TopCashBack UK £32.50 (~ $62) Cashback for Transferring £150 with Azimo (Must Read T&S)


**EDIT: Quidco should beat this cashback with their higher cashback guarantee making it almost 40 GBP instead of 30 gbp, though it might take longer for approval. But worth considering. Sucks to be me that I was too lazy to check until after I did my transfer.
EDIT AGAIN: I confirmed through email that Quidco would give 44.75 GBP if you do their highest cashback guarantee. Have fun lads, kicking myself on missing that fifteen bucks

Ok this one is trickier than we're used to with WorldRemit/Remitly but similar process. Also your first two transfers are free.
One thing to keep in mind is the T&S clearly state to NOT use referral codes for Azimo or ANY other promo code at all.
Also do NOT use Swift.
Do NOT send to India.
And do NOT do domestic transfers (has to be one country to another) [To be safe, I did UK (transferwise) to Pakistan because the thing is a UK promotion even though the T&S doesn't say it has to be UK]

What you DO do.
Sign up to Topcashback UK via a referral link
Set up a transferwise UK account (via referral link) or some other UK account so you can cashout the cashback
Put your bank details into Topcashback UK
Search for Azimo on Topcashback UK and follow the link
Sign up (I chose UK as the country but then put my aussie phone number for contact) [Remember use NO promotions]
Transfer to any country thats NOT INDIA and NOT the same as your sending account
They will ask for ID to validate you (I'm up to this step they said it can take a few hours) [EDIT: took me 7 minutes]
Send them the money (I'm using online banking with transferwise) with the reference number. [Took a little over 2 hours between sending them the money and them emailing saying theyre sending the money overseas. Hasn't arrived yet though.]

I then expect the next step is waiting for the cashback to be approved and cashing out. If you use transferwise yay you don't have to pay fees to transfer that money to your Aus account. Otherwise maybe you an use a referral bonus from skrillex/worldremit (which has a promotion with Quidco atm)/remitly etc.

I found this offer via this reddit post, so thanks to that guy u/CorruptDeer

(Maybe we can add a referral system thing for Azimo even though it's useless for the current deal)

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Referrer will receive £5-£15 credit after referee earns £5 cashback. Referee receives £2.50 after earning £5.

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    How did you get around the UK address, as when giving ID it will be my Aussie drivers licence.
    This seems to me that it will conflict with the UK address?


      I used a passport, and wasn't required to give my own address anyway, just saying I was moving money from the UK


        I have had no ID check at all yet. I transferred to my self, the funds just cleared after about 3hours or so and are heading to my bank. GBP-EU

        I hope it tracks, in Quidco. All my other offers I did using them did.

        seems to be tracking so far, just need to hope they pay.


    Well i did the other topcashback uk world remit deal and it seems to have worked so i guess i’ll try this one too. Thanks OP for discovering it and posting about it. Bu i am bit afraid of doing it with Quidco and it not working. You reckon it’s safe?


    Would it be OK to pay for it using my Transferwise card & then send to my bank account in Australia ?

    My Transferwise account has a UK account code & sort number, but the card was sent to me in Australia, so I don't know if that would cause the cashback to be rejected ?


    Am I missing something here?

    I tried funding the Azimo transfer of GBP151 from my Australian ING debit card to my TransferWise USA Account number (10 digit) and Routing number (9 digit).
    I got the error:

    "We are unable to process your payment
    Please use a different card."

    So I tried using my TransferWise Debit card obtained in Australia to fund the Azimo transfer of GBP151 to my TransferWise USA Account number. TransferWise should automatically convert my AUD balance to pay the GBP151.
    Again I got the error:

    "We are unable to process your payment
    Please use a different card."


      The Azimo site now says:

      "We’re currently updating Azimo. Please try again in a few minutes.
      Request ID: KOALA-b7ecabf2-4d5a-4c8b-b40f-ae53e9ac66d7"

      My names match OK, so maybe I will try again later.


        I'll look in to it, i have not yet done this promotion. most of my EU & UK friends use Revolut for this promotion. Which is available to us in Australia but is different.

        sometimes there is gateway restrictions on using cards, as the fees are higher.

        Cards may not be an option for us, except maybe revolut cards ? ill try my virtual one later.


          Does revolut come with any worthwhile bonuses? Never tried them before. I just mentioned transferwise because I used it, know it can mimic UK account and because the referral bonus gives free transaction.


            @MatrixM: What did you enter for the Postcode ? If they do Address check on first transfer refunds may take awhile.

            The error code mentioned below is also referencing Australia

            revolut last i heard was not accepting more signups from Australia and they don't have any bonus besides the free card.


        that error seems to be showing when using an Australian IP.


    if sending make sure the bank has the same name as your signup name or you will be in a world of hurt. it took my friend over 4 weeks to recover funds from these guys.

    Thanks op for the deal though. I tried signing up months ago and it wanted all uk information.


      I also noticed the op used transferwise, does transferwise include the reference in the send and send under your name ? Even if it does make sure you add it to your UK account and transfer from there. Do not just click send, as your name will not appear on the transaction. It will be sent as Transferwise which will fail and take time to refund.

      The reason why everyone uses revolut is they send in your name.

      I'll test soon by sending to my self money in revolut if that can be used.


    Now it says 65£ for £250? Update?


    I'm trying to send the money using my transferwise through online banking, just wondering where I could put in the reference number and just checking if their account number is 000000? looked strange to me. Also I need to put in an address when I'm sending in transferwise which should be Azimo's bank address. Where can I find this?


      they may give you an IBAN which has the bank encoded into the IBAN. sorry i have not done the offer yet. Be very careful using transferwise, the only-way i can see that working is first opening a GBP account then transferring from that.
      Just sending, using the send feature your name might not show and your payment might get rejected.

      I have sent money from my revolut account to my transferwise account to see if all my details are correct before doing this.

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      I used TransferWise and selected "Business or Charity" to transfer funds from my GBP account to Azimo. I used Azimo's registered office address (173 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1RG) and confirm the account number is 00000000. The reference number can be entered on the second page (after pressing Confirm). Funds were successfully received by Azimo.


        Was the transfer processed ? What I'm most worried about is that it's being sent under your name and not the remittance company (transferwise)


        It also asked me Recipient's date of Birth! how did u get away with this?


          I selected, send to my self and entered my information.

          Still waiting for my payment to hit my account, hopefully today or tomorrow. My transfer tracked, waiting for quidco to price beat and my transfer to hopefully complete.

          I wasn't asked for ID at all.

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    My transfer has now gone though. I did the following. I was never asked for ID, selecting send to yourself.

    1. Create an account (I already had one)
    2. Find the Azimo offer, It shows a smaller amount but you price beat later.

    1. Register and Create an account (needed to use a UK vpn) the website was showing the same KOALA error users have reported.
    2. Used Transferwises UK postcode (this is bad if they were ever to do a address check)
    3. Select send to your self, country (Transferwise (Belgium)) EU
    4. Created a transfer for 150£

    Make sure you do the Registration and Transfer all in one go, otherwise you may have issues with tracking.

    1. Convert > 151 £ in Transferwise (cost $1-2 i believe, revolut has a much better rate.)
    2. Send 150£ , there is also a small transfer fee (0.6£)

    1. Wait. Transfer took at least 3hours. Transferwise cleared in a few seconds.
    2. Wait. You will get an email saying your transfer has been sent (Or canceled)
    3. wait. Yor transfer has been successful
    4. wait. Your transfer is complete
    5. wait. 1 day later. Transferwise receives funds.

    Transferwise also has fees to transfer to your bank account $1, or use the card. I live in Thailand so i can't use my card to withdraw cash.

    Submit a Claim, your transfer should have tracked already.

    All up this took about 1 full day. still waiting for Quidco claim to be approved.

    Warning Azimo have started to cancel transfers / refund for people sending or funding using virtual banks like some other remittance company's. So far it's mostly the UK ones Revolut, N26 and a few others have been confirmed. Send to a real bank account if you have one in a foreign country or take the risk, totally up to you. For now they seem to allow Transferwise.


      I’m just a little confused as I’ve never used Azimo before.
      Am I sending money from transfer wise uk bank, to Azimo and then back to my TransferWise uk account?
      Sorry I’ve read your instructions 100 times but can’t get it through my thick head.

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        Your doing this
        Send to transferwise > Convert to GBP (GBP bank)

        Send to Azimo

        Azimo sends to your receiver bank (EUR or other currency)

        convert again to aud.

        so your converting your cash 3 times.

        also don't use a vpn for quidco, they will lock your account for 10 days. found out the hard way.


    Looks like it all worked for me. Thanks OP


    Everything seems to have gone OK for me, so far. Thanks OP.

    Quidco automatically tracked it today at GBP 20.25, but I'm hoping it'll be automatically updated to GBP 67.50 after the amount is confirmed.

    I used a bank transfer from my UK Transferwise Account to Azimo's UK account, and then transferred it to my Aussie CBA account.

    Azimo paused my transfer and asked me to provide them with a bank statement showing the transfer to Azimo. I provided them with a PDF from my Transferwise account & they accepted that & continued the transfer. (This added around 16 hours delay, because they notified me at night when I was asleep & then when I emailed the statement to them, it was night-time in the UK.)


      Did you claim the wrong amount in quidco ? That's the bussiness payout, your claim might be denied.


        OK. I get it now. Lol.

        I got so greedy looking at the huge GBP 67.50 amount that I completely failed to notice the small word "business" in the conditions.

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