Edifier R1850DB Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $189 Delivered (Free Shipping to NSW & SA) @ Edifier AU


A few dollars more expensive than previous best deal of $186.15 Delivered.

I suspect this $128.99 deal was a price-error due to the comments.

Free shipping to NSW & SA, with the following exceptions:
QLD - $9.99, NT - $19.99, WA - $19.99.

Notes: These are basically identical to the R1700BT, but the R1850DB have optical inputs & a subwoofer output.

Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers

INPUTS – RCA/Aux, Optical/Coaxial, Bluetooth for convenience
TREBLE/BASS CONTROL, SUB-LINE OUT - Adjust bass, treble, volume and toggle inputs on rear panel.
WIRELESS REMOTE – Handy compact remote control for input selection, volume adjustment and track control for Bluetooth devices.


THD + N: 0.5%
INPUT SENSITIVITY: PC:700±50mV | AUX: 550±50mV
TWEETER UNIT: Φ19mm silk dome, 6ohm
BASS UNIT: 4"Φ116mm 6ohm
DIMENSION: 154x254x224mm(w x h x d)
NET WEIGHT: 6.63kg

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    How do they compare to the R1700BTs or R2000?


      compare to the R1700BTs

      Regarding comparison to R1700BT, please read the “Notes” above.

      The R2000DB is a bigger speaker, and more ideal for filling larger room.
      I have heard from others that the smaller R1850DB sounds better at lower volumes, while the R2000DB can get louder and fill a larger room.


    Thinking about either a 1850db + subwoofer or a 350db? Which would be recommended?

    Also is aptx codec for bluetooth a big deal? Seems like the 350 has it but the 1850 doesnt.

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      This deal ($189) plus this subwoofer ($149) together is currently slightly cheaper than the S350DB.
      And you will get deeper bass with this combination.

      The trade-off is you will be combining 2 products, instead of just 1 with S350DB.

      Also is aptx codec for bluetooth a big deal?

      From my part I would avoid using Bluetooth altogether. Apt-X is marketed as CD quality, but it suffers from compression & is below CD quality.
      For best audio quality use the optical input.


        Would combining two products be better for future so if one thing breaks the whole system isn't useless?

        I want decent bluetooth since half the time I'll sitting at the desk using it to play games/tv, but the other half of the time I'll be chilling on my bed across the room playing music on them whilst I browse my phone.


          Yes I guess it could be better in some ways.
          Some just want everything in one box so it is easier to setup & use etc, and get a refund in one go if something goes wrong etc.
          Bluetooth is good enough for most, I just have very little interest in it.


    This or the P17? I have a spare smsl sa98e that I can use for my desktop setup. I'm also planning to add a subwoofer if I can find a good deal. Or should I just buy the s350db? Sources are a gaming laptop connected to an ODAC rev A and a xduoo DAP with optical out. Or maybe just some better 2nd hand BS speakers? My max budget is 400 bucks.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread.


      This or the P17?

      The advantage of the powered R1850DB’s is the DSP is optimised by Edifier to get the most out of the drivers.
      If you are going the passive route, you may want to consider the
      Micca MB42X’s @ $129.66 (free delivery with prime) & the Voll B50’s @ $129.95.

      should I just buy the s350db?

      If you are happier with lots of bass.

      2nd hand BS speakers?

      It really all depends, second hand speakers will probably get more bang-for-your-buck. Or maybe you would rather something brand-new with warranty etc.


    I've been searching all day for a set of bluetooth speakers. I want a set to listen to music but mainly to use wtih my portable monitor i just got that i use for my nintendo switch and various other consoles. Do you guys think thise will be good for that?


    bought one, thanks


    How does this compare to the famous Logitech speakers? Eg) Z623


    What about $50 saving for 1700bt?


      If you are only able to use analog inputs, then go with R1700BT.
      Otherwise feedback on Edifier’s has reported best audio quality is from optical input.


        The R1700BT's are good (in a sense) because BT is always on. This is good for Google home, because if it loses the BT signal it turns off and forgets the BT speaker and only plays it's music through the google home it'self. Do you know if 1850db has always on BT as well? That is when speaker is on, BT can always access


          I imagine Bluetooth (BT) functions the same in all models.
          The BT in the product name of R1700BT is just to reflect the fact that it is positioned below the DB models, and it is missing the optical / coax inputs.

          The only reason I can think of that would prevent the BT from always accessing is if you switched inputs (e.g. to optical) before previously turning it off.

          If BT is most likely the only input you will be using then I would say go for the R1700BT.

          If you frequently switch inputs on the R1850DB the unit may default to the last selected input, and may prevent itself from ‘auto’ connecting to Bluetooth everytime you switch it on.

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          Maybe someone who owns the R1700BT can chime in about its functionality with the google home.

          From my part, I have had a flakey experience with a google home connecting to a soundbar via Bluetooth.
          (Trouble connecting, when connected both the soundbar & google home would stay silent).


            @margejsimpson: I should have mentioned I have R1700BT BT is always on and active in all modes. This is generally thought of as a negative when i read reviews. but in the case of GoogleHOme, it's a positive, because if it can't see BT it will no longer use the speaker ever again until you use phone app to re-connect. Based on what you said, 1850 does not work like that. and so not good for google home, BUT based on reviews it's preferred that BT is not always active


              @bobvegas: Thanks for sharing the information.

              I think people getting the R1850DB are most interested in its optical digital input / subwoofer output.
              So basically digital inputs same as the R1280DB, but the equivalent next model up.


          Am looking into the latest post for s3000 and have this similar question. I will use it for netflix and google home specifically.


    Would I be better off with a pair of these vs. a soundbar in the same price range (~200) for a TV in an average sized living room

    When upgraded I'd move them to my pc instead


      If you are after cinema like bass then a soundbar with included subwoofer would likely be better in the bass department.

      When upgraded I'd move them to my pc instead

      Keep in mind the bookshelf’s would be easier to position when used with a PC,
      so in this case it may be worth going with the Edifier’s in this deal
      (and get extended use out of them).


      Just posted a deal on these.

      I think they would be ideal for you (for TV in average sized room + move them later to PC).

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