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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi 2 Robot Vacuum & Mop 2019 $549 Delivered (Local Stock) @ Seekit eBay


Cheapest I've seen for local stock. I think this is the latest model? I'm all confused by the different branding and version numbers (Xiaomi, Mijia, Roborock SXX, etc).

What I know is this came out last year and does sweep and mop. Not sure why they can't say vacuum… Anyway, enjoy! I just bought one myself.

If someone can show me how to tag a related product here, that'll be appreciated. Don't worry, I figured it out

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    Need a Xiaomi Mi 2 Robot Lawn mower deal…

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    Provided it's the same model, which I think it is, it's been considerably cheaper on Gearbest for the last couple of months - although, not stocked locally.
    On your eBay link, there's no mention of the model number but the specs are identical to the "STYTJ02YM" model on Gearbest.

    $460 https://www.gearbest.com/vacuum-cleaners/pp_3009278610465934... (Note: This is a 3rd party reseller on Gearbest).
    $516 https://www.gearbest.com/vacuum-cleaners/pp_009487950353.htm... (Note: Directly from Gearbest)

    I got one from the reseller back in November and it's been great.

    Although, coming from the 1st Gen Xiaomi vacuum, I expected the obstacle detection to be at least on par, but it's much worse.
    My one is like a wrecking ball through the house sometimes - apart from that, works really well.

    I'm hoping they'll give it a FW update to improve it.
    Also, currently only speaks in Chinese to me, but the 1st Gen was the same up until a later FW update to add English voice packs.

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    These are horrible. Had 2 of them and ultimately returned it. Buggy AF

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      These are nearly all sold by Chinese sellers, apart from dropshippers, and you've had 2 shipped out and returned already?
      This vacuum was only very recently released near the end of the year, so are you sure it's this one and not another version?

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        Yep. Bought it when it was first released in September. Sold my 1st gen as I was excited for this. Was absolutely sh!thouse


          I'm in the same boat but haven't sold the 1st gen just yet.

          The pathing is definitely worse - mine absolutely smashes through my pedestal fan as it doesn't see the feet as they're low to the ground.

          But it has no issue finding the dock or anything.

          It does a good job as far as cleaning though, so I reckon a FW update that addresses the pathing is desperately needed.


    So these are different from the roborocks? That's a bit confusing


    I got the 360 s7 from the ongoing ozbargain deal, vastly superior robot with really good AI compared to this one , has no issues on a small sized home full of obstacles. Also great app and mapping can easily setup no go zones

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      I have one as well. It's been great so far. Plus "the dustbin is back!" voice is hilarious.


    The new Roborock S5 max is the business.


    This vacuum received a updated firmware last week. Maps/virtual wall/ bugs have significantly improved.


      What firmware you on? I've got 3.5.3_0045 and I haven't found any real improvements in pathing at all.

      There were a couple little quality of life features added to the app for the maps etc, but I don't recall updating FW anytime recently.


    Not sure how this compares to the Roborock Gen 2 (I think that's what I have? Is this it?), but I have it and it's pretty terrible. I thought the original Mi Robot Vacuum was overrated because it got caught on everything, but the navigation of this one is MUCH worse. It can neeeeever find the dock, even when it's right next to it. The old model was also very easy to dock, just put it against its wall, but you have to line this one up with the magnets which is way more difficult than it should be.


      No, this is the Xiaomi variety of vacuum. The Roborock ones are different.

      But the pathing on this isn't great either…


    Are there any budget-priced robot mops that work well? I wouldn't need the vacuum feature.

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    In case anyone is interested, here is a link to a really detailed breakdown of this vacuum and it's application (which has a lot of features).


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    Any deals for Roborock S5 max?

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