

  • this is cool because of the re-usability - but if i order it for one wall and then move, i won't find another wall that is exactly the same size

    • Hi there. Sorry we're not selling it on that basis although I guess you could if you wanted to.

      Main benefits are that if you don't install it correctly first time then you can remove and reposition it without damaging either the wall or the product. Also, if you are renting a property then you can remove without damaging the walls.

      Hope that clears this up.

  • how long is this price good for. also what reolution image do you need per sq meter?

    • Hi there been hammered a bit today on this so not sure. At least for another 24 hours at least. I would suggest supplying artwork at 25% of scale at at least 200dpi. Reach out any time if you need any help. Plenty of communication options on the site.

  • Hi OP,
    I like this but don't have any image selected for my wall. Could I able to use this deal later?

  • Hi. Like the deal we have with the pull up banner stands. You can buy know and upload your artwork any time in the future.

  • Can this be supplied in wider sections than 700mm e.g. if I want a single image at 1m X 1m